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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 195

Night 195: full power

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 31, 2013 02:50 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 195: full power\\
inserted text: the war strength of the entire world assembled!\\
en: Heliohapt, altemura, sasan, imuchakk…\\
en: they are the metal vessel users of the “seven seas alliance”!!!\\
rah: so tedious\\ so my foolish brother didn’t show up this time, huh?\\
mira: not even my youngest daughter.\\
da: it’s inevitable. According to the inclination of their master, king Sinbad…\\
da: almost all of sindria’s households are still in a “non assimilation” state. King sinbad is an indulgent man. It will not be fatal for them, but…\\
box: king of heliohapt kingdom: al-makan amon-rah\\
box: queen of the altemura kingdom: mira dianus artemina*\\
TLN: I put artemina instead of altemina because I think her name is related to Artemis. Maybe that “dianus” should also be changed to “diana” that is artemis’ roman name (and a female name in latin).\\
Box: the knight king of sasan, darius leoxses\\
Old man: yeah you are right. He is an indulgent man.\\
Old man: warriors die if they don’t fight. Those who rust together with their harpoons in front of their preys are just cowards!\\
box: imuchakk tribe’s head, rametoto\\
?: “vassago”\\
?: “forneus”\\ “alloces”\\ “Kerberos*” \\ and “baal”’s household\\
TLN: this is not a demon in solom’s key, but I couldn’t find a demon with that name\\
?: become one!!!\\
ali: t-that’s drakon-san, right…!? are all the household vessel users capable of doing such a thing…?\\
mor: incredible… I will become like that in the future too!\\
ali: eh!?\\
yunan: I don't suggest you to do such a thing, morgiana…\\
yunan: I have already told this to you. Once you achieve assimilation, you cannot turn back into a “human” anymore…\\
yunan: from what I heard, the warriors who achieve such a state in “almatoran” sadly called it “the ultimate measure”…\\
mor: but I want to become stronger!!\\
ali: eh!?\\
ali: morgiana!? A-are you alright? Are you really able to use your household vessel in such a flashy way!? If you run out of magoi once again, then…\\
yunan: it’s alright “alibaba”.\\
sin: hey yunan… now that I think about it, ages passed since the last time you showed yourself…\\
sin: what kind of unnecessary hints did you give to morgiana?\\
yunan: they weren’t unnecessary, Sinbad.\\
near yunan: wow. That tail is fantastic!\\
yunan: I just taught her that it is possible to use her household vessel in a manner different than just recklessly releasing flames.\\
yunan: she is constantly containing her flames around the chains. By manipulating the airflow with the heat, she is able to fly. Furthermore…\\
yunan: if at the same time she manipulates the shape of her chains…\\
yunan: she can finally burn brightly…\\
yunan: and obtain a great “weapon” in her legs.\\
mor: “household vessel”…\\
mor: “amol selsella”( Flaming Wings of Iron Chains)\\
kuen: it’s useless.\\
kuen: it is impossible to destroy the “medium”’s defensive wall after it has absorbed so much magoi from the rukh and enlarged to this extent\\
sfx: piki\\piki\\
kuen: what?\\
sin: the belief of the “seven seas” alliance is “don’t invade and don’t be invaded”. Reim, kou, and Magnostadt…\\ we don’t have the intention of declare war to these fellow countries and we don’t have the intention to recklessly enter into a war.\\
sin: however… \\ if an uninvited guest comes to our world…\\
sin: we will erase it.\\
sin: no matter what kind of sublime “god” it is!!\\
cat: dammit!!\\
cat: just a little more!!\\
Anubis: we need to smash its borg… we need the power to break through!\\
?: does anyone… have that…?\\
al: it broke!?\\
ali: who!!?\\
mu: lady Scheherazade…\\ thanks to your “transfer magic square” …\\
mu: we have completed the repatriation of the wounded soldiers, and we have summoned some “reinforcements” from our country…!!\\
ali: m-mu!!\\ who is that!? A metal vessel user from reim!?\\
sol: prince nerva! Hurry up an use the “djinn equip” as well.\\
near them: come on\\come on.\\
nerva: shut up!! I still cannot use the “djinn equip”… uwaaah!!\\
ali: we have to use the “djinn equip” as well! We have to give it the finishing blow in one breath!!\\
mei: but our magoi is already at its limit!\\
sche: “to release all the magoi accumulated, that’s the final extreme magic of “Scheherazade’s clones””\\
sche: my role…\\
sche: ends here.\\
sche: I leave the future of this world…\\
sche: to you.\\
ali: we are regaining our… magoi!?\\ ok, we can do it!!\\
ali: extreme magic!!\\
mei: extreme magic\\
other kou metal vessel users: extreme magic\\
en: extreme magic!\\
mu: extreme magic\\
other metal vessels users: extreme magic\\
sin: extreme magic!\\
al thamen: ooh…\\
al thamen: oooh…\\
al thamen: damn you… even if we came to this side…\\
al thamen: to this world… once again you are…!!?\\
sin: extreme magic,\\
sin:” balalak inkerado saika”!!!\\ (lightning annihilation sword)\\
inserted text: all the powers of this world gathered, finally…!!!!\\

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