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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 198

Night 198: welcome home

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 21, 2013 05:57 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved fro sense

Night 198: welcome home\\
side text: the Magnostadt arc finally reaches its conclusion\\
mal: titus!\\
mal: you know, I will follow you anywhere. No matter if harsh and dangerous things await for us in those places.\\
mal: I’m sure that if it’s something that you want to do,\\ then it will be the right thing to do.\\
mal: that’s why… when everything will be over… We will be able to be together again.\\ and for the next 10 or 20 years, even when I will be a granny, I will be always together with you.\\
mal: that’s a promise!!\\
mage: sphintus… you don’t have to worry, that little girl will survive.\\
sp: but… when she will wake up…\\
sp: titus will not be there…\\
ali: j-just a moment after they common enemy vanished…!!\\
al: stop!! You promised to make your soldiers retreat,!! Right, uncle kouen!!? \\
en: no…\\
en: our original objective was this place, Magnostadt.\\ since the beginning I didn’t want to employ the kou empire’s metal vessel users only to use them against those that are in reim. It only happened that the opponent we had to fight changed.\\
al: !!!\\ this is not what you have promised, uncle!!!\\
da: those from the kou empire still have a “magi” and another metal vessel user left.\\
da: I wonder if you are hiding a trump card from us or something…\\
mei: we don’t know if you are hiding a trump card somewhere either.\\
yu: hey stop this!\\
yu: why are you playing around like this, Sinbad? We took all those precautionary measures so you wouldn’t end up in a fight against the kou empire…\\ right, morgiana?\\
mor: yes.\\
ali: what are you talking about, morgiana?\\
sin: the seven seas alliance and the reim empire,\\
sin: have formed an official alliance.\\
mu: he is saying the truth. Lady Scheherazade took that decision just before going in her last battle…\\
sin: there is no other power than the seven seas alliance that can influence the balance between reim and kou.\\
sin: that’s why we allied with reim. Do you understand what I am saying here?\\
sin: furthermore, I cannot leave behind the country that yamraiha’s adoptive father, matal mogamett governed until now in such ruinous state.\\
sin: I want to use all the power I have available to restore Magnostadt at its former glory, you know?\\
ha: t-this guy… he intents to seize Magnostadt all for himself!!!\\
ei: general kouen… could it be that this man calculated that things would come this far and was waiting for the right chance?\\
mu: could it be that he continued to send all those letters to Lady Scheherazade…\\ because he was expecting that such a moment would come…? Damn you Sinbad…!!!\\
en: well in that case I will…\\ take this magi with me.\\
everyone: whaaaaat!!?\\
en: you promised me right?\\
near en: smirk\\
al: y-yeah.\\
en: if that person* would just be interested in gaining more territory and influence, then he could just kill us off here.\\
TLN: here En is using the word “mono” that it’s neither derogatory like “aitsu” nor respectful like “kata”. Considering the current situation we can infer that he has a some kind of respect or sympathy for Sinbad.\\
Near ha: are you coming with us aladdin?\\
En: but I guess that it is not such a man.\\
Ei: eh?\\
sin: I didn’t expect that he was so difficult to deal with.\\
?: hey!! Aladdin!!\\
near ali: put your hands off him!\\ he doesn’t belong to you!\\
al: ah!! Everyone!!\\
kuen: let’s celebrate tonight.\\
kuen: Scheherazade is dead and the foundations of reim are shaking.\\ furthermore even if for this time Magnostadt’s “medium” was not useful…\\
kuen: the “world’s hole” doesn’t close for a few years once it is opened.\\ in other words… if we are able to complete another “dark spot” we will be able to invite “our father” in this world immediately. We didn’t waste time in this little skirmish after all…\\
althamen: however, empress gyokuen, king solom is indeed arrogant.\\ In a single era he made three people be born as “magi” thanks to the power of the sacred palace..\\ there is an high probability that he will drop the rukh of the new “magi” once again in the reim empire’s territory just to restrain us of the kou empire.\\
althamen: even worse…\\
althamen: there is the possibility that he will implant schehezade’s ego itself in the new “magi” vessel. Probably he is thinking that we will kidnap a defenceless infant once again…\\ by using that same method, he is already preserving the enormous knowledge and superior ego of another magi. The one called “yunan”.\\
althamen: furthermore, the real problem is that…\\
althamen: in the reim empire there are also several bodies suitable for scheherazade’s rukh. That is the “clones” she created during her lifetime by growing her own flesh and bones.\\ if even one of those bodies is still left then…\\
althamen: he could revive “scheherazade” at any moment.\\ aaah!! This is so annoying!!\\
box: sacred palace\\
ugo: are you sure that it shouldn’t be you Scheherazade, but that boy over there,?\\
sfx: su\\
ugo: ok. Time to go new “magi”.\\
ugo: to the world that is waiting for you!!\\
?: what was that!?
??: a shooting star from the vestalis maxima*’s temple!?\\
TLN: until now I have translated scheherazade’s title as highest priestess, but I thought that the term “vestalis maxima”, that was the highest female position in roman’s religion, is more suitable.\\
??: that’s impossible.\\
???: captain mu!!!\\
???: camptain!!\\
???: t-t-t-t-the transfer magic circle sent us something…\\ f-f-f-f-from our motherland!!\\
mu: I entrusted you with magnostadt’s related issues right? calm down and tell me what was sent, ok?\\
mu: … what!?\\
al: you…!?\\
al: you are…!?\\
mal: ah.\\
mal: welcome home!!\\
mal: titus!\\
ti: ah… that’s right I’m…\\
ti: titus… titus alexius.\\ sphintus, aladdin, malga…?\\ why am I still alive…?\\
box: magi “magnostadt arc” end\\
mage: by the way, that great quantity of black rukh that came out from that giant…\\
mage: I wonder where it disappeared to…\\
jud: ok…\\
jud: the only one who can use this power is a “magi” who fell into depravity.\\
jud: let’s go, hakuryuu we have finished our busyness here.\\
haku: yeah.\\
haku: aladdin.\\
haku: morgiana.\\
haku: alibaba…\\
haku: I have turned my back to the path you have chosen after all…\\
haku: I’m sorry.\\
haku: farewell.\\
inserted text: from the next issue… a new chapter begins!!\\

TLN: oh man, "Solomon" just did what the guys from al-thamen predicted. I feel so sorry for them

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