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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 196

Night 196: hesitation

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 7, 2013 02:01 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 196: hesitation\\
inserted text: is the medium finally annihilated…?\\
ali: !!!\\ t-the “medium”!!\\
ali: the “medium” is falling to pieces!!\\
?: did we finally do it…!?\\
mu: I-I have attacked with all of my power…\\
the three bubbles: pant\\
??: i-it was attacked by 13 metal vessel users who released their extreme magic at same time… there is no enemy who could survive such a thing!\\
yu: !\\ no… this is…!?\\
kuen: obviously it is not that simple.\\
ali: w-what should we do!!?\\
kuen: you are not a match for it!!! They needed 72 people in order to defeat it in “almatoran” and you are only in 13…\\ did you really think that you could defeat it!!!!\\
mu: dammit!!!!\\
mu: are you telling me that even Scheherazade’s last magoi wasn’t enough!!!\\
al: l-\\
al: last magoi…?\\
mu: we could use one again our extreme magic thank to her.\\ and because of that she is now…\\
al: titus…\\
al: what about titus…!?\\
mu: he is dead.\\
mu: long ago…\\
al: … impossible…\\
box: “fifth level authorization district”\\
sphi: s-so this is what aladdin wanted to stop…\\
sphi: i-if I hadn’t say those unnecessary things…\\and more importantly if I hadn’t say that we should go on the battlefield… maybe I would have been able to help titus…!!!!\\
mor: … aladdin…\\ aladdin!!\\
mor: the “medium” is behaving strangely!\\
al: it stopped...\\
al: moving!? Why…?\\
yu: the “medium” is hesitating. To be precise the rukh of the human who became the “core” of the “medium” is hesitating.\\
yu: in order to create and manipulate the black djinns, there is the need of a single human who fell into depravity and who has a strong will.\\
yu: do you know anyone who could govern magnostadt’s magic furnace to this extent, aladdin…?\\
al: that would be…\\
al: the chancellor for sure…\\
mage: w-why… do we all have this sensation?\\
mage: why do we feel like that thing is… chancellor mogamett himself!!?\\
ali: w-why did the “medium” suddenly stop because of his hesitation?\\
yu: look. Thanks to that grain of white light.\\
al-thamen: what is that…?\\
al-thamen: why such impure thing… is mixed inside of the “medium”?\\
yu: that’s white rukh. Inside of the “medium” that should be composed only of black rukh, there is the pure white rukh of someone who didn’t fall into depravity.\\ he is stopping the “medium” after it was weaken by the battle. I don’t know who he is…\\
al: …\\ I know him…\\
al: I’m going.\\
ali: !?\\ where…?\\
al: inside of that thing… to meet with the chancellor’s rukh.\\
al: I will bring him back.\\ and not only that…\\
al: the hesitation of the chancellor is the hesitation of Magnostadt itself.\\ chancellor mogamett is the guiding principle of Magnostadt.\\ after losing it, everyone is hesitating.\\ the future of all the people of this country is hanging on how this battle will end!\\ that’s why…\\
yam: aladdin.\\
al: miss yam…!?\\
yam: bring me with you…!\\
sin: if it is possible bring her with you…\\ matal magamet is her adoptive father.\\
al: ok!\\
al: let’s go miss yam!!\\
en: what!?\\ what is this power…!?\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!!!\\
yam: what is this place…!?\\
al: this is inside of the chancellor’s rukh.\\
al: but… it is seems that it is not just that.\\
?: we curse you…\\
?: we curse you… you threw us in despair and killed us…\\
?: the hell with the magician country…\\
?: did you really consider yourself a human?\\ This is all a result of your actions…\\
?: you were…\\
?: wrong!!!\\
al: they are the chancellor… and the black rukh of the people who became part of the “medium”…!!\\
sfx: blink\\
al: I knew it…\\ you were the one who stopped the chancellor, right…!?\\
al: titus!\\
ju: that’s it.\\
ju: I wanted to see it once again.\\ the power that changed my life…\\
ju: hello, I wanted to meet you once again…\\
ju: aladdin\\
near judal: kou empire “priest”\ magi\ judal\\
near ryuu: kou emprire, 4th prince\ capturer of the 61 dungeon “zagan” \\ ren hakuryuu\\

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