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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 529

Battle 529: is the shinpaku alliance becoming an armed group?


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 529

Battle 529: is the shinpaku alliance becoming an armed group?\\
side text: you smell danger here. “Shigure-chan’s special”… the content of that plan… will be finally revealed!!\\
elder: shigure devised a plan you know.\\
box: suddenly shigure-san said that she thought about a plan to keep away the guys from the shinpaku alliance from the menace that the armed division represents.\\
shi: he\\he\\he\\he.\\
shi: I will call it…\\
shi: shigure-chan’s special!\\
box: we were worried about it,\\
box: but the scene we would see was something that we couldn’t ever image…\\
inserted text: … there is no doubt that this is an act of destruction!!\\
ken: t-they destroyed the iron furnace!? Why did they destroy the furnace after she took all that time in order to build it with the earth!?\\
miu: even if you ask me, I don’t know things in such details!\\
shi: yeah…\\
shi: good.\\
ken: w-what is that lump?\\
kage: homu <3\\
kage: that’s the lump of iron obtained thanks to the reduction of mass due to the consume of charcoal, the so called “kera”.\\
ken: kera?\\
kage: yes.\\
kage: and then she will choose the best quality parts of that lump of metal, and only the purest steel taken from it…\\
kage: will be called “tamahagane”.\\(precious steel)
kage: muhyuoooooh!\\
apa: apapapapapa!!\\
ken: so she is really making weapon.\\
miu: yeah.\\
ken: shigure-san! I think that everyone will not accept those weapons, even if they are forged for them!!\\
shi: who ever said that I was going to make… weapons.\\
ken: eh!!?\\
kaji: two members of the armed division have joined us, please get along well with them.\\
blonde: hello.\\
kaji: oh man, lugh and chigake still didn’t come back, huh…\\
blonde: heh.\\
blonde: it seems that the unarmed division of yomi has fallen really low.\\
blonde: well people like you who don’t wield weapons, aren’t on the real path of martial arts after all.\\
blonde: you can leave the rest to us, even if you are totally annihilated there will not be any problem~~~\\
blonde: just joking.\\
blonde: as expected from you, you aren’t easily provoked.\\
blonde: well you know, my master always says “in order to see trough your opponent, shake his spirit first”.\\
blonde: I didn’t have any ill intention, I was just testing you.\\
blonde: however, you really are the disciples of the one shadow nine fists, you didn’t even flinch!\\
blonde: eh?\\ were is the girl with the mask?\\
girl: behind you hyougo!!\\
hyo: awaah!!\\
rach: Rachel always accepts challenges in a showy way!!\\
rach: you seem to always play with your little weapon, so I thought that you were another of those frail boys, however you did a little of taijutsu.\\
hyo: we are the school that particularly excels in close range fights among the ones present in the armed division!\\
her: … are you not going to stop them?\\
kaji: hahah, why? I thought that things would become like this after all!\\
rach: ha ha~~~! Your luck ran out in the moment you came here without a weapon even if you are of the armed division!\\ eat this, tornado drop kick!!\\
hyo: impossible, we would never get apart from our special weapon.\\
hyo: it’s short and that’s the reason ehy our style has both the strong points of fighting bare hands and the advantages of fighting with a weapon…\\
hyo: our special weapon is\\
hyo: the kodachi.\\
ken: well~~ I was telling you, shigure-san!\\
ken: I think that no matter what incredible weapons you will make, the guys from the shinpaku alliance will never convert themselves into an armed group!\\
shi: …\\ I told you,\\
shi: who ever said that I was making… weapons?\\
shi: obviously…\\
shi: I’m making armours!!\\
ken: I-I see!!\\
ken: I see, just like my gauntlets…\\
ken: s-so that’s what you wanted to do!!\\
shi: yes, considering that I cannot make weapons for them, I can give them some good… armours.\\
shi: In that way their death rate will greatly… decrease.\\
ken: however, considering that we suspicious that shigure-san would attack those from the alliance…\\
miu: we were extremely rude to her, right?\\
shi: I can hear… you\\
shi: ok, you can go… back.\\
miu: eh? (ah)\\
ken: why!?\\
shi: I forge armours just like Japanese swords… so it will take a lot of time to complete everything…\\
ken: h-how much time?\\
shi: I have to make the tamahagane thinner with the “mizuherashi” method.\\
ken: and after you finish that?\\
shi: I will cool it down and cut it in fine pieces, the so called “kowari” state.\\
miu: and after you finish that?\\
shi: select the pieces of the tamahagane, pile them up, throw them in the furnace and strike them in order to get them flat. The “tsumi kasane” process.\\
ken: and once you have finished that?\\
shi: tsumi wakashi (pile up and boil)-> karitsuke (temporary application)->tanren(tempering)->shitagitae (Tempering the lower part) -> ichimonji gitae (straight line tempering) -> juuji gitae (cross tempering) -> konoha gitae (leaf tempering) -> tanzaku gitae (long tempering) -> hakusen gitae (beat tempering) -> tansetsu (forge welding) -> wakashi nobe (boiling and stretching ) -> sunobe -> hitzukuri (creating by fire)…\\
shi: karajime (tie by air) -> namatogi (raw polishing) -> aete tsuchi oki (rest in the earth) -> yaki ire (burn inside) – kaji oshi (blacksmith press )-> kozanemiyori (short card point of view) -> odoshi (the action of adding leather straps to an armour)…\ I have to create armours for 6 people… so it will roughly take more than one week…\\
miu: thank you for everything, I will go then.\\
ken: miu-san~~\\
miu: you know I have to do the housework at ryouzanpaku…\\
ken: I know, but…\\
ken: I will remain here, no matter how many days it will take.\\
ken: shigure-san was worried about everyone and she acted for us. I want to share her joys and sorrows!!\\
shi: you should go back… after all.\\
shi: just train a lot in ryouzanpaku every single day. I’m more glad if your chances of dying… decrease.\\
shi: furthermore, if you remain here your training partners would be the two guys over… there.\\
ken: thank you for everything, I will go then.\\
ken: shigure-san said such things for me…\\
ken: I have to do my best in my training!!\\
side text: in the next issue shigure special’s armour will be unveiled! And who will be the first target of the armed division that began to move…!?\\

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