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Buyuden 113

Chapter 113: team competition tournament

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 4, 2013 08:49 | Go to Buyuden

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reserved for sense

Chapter 113: team competition tournament\\
inserted text: I will drive my punches into the sandbag until my sweat and my moves have permeated into my body!!!!\\
side text: finally the last day of the summer camp has come! They trained very hard, and what awaits for the at the end is…\\
nan: everyone, finally we arrived at the end of this interschool training camp.\\
nan: I think that thanks to the various stimuli you received until now, stimuli that were different from the ones you received in your everyday environment,\\ you were able to achieve significant improvements in your skills.\\
nan: and today, in the last day of the training camp…\\
nan: we will perform the team competition tournament in order to measure the results of that training.\\
nan: the matches’ rules are generally similar to those of amateur boxing, 3 rounds of 2 minutes.\\
nan: the particular rules of the team competition is that…\\ basically if you get 3 wins in the 5 matches you defeat you opponent team.\\
nan: In the case that there aren’t opponents of the same class in the opponent’s team,\\ we will use the glove handicap in order to compensate the difference in class. In this way it is possible to have matches even with people who have two classes of difference,\\
nan: furthermore, a single boxer can fight a series of battles, but…\\
nan: if it is clear that he is fatigued or in the case he suffered damage,\\ we leave the choice to make him continue to fight to his school coach. Please be sure that there will be no incidents.\\
nan: well then, divide yourselves among the 3 rings, begin to fight according to the bracket.\\
??: yes!!\\
take: ok, let’s go!!\\
tsuru: I never thought that we would meet in our second fight.\\ if you win we will be able to fight, but…\\
tsuru: for keyaki-dai to win against its opponent, meishuu, will be a little difficult.\\
take: what!?\\
sumi: so you don’t know about it, huh.\\
sumi: the pantzer brothers from meishuu school of the ibaraki prefecture, the Hara brothers.\\
azu: what!? Did you say the “pants brothers”?\\
?: what the hell did you say, you bastard? I’m going to hit you!\\ it’s not pants but pantzer, you octopus!!\\
sumi: those two often fight into national tournaments.\\ they are from the light and welter class, differently from me and tsurugi.\\
tsuru: … well, do your best.\\
tsuru: if you don’t defeat those two from such heavy classes, you cannot fight against us.\\
?: keyaki-dai and meishuu, gather around the C ring!\\
?: first, we will do a round of rock-paper-scissors. School A that wins will choose their vanguard boxer.\\
?: the other school, school B, will choose his opponent that must be into two classes of difference with the athlete chosen by school A. And then we will begin the first match.\\
?: in the second match, school B will have the right to choose first the boxer who will fight, and in the following matches the right to choose the first boxer will be alternated between the two school.\\ there is a certain bargain in the choice of the members, but it can decide the outcome of the matches.\\
?: do you have any questions?\\
??: no…\\
?: … in that case the representative can begin with the rock-paper-scissors…\\
moka: we won.\\
moka: who will be our vanguard boxer?\\
take: maybe it is better that we achieve 3 victories straight, huh…\\
take: if we get defeated 2 times I don’t have any other choice than to fight, but it’s better if the other fight as much as possible…\\
take: kure goes first.\\
kure: eh!? M-me!?\\
?: why are you so surprised!? Hurry up and prepare!\\
?: what about his class?\\
take: fly class.\\
pants: in that case we will send a fly class boxer as well.\\
pants: hiroike.\\
pants: you can go.\\
hiro: yes.\\
azu: kure! You don’t have to worry, you can lose!\\
azu: watari, take and I will easily get 3 victories,\\ so you and aoki are already counted as loses!\\
moka: you idiot. Since when did you became able to make calculations?\\
mito: do your best, kure-kun!!\\
wata: wait a minute, isamu\\ if we lose for three times straight we are out, so that means that sending kure first is a bad idea, right?\\
kure: eh?\\
wata: those two brothers are from the light and welter classes, in other words…\\
wata: the two who will reasonably fight against them will be aoki and azuma.\\
wata: do you really think that the two of them can win against two national level boxers?\\ … that means that we cannot suffer a defeat before the Hara brothers come to the ring.\\
wata: if kure loses, it will be almost surely the end for us!\\
take: geh, I didn't consider that!\\
take: kure!!\\
take: win! The entire fate of your team is hanging on your shoulders!!\\
kure: eh…!?\\
moka: aaah,,,\\
kure: dahah.\\
?: break!!\\
take: kure~~~!!\\
?: 4,\\5,\\6,\\
take: Impossible…\\
mito: we did it!!\\
runa: kure-kun you are incredible!!\\
kure: I-I won.\\
moka: y-yeah.\\
side text: k-kure’s unexpected feat! A great victory in the first fight!!\\

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