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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 191

Night 191: the one who eats rukh

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 27, 2013 01:59 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 191: the one who eats rukh\\
En: what is this?\\
En: to think that even the extreme magic would not completely break its “defensive wall”.\\
Ali: but we were able to break that pillar that connected the “medium” with that thing inside the hole in the clouds!!\\
?: the fire is not coming this way.\\
mei: my brother and king… how long should I keep transferring the potential damages that could befell on the city to another place…?\\
near mei: this is\\ quite tiresome\\
near ha: do your best brother mei~~\\
al: that’s right, your extreme magic is finished and yet why the flames aren’t disappearing!?\\
en: the flames of Astaroth’s extreme magic last for all eternity unless I order them to disappear.\\
en: we can leave things like this. Even if we don’t destroy its “defensive wall” the black djinns that keep crawling out from it will be burned as long as they are born. And eventually the “medium” will exhaust its magoi.\\
sfx: nyun\\ nyun\\
al: uwaah-\\
al: what scary move.\\
en: hey, what are you doing? Let’s got to recover the magoi we consumed with the extreme magic by using the lava flow now that we have the time!\\
ali: ah, you are right!\\
sfx: fuh\\
ali: t-the fire disappeared!? The volcano is…\\
sfx: nyuru\\nyuru\\
ali: it’s absorbing back the black djinns!?\\
ha: oh man, first it spits them out and now it takes them back, that thing surely knows how to keep itself busy!\\
en: what… the hell is that slim and huge doll? The medium became quite small.\\ and what’s the deal with those hands? Astaroth’s flames are disappearing…\\
sfx: shuuu\\
al: …!?\\ it’s taking the rukh from the flames…!? Could it be… that he…\\
sfx: su\\
al: don’t make it get near the city!!!!\\
ha: what’s wrong aladdin!?\\
al: I beg you!! If something is touched by the palm of its hands… not matter if it’s flames, trees, birds or even the people from Magnostadt… they will have their magoi taken away and die!!!\\
ha_ what did you say!?\\
ha: wasn’t the thing up in the sky the guy who could do such a thing!?\\
gyouku: the “medium” is already adapting itself to our “father” little by little \\
gyouku: it’s still nothing more than a naked infant who struggles against solomons’ principles.\\
al-thamen: yes, you are exactly right.\\
ali: I will not let you drag it down!!!\\
ali: kuh!\\
sfx: kih\\
al: alibaba!!\\
en: tsk\\
asta: kishaaah!!\\
kougyoku: brother!!!\\
sfx: gara\\
en: it tore off the “djinn equip” from me.\\
ali: guh…!!\\
kougyoku: what the hell did you do…\\
kougyoku: to my brother and my friend, you monster!!!!\\
kougyoku: vainel arros!!! (water god’s spears)\\
al-thamen: it will not work.\\
kougyoku: I will make you full of holes!!!\\
kougyoku: vainel arsarros*!!!! (water’s god shooting spears)\\
TLN: the pronunciation of the second word is the same as judar’s ice magic, but the kanji are different\\
ha: what!!??\\
ali: k-kougyoku!!?\\
inserted text: kougyoku attacks worked against the invulnerable monster…!!\\

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