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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 197

Night 197: the message

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 13, 2013 10:49 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 197: the message\\
Inserted text: what are the intentions of the two of them who are watching attentively the situation…?\\
Jud: hey look. You sister is there, hakuryuu. Are you alright with just staying here watching and don’t rush over there?\\
Ryuu: we didn’t come here…\\
Ryuu: for that reason.\\
Jud: … yeah,\\ you are right…\\
moga: “the magicians themselves should guide the world on the correct path!!!”\\ “a superior race should not be ruled by the inferiors!!!”\\
moga: I…\\
moga: why…\\ was I thinking that I was living a life more correct than anyone else…?\\
moga: in the end, my determination driven by my hate…\\ brought to the death of a lot of magicians and normal people…\\
moga: I just… wanted to realize the wishes of the “goi”…\\
moga: even if they continued to be a selfish,\\ powerless existence that “should be saved by magicians”…\\ capable of having only ugly feelings…\\
moga: the one who continued to built a wall between us…\\ was me after all…\\
al: you know, chancellor.\\
al: I’m sorry that I said those bad things the day before the war.\\
al: “chancellor, you are a king suitable only for the magicians!!”\\
al: it wasn’t the truth.\\
al: in Magnostadt right now, a lot of people are still doing their best because they rely on your teachings.\\
Irene: the magicians will protect this country in a way or another…!!\\
?: we will be alright if we go with the magicians!!\\
al: that’s why I want you to come back with me, and tell to everyone what you have just said.\\ no one other than you… can save Magnostadt…\\
al: because of that titus risked his life,\\
al: and he is stopping you even now, right!?\\
sfx: sparkle\\sparkle\\
moga: … I cannot do…\\
moga: such a thing.\\
al: why?\\
moga: I guided a lot of people into depravity in order to build the magic furnace. I cannot atone for such responsibility. I cannot abandon them.\\
moga: it is true that because titus stopped me for all this time I can probably return to the white rukh’s flow. But I wonder if the same thing… is impossible for them…? Maybe it is impossible to save them…\\
al: … yeah… those people… died a long time ago. The rukh that comes from the people who died while being into a state of depravity cannot go back to the great white flow.\\
al: they cannot go back ever again…\\
moga: …\\ I see…\\
moga: I have a request for you… aladdin.\\
al: …?\\
al: what is it?\\
moga: you are a being that came from a place that transcends the structure of this world.\\ I could understand that well after I changed into this form…\\
moga: that’s why I beg you…\\
moga: could you search for a way to make the black rukh…\\ return to the white rukh?\\
al: eh?\\
moga: is it really impossible to bring back the life of these people who cursed themselves and their own fate into the white flow…\\
moga: where their families and the people they love are resting…?\\
al: a way to restore the black rukh into white rukh!!?\\
al: he is right… could it be that such a method really exists…!?\\ maybe the truth is just that no one found such a way…\\
al: if there really exists a way to help the people who are suffering just because a mistake they did in their life…\\
al: or just because their heart was broken by an unreasonable misfortune… then I…!!\\
moga: aladdin…\\aladdin!\\
near al: ah!!\\
moga: I want to thank you because you made be meet yamraiha once again.\\ even if I don’t deserve to meet her…\\
al: what is he talking about, miss yam?\\
yam: this person…\\
yam: abducted me from mustashim’s royal palace and raised me.\\
yam: in truth, I was born in a clan that for generations served under the royal family, but everyone obstinately hid that truth from me…\\
yam: when I finally become old enough to understand what was happening around me, I became more and more suspicious. I thought that you were a really frightening man who raised me so that I could become a tool to be used in your rebellion.\\
yam: but… after all…\\
yam: I wonder if I was wrong… after I was rejected by princess Dunya I realized…\\ what could have happened if a magician would be born in the royal palace in that period…\\
moga: there were on the verge of getting rid of you. That’s why I came to your rescue.\\
moga: but I feared that you would go back to the place where you were supposed to be once you would learnt of your heritage, so I hid the truth from you.\\
moga: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…\\
moga: stolen you own life…\\
yam: but I was happy!!\\
al: that’s right, we know it.\\
al: thanks to you chancellor, a lot of people could find hope, and feel warmness around them!\\
yam: ah!!? No, wait!!!\\
al: chancellor!!\\
yam: no please, don’t disappear!!\\
moga: thanks aladdin.\\ not only because you made me meet once again my daughter.\\
moga: but also because you protected this country.\\ you risked your life in order to stop the war against reim…\\ and probably the metal vessel kings coming from different countries hostile to each other would not have gathered and put their strength together if it wasn’t for you, right?\\
al: stop!!!!\\
moga: as last thing, I know that this is a little selfish, but could you tell something to everyone in Magnostadt?\\
al: sure…\\
al: what should I tell to them!!?\\
moga: no one is superior in comparison to the others.\\
moga: no matter if he is a magician or not…\\
moga: no matter if he has 10 times or 100 times more power than anyone else…\\
moga: no matter if he is so dazzling…\\
moga: don’t abandon yourselves to him.\\ because it never existed someone who lived without being wrong once in his life…\\
mage: chancellor mogamett…\\
yam: wait!!\\
yam: you know, I’m sorry for everything!!!\\
al: titus!!!\\
al: wait… you are still…\\
al: why…\\
al: have you do die!!!?\\
?: the sky became clear!!\\
?: the black rukh is dispersing… this time we erased the “medium” once for all, without a trace left!!!\\
kuen: so a weak “core” was useless, huh… we need to complete a black spot of the best quality and raise it by ourselves after all.\\
althamen: yes. But please rejoice, empress gyokuen…\\
althamen: reim’s magi is dead…\\ and her rukh went to that place.\\
kuen: I see…\\
kuen: that’s a good news…!!\\
ti: what is… this place…?\\
?: hey, you must be aladdin’s friend.\\
ti: eh? You re…\\
box: the guardian of the sacred palace “ugo-kun”\\
box: almatoran name: “????”*\\
TLN: four interrogative marks. Maybe his name is formed by 4 Japanese characters… I have an half idea on his identity now…\\
Side text: ugo-kun was waiting for titus. Next issue the conclusion of the Magnostadt arc!!\\

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