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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 530

Battle 530: gifts


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 530

Battle 530: gifts*\\
TLN: literally “the things she wants to hand over”\\
inserted text: the pretty girl from the Chinese restaurant is in the middle of a delivery!!\\
sidetext: the armed division of yami showed some worrying movements. The only thing to do in order to oppose them is to polish yourself. Kenichi is in the middle of a strenuous effort!!\\
?: this is ryouzanpaku!!!\\
?: the place where the people who mastered martial arts gather!!!\\
ken: m-mukiiiih!!\\
?: and among them there was a former bullied child!!\\
?: and that boy liked a girl who lived and worked in the chinese district!!\\
ken: there is no need for such misleading presentation, renka-san!!\\
renka: heheh, I ended up coming here <3. Is you body alright after what happened, kenichi?\\
ken: I cannot do this anymore!!\\
ken: mukyaaah I will die~~~\\
ken: s-save me!!\\
renka: you always train with such weird machines.\\
renka: hum~~~, but I have to say that is quite well made.\\
renka: from time to time the direction where the strength is added to the springs changes, and if you are not able to keep with that change with the strength of your muscles, electricity flows through those springs.\\
aki: ha ha ha ha ha, that’s the “extreme training machine number 108” used in order to improve the reflexes of your muscles.\\
aki: you have to use everything the gods gave you in order to make those who have no talent surpass their limits.\\
renka: I see, so clever <3\\
miu: eh? That hawk is…\\
miu: wah!\\
miu: grandfather.\\
miu: there is a letter. If I remember well, this is…\\
elder: indeed, this is a request for me.\\
elder: in order to make this world better!!\\
aki: ok, let’s rest for a bit.\\
near renka: such interesting details~~\\
saka: what? Are you going once again in one of your travels around the world?\\
elder: indeed, I have to handle some things as fast as possible.\\
miu: so this time you cannot postpone it, right?\\
elder: when someone has strength, it’s normal for him to have such duties.\\
elder: if in the world there is someone seeking for help, we strong people have to use that “strength” and go to assist him. This is the way of the katsujinken I believe in.\\
ma: this is happening exactly when the armed division’s movements began to become lively. I think you are worried about this but…\\
ma: leave the rest to us.\\
elder: … thanks.\\
elder: I’m always relying on you since the time you came to ryouzanpaku.\\
ken: the elder is departing even if apachai-san and shigure-san didn’t come home, I will feel lonely.\\
renka: really~~~? If you feel lonely why don’t you come playing in the chinese district <3\\
ken: well...\\
aki: don’t worry, in the elder’s case he will put an end to things immediately.\\
elder: I will be back soon.\\
ken: guwah!\\
miu: auh!?\\
renka: miu generally throws those who try to do things like embracing her shoulder from behind, even if they do it gently.\\
niji: welcome~~ ladies and gentleman, good to see you together.\\
niji: to be honest, today we have some particular guests.\\
ken: is that true, nijima?\\
miu: yeah!\\
niji: welcome, kenichi, miu-chan!!\\
niji: this is a good news, in a way or another I was able to handle the matter with a cool head, but I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do in such a critical situation…\\
niji: because we are talking about those two after all.\\
ken: where are them?\\
ken: shigure-san, apachai-san, you are finally back!\\
ken: could it be that you came here without stopping at ryouzanpaku?\\
take: hahaha, they entered here all of the sudden.\\
kaname: could it be that they wanted to give us something?\\
ken: something that they would give to them… I see, so the armours are finally completed!\\
near miu: to think that they would be so tired\\
miu: are you alright, shigure-san?\\
take: ah, don’t go near her, honey!!\\
miu: eh? Ah! Nooo!!\\
take: I told you that!\\
uki: w-what!?\\
shi: puh puh.\\
niji: hey bring another towel.\\
flaw: yes!!\\
miu: what the hell happened!?\\
kaname: it seems that she activated some kind of self defence mechanism when she went to sleep.\\ the Valkyries who tried to get close to her were reduced just like you.\\
near val: uuuh\\ dammit\\
val: don’t you have a bigger towel?\\
ken: uuh, shigure-san.\\ are the amours you were preparing completed!?\\
shi: a-\\
shi: armour.\\
shi: ah, kenichi.\\
shi: I’m…\\
shi: back.\\
ken: she is one with her own sword after all.\\
miu: it was a bulletproof leotard, how did you…\\
niji: kenichi, wake up the muai thai giant while you are at it.\\
shi: it’s useless. He fell into the “apa slumber”. He will not wake up for the next 48 hours.\\
shi: heave…\\
shi: ho.\\
shi: thanks to the howling guard guy’s help, I was able to finish this earlier that I… expected.\\
shi: apachai put also his power in… it.\\
shi: everyone, come here. This is for… you.\\
take: eh!!\\
ki: what’s that?\\
take: gauntlets!?\\
shi: yeah…\\
shi: indeed.\\
uki: incredible, there is one pair for every captain!\\
kaname: so soft.\\
sieg: this is… so well made~~\\
thor: they don’t get interfere with my harite!\\
ki: wow, they are so confortable, they are the same as normal gloves.\\
ken: well… I thought that she would make some kind of more exaggerated armour. Those gauntlets will surely not serve as weapons.\\
miu: … but I wonder if they will be really useful as an armour.\\
shi: heh.\\
ken: ah,\\ run away everyone!\\
take: what!!?\\
kaname: the blade was repelled!?\\
sieg: everyone, look closely at this, this is not cloth!!\\
sieg: this is a metal chain knitted just like a thread of cloth.\\
shi: I have wrapped every single chain while forging those gloves, in the same way a Japanese sword is forged. Furthermore I have applied the tsuchi oki method and the yakiire in order to change the rigidity of every single part until they would achieve a strong… viscosity.\\
ken: maybe you overdid it a little, shigure-san!\\
??: incredible~~\\
elder: that island, right?\\
guy: yes… it corresponds to the island that is said to have been attacked by yami countless times.\\
elder: I see.\\
elder: by the way, steersman…\\
elder: did you really think that you could deceive me with such a disguise?\\
side text: the shinpaku alliance is all excited for the completion of the amours. On the other side, the elder seems to be involved in some kind of scheme… a sudden development awaits you in the next issue!!\\

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