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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 536

Battle 536: the power of the katsujinken


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 536

Battle 536: the power of the katsujinken\\
inserted text: honoka is also training in the tennis club, you know.\\
side text: 4 of the ryouzanpaku’s masters oppose 7 of the one shadow nine fists. The air is ready to explode, but…!?\\
aki: to think that you would show yourselves in plain daylight and at the core of this country…\\
aki: you finally crawled out of “yami”(darkeness), huh?\\
aki: furinji saiga!!\\
aki: a long time passed since we meet, and yet you don’t even say “hi”, huh?\\
saka: hey wait!\\
saka: did you just head what akisame said!!?\\
saki: don’t try to ignore us!!\\
ma: you sounded like a delinquent trying to pick up a fight, but…\\
saka: shut up!\\
ma: brother…\\
ma: to think that you were still alive and that we would meet once again…\\
ma: I really would like to smile. Why did you gather together in this place!!?\\
apa: apa\\
apa: agaard!\\
saka: hey hongo!! Tell us what you are doing here!!\\
saka: what kind of evil plans do you have!!? You are here to kill someone, right!? eeeh? I’m sure of it!!\\
saka: once you will have answered to our questions, we will send you all to the big lock.\\
rah: you seem to be in high spirit… however it seems that you cannot do the math. We are in 7 while you are in 4… we have the supreme advantage!! Am I wrong? not only considering the numbers…\\
rah: but also our strength!!\\
saka: you can say that we are giving you 3 three people advantage!!\\
saka: even if only 4 of us of ryouzanpaku gather together, we are invincible!!\\
mikumo: nuhn!?\\
mikumo: these people… they have perfectly synchronized their breaths, and with that I can feel their power is increasing of several times…\\
aki: funh.\\
aki: did you really think that we would recklessly challenge you in a fight when we have the numerical disadvantage?\\
aki: when we combine our power, the result isn’t a simple addition.\\
aki: … our power becomes infinite!!\\
mikumo: interesting, it is like you formed a single “fighting giant”.\\
aki: yes, differently from you, we didn’t neglect the ability to put our strength together!!\\
aga: I see, I have to admit that such a principle cannot possibly applied to us.\\
hon: I will break their circle.\\
hon: use that chance to…\\
sou: stop uttering bullshit, greenhorn!\\
sou: I will crush them\\
rah: just as expected…\\
rah: even if we put our power together we will not amount to more than 7 separate individuals.\\
ma: nuuhn!!\\
?: guuah we cannot endure this anymore!!\\
?: I will make the helicopter take out!! We have to get far from this place quickly!!\\
??: eeek…\\
saka: koaaaah!!\\
oga: so this is the power of katsujinken… huh.\\
ken: I have finished my quota!\\
ken: … hey, what’s wrong, shigure-san? You seem to be suddenly restless…\\
shi: what should I… do?\\
ken: what are you talking about?\\
shi: just a moment a go a saw a man I know in the… television.\\
ken: eh? Someone you know? That’s rare. What kind of person is he?\\
shi: an assassin.\\
ken: again~~~!!?\\
shi: furthermore quite a nasty one.\\
ken: I don’t think that you can talk about good and bad assassins!!\\
miu: kenichi-san, if you have finished your quota, could you help me with the cleaning…?\\
shi: he is probably the one who killed the most people…\\
shi: with a weapon made by my… father.\\
ken: uh!!\\
ken: I see… shigure-san hates that people are killed by the swords made by her father, so she often goes to travels around the world in order to hunt those blades.\\
ken: h-however are you saying that person appeared on the television by a mere chance?\\
ken: he appeared during that news report near the port…\\ I have recognized him by his… movements\\
shi: should I go… or not…?\\
shi: right now I should protect… you.\\
ken: I see, that’s what she is worried about…\\
ken: don’t worry about us…\\
ken: just go, shigure-san!!\\
shi: I will bring you with…\\
shi: me!\\
ken: what!?\\
ken: you cannot do that! It’s dangerous!\\
shi: if I leave here at the dojo and a yami master appears… you are 100%... dead.\\
ken: uh…\\
shi: this is the ultimate… choice.\\
ken: uuh…\\
miu: she is right, I don’t like that we are here in the dojo just waiting for everyone else.\\
?: what the hell is happening there!?\\ we sent several men to investigate a suspicious tank, but no one has returned!\\
?: how many units did they send just to investigate a single tank?\\
??: this is not normal.\\
?: indeed our opponent is not normal, it seems that he is armed with an unique weapon.\\
?: that’s what they told me, don’t lower your guard.\\
scy: heheh!\\
scy: heheheheheheh…\\
??: where is him!?\\
?: above!!\\
?: throw away your weapon and surrender!!\\
scy: why?\\
scy: I don’t have any reason to surrender.\\
?: what is this bad feeling…?\\
?: eh, is this really a… human?\\
scy: well then, time for the harvest.\\
inserted text: could it be that the eight radiant executioner blades are moving behind the one shadow nine fists’ gathering?\\

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