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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 532

Battle 532: something you cannot fight against


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 532

Battle 532: something you cannot fight against\\
inserted text: toward strength, and even further than that.\\
side text: the elder encountered his enemy. On the other side ryouzanpaku is…\\
miu: ah!?\\
shi: eh?\\
shi: is something wrong… miu…?\\
shi: ma again?\\
miu: so, it’s not that.\\
miu: I just had a vague uneasiness…\\
miu: maybe it is because of my grandfather?\\
??: you are right~~~ the elder is a little late, I’m worried a little bit as well.\\
miu: right~~\\
miu: eh?\\
shi: fuhn.\\
miu: kyaaah!\\
ba: dammit, what the hell did I do!!?\\
ba: ah, ken-chan, you are training diligently, right?\\
ken: put a little of effort in my training please, ma-shifu.\\
ken: hum, I have to admit that the elder\\ is late…\\
aki: indeed, we didn’t get news from him since a week ago, huh…\\
apa: apapa.\\
apa: that’s not something the old man would do.\\
aki: if we look at his personality, if he says “in 2 or 3 days I will back”, he will be back after 2 days.\\ could it be that someone like him have encountered some troubles?\\
saka: … but you know, what kind of troubles could he have end up involved into?\\
apa: apah! Maybe he got ill during his travels\\
near the elder: achoooh\\ I have a cold… where can I found a doctor!?\\
apa: then he got involved into an incident~~~\\
elder: ah, sorry… well, where I can find a doctor!?\\
saka: impossible.\\
apa: what if his opponent for this mission is strong and he is having a difficult fight?\\
saka: impossible, I cannot believe that such strong person exists!\\
saka: … that old man is having a difficult fight…\\
saka: an opponent capable of making the elder have a difficult fight… huh.\\
yo: we knew each other name from a long time, but today is the first time we face each other!!\\
elder: nuuuuhmu!!\\
elder: oroooh…\\
elder: this time I was able to have the chance to get just a little of tree roots and moss.\\
elder: we are already fighting for a week. We both wait for the chance to get nourishment, but…\\
elder: in the last 2 days I wasn’t able to get a fish!!\\
elder: he is already eager for restarting the fight, huh!!\
elder: however!!\\
elder: your blade…\\
elder: is more dedicated to stop my movements than taking my life, right!?\\
rai: you of the ryouzanpaku secluded the one shadow nine firsts because of their pride… then this is the “prison of war” of the eight radiant executioner blades.\\
elder: just as I thought, what is the real purpose after secluding me into this island!?\\
elder: what are you planning to do…\\
elder: while I’m not around!!?\\
rai: the one shadow nine fists have our thanks to have come to receive us.\\
aga: according to the rumours you have trapped the invincible super man.\\ didn’t you use your leader in order to attain such a feat?\\
rai: … there was a certain worth in that move.\\
rai: in this way we have an overwhelming upper hand also considering our numbers.\\
aga: … you don’t leave the smallest opening when you act, huh…\\
saiga: this is all for the “eternal sunset” ‘s great cause!!\\
saiga: eight radiant executioner blades, I hereby welcome you to this reunion.\\
renka: what’s wrong kenichi, you have such a long face today.\\
ken: don’t appear suddenly outside the window and start talking, renka-san.\\
near renka: ah the wind\\
ken: miu-san already said this, but the truth is that I have a vague uneasiness too.\\
renka: ah, that’s unfair, I have a vague uneasiness too~~~\\
renka: what kind of vague uneasiness is it?\\
ken: hum, I wonder…\\ It’s like we cannot go back…\\
ken: it’s like something we cannot fight against has began…\\
renka: … heh~~.\\
renka: I don’t understand well, but…\\
renka: what about going against it for the time being?\\
ken: ha ha ha well, you are right.\\
miu: … kenichi-san.\\
niji: since he was little he had a strong “perception” toward danger.\\
miu: eh?\\
niji: he often smelled the danger coming from people who were preparing an ambush in order to bully him.\\
niji: but if he is perceiving such a thing…\\
ken: ah, sorry, it’s just a sensation, I’m sure that the elder is doing fine right now and he will be back for sure.\\
niji: something big will happen without a doubt.\\
ken: I have to train as much as possible…\\
ken: in order to be able to fight against anything no matter what!!\\
side text: will the presentiment of a former bullied child become reality? Finally yami unarmed and armed divisions merged, and they begin to move toward the “eternal sunset”!\\

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