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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Buyuden 110

Chapter 110: a little crack

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 14, 2013 11:44 | Go to Buyuden

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reserved for sense

Chapter 110: a little crack\\
inserted text: what about going to take a bath in the sea together <3\\
side text: in the fierce battle between Isamu and sumi no one yields!! The gong that puts an end to the spar echoes in the air!!!\\
?: break!\\
?: the spar is finished!!\\
sumi: j-just another round!!\\
sumi: we still haven’t finished this!!\\
nan: like a spar would need any conclusion.\\
nana: it’s finished for today.\\ the both of you received too much damage already.\\
take: nice spar, you are strong.\\
take: you taught me a lot of things,\\ thanks\\
sumi: ah… no, thanks to you.\\
dan: to think that he would fight on par with sumi…\\
dan: … I see, that’s why you acknowledged his worth.\\
box: I see…\\
box: so right now you are around sumi’s level, huh…\\
wata: that was an incredible spar.\\
kure: yeah, to think that you could fight on par with one of the 4 heavenly kings from seidoukan,\\ I really felt exited.\\
wata: ok, we have to train hard too!\\
wata: we will win our matches for sure!\\
runa: no wait, it is clearly swollen,\\
runa: are you sure that you are alright!?\\
take: yeah, I’m alright.\\
take: I fine now, you can go to support the others in their training.\\
runa: y-yes.\\ I’ll go then.\\
moka: that was a good fight.\\ I didn’t see everything of it, but a lot of time passed since I saw you fight seriously.\\
moka: but you suffered too many hits,\\
moka: and you didn’t follow even one of my suggestions,\\ since when did you start fighting by using such a kind of in-style?\\
take: hum… well, I was trying to defeat his submarine style.\\
take: if I took my distance and fought with an out-style maybe I could have avoided many hits, but\\ I was finally able to fight against one of the 4 heavenly kings.\\
take: there is nothing bad in trying to draw out sumi’s special moves right?\\
take: from now on I will probably fight against him many times.\\
moka: yeah, obviously to investigate your enemies is good.\\
moka: but, in the moment you suffer so many hits like that, things get too dangerous!\\
moka: when you began to practice boxing together with me you were aiming to become proficient in out-boxing where you hit without being hit!\\
moka: I never liked an in-boxing fighting style where you accept you opponent’s challenge and the two of you cut each other to pieces!\\ what’s the matter with you!?\\
moka: that way of fighting is not like you!\\
take: who are you to judge if I should fight in a way rather than another?\\ when did I say that I would only use out-boxing!?\\
take: you should know that the boxer who is able to use out-boxing and in-boxing freely, according to his opponent and the situation, is the most ideal fighter!\\
take: and by the way, you are annoying me with this talk about risks and dangers!\\
take: this is not a childish game anymore!\\ like hell that I could practice boxing if I’m so afraid of being punched!!\\
take: a lot of time passed since I could fight against a strong opponent and yet I feel sick!!\\
wata: is something wrong?\\
moka: n-no,\\ it’s alright.\\
wata: I see…\\ could you be my partner while I train with the mitt?\\
moka: ah, yes.\\
azu: great I won~~~!\\
ao: what? But you didn’t say “uno”.\\
azu: geh! Dammit!!\\
kure: ahaha,\\ take two cards from the pile.\\
ao: you always forget so say it.\\
azu: dammit~~~ why do they have this stupid rule?\\
kure: here, just one left for me~~\\
wata: what’s wrong… the two of you didn’t say a word even during dinner…\\
wata: it is rare for you and moka to have a fight.\\
wata: what is the cause?\\
take: well…\\ it doesn’t have anything to do with you.\\
wata: it has to do with me.\\ in four days we will have the team competition tournament, and even if you told everyone to put their fighting spirit in it…\\
wata: if our two leaders seem so gloomy we will get in troubles.\\
runa: ah, everyone.\\
runa: mito-sensei brought some fireworks for us, let’s go on the beach.\\
azu: ah, fireworks!!\\
ao: ok, that’s a good idea.\\
kure: let’s do it!\\
azu: great!\\
azu: what the… did they finish already~~?\\
?: ah~~ that was fun.\\
??: yeah,\\ let’s tidy things up and go back.\\
take: m-moka.\\
take: ah…\\ well…\\
take: s-sorry.\\
take: I went overboard this afternoon…\\ you know… my blood was still boiling after that fierce spar…\\
take: you said those things because you were thinking about my well being…\\
take: I also know very well the reason why you are so fixated on such a thing, and yet…\\ I yelled at you…\\
moka: it’s alright\\ you don’t have to apologize.\\
moka: I should be the one who should apologize.\\
moka: I behaved too arrogantly because I had the pretence to be your trainer, but\\ if you think about it, I left the ring a lot of time ago… and I’m not in the position of commenting on you way of fighting.\\
take: eh…?\\
moka: I… probably have misunderstood something…\\ from now on I will dedicate myself to be the manager of the boxing club.\\
inserted text: what is… this subtle coldness that can be felt!?\\

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