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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 533

Battle 533: the strength of yami


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 533

Number 700 to Kenichi!!!

Battle 533: the strength of yami\\
Inserted text: welcome…?\\
side text: yami is showing some worrying movements. In order to prepare himself for the inevitable clash the only thing a disciple can do is… training!!\\
box: that began one day, a normal and quiet day no different from the others of my everyday life.\\
box: at that time I was still ignorant of the powerful strength of yami that advanced under the surface…\\
saka: cheiyah!!\\
ken: deryaah!!\\
saka: ottoh!\\
saka: that was a good kick!!\\
saka I was barely able to change its trajectory. You are becoming good at this, kenichi!!\\
ken: shishou, you are becoming good at making compliments too, you know!\\
saka: just fly out of here.\\
ken: uooooh!!\\
miu: ottoh, ah…\\
ken: gabuh!\\
miu: ah~~ are you alright, kenichi-san!!?\\
ken: y-you always worry about me.\\
saka: ok, apachai, baton pass.\\
ken: and this guy too, he is way of holding back remains always questionable!!\\
aki: you have a guest, sakaki.\\
saka: a guest!?\\
hon: so you were here, sakaki-kun!\\
hon: something serious happened!!\\
aki: ottoh.\\
saka: hey pops, what’s wrong? You have a strange colour on you face.\\
hon: t-\\
hon: the truth is…\\
hon: lately the leader of the one shadow nine fists, the one shadow himself appeared in public places!!\\
hon: and even more unexpectedly, I heard that the other members of the one shadow nine fists were together with him!!\\
saka: whaaa!!?\\
saka: is that information accurate!?\\
hon: yeah, very accurate!!\\
aki: that’s incredible! Their motto is to appear in unexpected places in unexpected times. I’m really grateful that we are able to read their moves in advances.\\
aki: so, were are they gathering?\\
hon: they still didn’t tell us about the precise place, but I heard that it will be a really important government facility\\
aki: a government facility!? Impossible!!\\
saka: they are fucking with us… was do they intend to start now?\\
ken: what is the meaning of this? If such people go in a places like those, the police would arrest them immediately…\\
hon: kuh…\\
hon: w-well…\\
saka: what’s wrong, old man?\\
hon: we cannot arrest them…\\
hon: rather, the police was ordered to protect the one shadow nine fists!!\\
ken&miu: what!?\\
ken: eeeh, what did you say? What’s the meaning of this, inspector honmaki!!\\ even the police is among their allies!?\\
hon: I cannot say anything about this. Even talking here about such a thing is a violation of my professional duties.\\
aki: … finally their influence even reached such high places, huh.\\
shi: they don’t absolutely need… protection.\\
shi: they are mocking… us.\\
apa: apa!\\
ken: what incredible situation… now even the government itself became our enemy.\\
ma: you cannot say such a thing, the big lock is still functioning…\\
ma: probably this is a transition period where everything is changing for the worse.\\
hon: I’m really sorry about this, everyone!!\\
saka: eh.\\
saka: don't worry about it, pops.\\
saka: isn’t this interesting? Let’s send the remaining members of the one shadow nine fists…\\
saka: to the big lock without exception!!!\\
ma: heh, that’s the only way to solve this deadlock after all.\\
shi: heh…\\
apa: a~~~ papapapapa!\\
miu: where is my grand father in a time like this…?\\
aki: as the situation stands, there is no doubt that the elder’s lateness is part of their plan!!\\
ken: you don’t have to worry, in the elder case he will come back with a smile on his face!\\
ma: meh!!\\
ma: in the time the elder is not here, I will give you guidance to the moderation two young people should have in their relationship.\\
ma: could you try to embrace each other in front of me a little <3\\
aki: well then everyone, now we should…\\
?: eat lunch together!\\
near apa: seconds\\
?: you cannot go to war with your stomach empty!!\\
miu: ah, you don’t have to be that reserved, inspector honmaki.\\
hon: doesn’t this make you laugh? Tomorrow we of the police unit…\\
hon: could point our guns against you!\\
saka: that’s one more reason to eat with us.\\
aki: heh, you don’t have to worry, we are stubborn after all.\\
?: is everything in order?\\
??: yes!!\\ w-well…\\
?: what’s wrong?\\
??: well, a lot of incredible things often happen around here\\
?: you have a complete surveillance system for those two in the special detention facilities right?\\
?: number 204, where did you get that thing!?\\
diego: ha ha ha ha, well they never put in my cell the magazines I hoped to read so I went to buy them by myself.\\
?: buy them… i-impossible there is a zone of almost 50 kilometrs of intense cold tundra around here… and above all it’s impossible to get out of this big lock and…\\ what!!?\\
?: why does he have a complete set of such luxury items!?\\
?: ah, if you look well there are clear traces that he repaired the wall!!\\
diego: you cannot drink alcohol here, right?\\
diego: so I will just drink juice!!\\
?: that’s not the problem here!!\\
??: maybe they are just bored, they stayed there for a long time.\\
?: w-why did you let the get away!!?\\
?: because you know, it is useless... you cannot do anything against them… they came back, so isn’t everything alright, after all…?\\
??: hey! What the hell are you saying!!?\\
alex: did you hear about that, laughing fist-dono?\\
alex: the eternal sunset will finally descend upon us soon.\\
diego: ha ha ha ha, yeah fist of destruction. Your disciple told us about the movements in japan.\\
near diego: they are still publishing this, I’m lucky!\\
diego: in any case I have to say that you have an excellent disciple~~\\ he was waiting for us when we went out for a stroll.\\
boris: uchitel(master)! I was waiting for you, what are your orders!!?\\
diego: he found this place all by himself, right? he has a rash personality but he is good when to comes to gather information…\\
diego: I wonder if she is feeling all alone now while saying “maestro~~”…\\
alex: heheh, it is not like the smiling steel fist to stop smiling, are you getting home sick?\\
diego: don’t say such stupid things, it’s not like that. I mean it!\\
?: go forward!! Don’t lower your guard!!\\
?: open the gate of number 204 in the 36th building! Don’t stop the electricity!!\\
?: give us the prohibited item, number 204!!\\
diego: don’t make all this noise…\\
?: uooooh!\\
diego: here!\\
diego: however, you know… if you continue to be so noisy…\\
diego: I could begin to go a little wild here.\\
diego: ah, and be sure to send that questionnaire I filled up.\\
?: y-yes.\\
?: close, close, hurry up and close…\\
alex: fuuh.\\
alex: it is true that…\\ I’m growing tired of this vacation…\\
alex: it would not be bad if we go outside…\\
alex: to taste a little the radiant day of the eternal sunset.\\
side text: the one shadow nine fists outside of the big lock are finally reunited. Will they gather together with the armed division in order to go toward the eternal sunset? See you in the next issue!!\\

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