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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 199

Night 199: after the war

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 29, 2013 03:00 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 199: after the war\\
side text: we enter in a new arc! Aladdin is on a ship, but…?\\
al: hi Ugo-kun. Are you doing fine?\\
al: right now I am writing my diary in a ship that sailed from Magnostadt.\\ after the battle…\\
al: I helped the people of Magnostadt to restore their country for a while. Magnostadt’s “ level of citizenship system” was abolished…\\
al: and everyone began to take their first steps in a life where they could not rely on magic for a while. Magnostadt was allowed to continue to be a neutral power between reim and kou!\\
al: but, because the people of the seven seas alliance and reim are continuing to give their support to Magnostadt for the revival of the country, I wonder if Magnostadt will become an ally of reim at the end. Furthermore…\\
al: there is also a new magi in reim empire,\\
al: titus!!\\
ti: in my body there are the memories of lady Scheherazade’s rukh as well… in other words 200 years of knowledge of reim are inside of me now. I want to do all the things I can with this power given to me.\\
ti: for this country… and also for you aladdin!\\
malga: I will do my best too!\\
al: but, because we are still worried about the conditions of their bodies,\\
text: Carmen clan\\
box: a team of magician doctors where dispatched from Magnostadt.\\
sp: titus’ body is a little different from normal, but the rukh inside of him are healthy just like those of a new born baby… and above all he is a magi now, with an inexhaustible supply of magic power. So if he uses his power together with our 8th type of magic he should be all right. And same for malga!\\ well~~~ I’m in a really good position right now… or rather, I have found a prestigious mission to accomplish!\\
?: sphintus~~ the tea is ready~~~\\
sp: ok~~ mother.\\
ti: sphintus~~ what about today’s snacks!?\\
sp: wait a moment! Titus!\\ see you then, aladdin let’s meet in the summit they have scheduled two months from now!\\
al: that’s right. In two months there will be a summit between uncle sinbad and uncle kouen.\ and I have promised them to attend this summit…\\
al: in order to think about what we should for the world from now on, and to tell them about “alma torran”.\\
al: ugo-kun, I will tell to alibaba, mor and everyone about the things you have entrusted to me…\\
ali: hey, aladdin!\\
ali: we have arrived!!\\
al: furthermore, we have decided to live in a certain country until the day of the summit.\\
al: waaah!\\
al: and that country is a place dear to us…\\
al: the “sindria kingdom”!!\\
pi: long time no see~~!! Aladdin, mor, alibaba!\\ Here take this! Welcome back to sindria!\\
al: pisti!\\
pi: aladdin, thank you for helping yam during those harsh moments in Magnostadt.\\
pi: … anyway, you didn’t change at all!!\\
spa: well I don’t agree with you, look at him well, pisti.\\
pi: gyaaah!! He is as tall as me now~~~!!\\
ja: welcome back. Are you hurt? We heard everything from sin when he returned home before you.\\
sin: hey look masmur. Morgiana is quite a beautiful woman now, right?\\
mor: *stare*\\
mas: yeah.\\
sin: I’m sorry about what happened alibaba.\\
sin: I left everything concerning Magnostadt to yamraiha and you… but I had to do the preparations for the summit in two months from now.\\
ali: don’t worry, aladdin was still regretting about what happened, and I wanted to be together with him no matter what…\\
ali: ah, by the way, where is my master?\\
?: hey alibaba!\\
ali: hum…\\ who are you mister?\\
olba: sup! Alibaba! It is me, olba\\
blonde girl: I am Brigitte!\\
other guy on the right: Aron!\\
tall guy: Bhrol!\\ eyepatch: yohn!\\
all of them: long time no see alibaba!\\
ali: … olba!?\\
ali: you mean… the “great holy mother”’s crew…!?\\ well… how should I put it…\\
ali: you grew a lot!\\
near ali: aren’t you too big?\\
near olba: well\\ I’m embarrassed~~\\
olba: well~~ I am really indebted to this country, they also taught me sword techniques and my body was drilled by hard work~~!!\\
olba: but the one we are the most indebted to is only you alibaba! You can ask for our help anytime!!\\
al: o-ok.\\ by they way, I don’t remember that you had such a personality…\\
?: hey\\ Don’t try to ignore me!!\\
ali: ah!?\\
ali: you are…\\
ali: toto!!\\
toto: I was tired of waiting for you, alibaba.\\
al: alibaba! Who is that pretty lady?\\
ali: eh? This is toto. Someone I met in reim…\\
ali: by the way, why are you here, toto?\\
ali: I’m here to escort my master. It’s not like I’m here to meet you. Don’t become conceited.\\
ali: what…?\\
ali: I see, so shambal is here too! I should go to pay my regards to him!\\
toto: yeah, let’s go to meet him.\\
ali: by the way, didn’t you become even bigger?\\
toto: toto thinks that you are the one who shrunk.\\
ali: shut up!\\
al: heheh, toto seems like an interesting person! I wonder if she is alibaba’s friend? Let’s try to talk with her later, ok mor!\\
mor: eh? Y-yes.\\ you are right.\\
?: ok let’s have a party tonight!!!\\
?: to lady yamraiha and the guests who returned home!!!\\
?: ah alibaba I wanted to meet you!\\ ah, let me pour it for you!\\ brother!!\\
ali: a-ah yes…\\ anyway… you seem to doing well here, I’m really happy about it…\\ who did influence you… so much that you would have such a change of personality??
Shar: hey~~~ isn’t that alibaba~~?\\
Girl: gyah.\\
Girl2: master sharkan~~~\\
Ali: I see… it was his influence then… that’s right, this afternoon olba said something about learning sword techniques… now I understand!\\
Around shar: master!!\\master!!\\ hey everyone\\ come and take a seat\\
shar: sorry that I wasn’t there this afternoon when you arrived.\\ hey wait…?\\ when did you get such a good expression on your face, alibaba?\\
ali: haha, you still smell of alcohol in the evening, eh master?\\
shar: oh~~~? You are even able to retain you composure when you are drinking now, huh?\\ by the way…\\
shar: did you became a “man” while you where in reim?\\
mor: eh?\\
olba: eh?\\
mas&yam: eh?\\
ali: eh?\\
al: what do you mean? Mister sharkan?\\
shar: well aladdin you are still a little too young for this kind of talk!\\
shar: swordsmen are popular you know~~ right, masmur? Any strong man is admired by the women of remano…\\
mas: yeah but… that’s not the kind of talk you should do in front of morgiana, senpai…\\
near mas: this guy never listens\\
shar: didn’t you ever find yourself in a tight spot after some lady came to hug such a manly swordsman…? Eh, alibaba!?\\
al: did that really happen, alibaba?\\
near al: you never told me about such a thing\\
ali: eh!? N-no…\\
olba: is that for real!!? You are too cool, alibaba, I admire you!!\\
ali: n-no stop talking about that… otherwise she will get mad!!\\
everyone: ?\\ “she”…\\
everyone: who is this “she”?\\
toto: *stare*\\
toto: alibaba…\\
ali: t-toto…\\
sfx near ali: *blush*\\
ali: *swoosh* *swoosh*\\ *sweat* *sweat*\\
ali: shiiiii\\
toto: muh~~~\\
olba: eh? What was that just now…?\\
bri: could it be…\\
bri: that girl is alibaba’s…\\ lover…?\\
shar: could it really be that…\\
shar: you were able to get a girlfriend in reim?\\
ali: well~~~…\\
ali: *fidget*\*fidget*\\
ali: yes.\\
al: what!!?\\
shar: r-really!!?\\
inderted text: an unbelievable single word…\\

TLN: I want mor Vs toto next chapter (both of them with amon's household vessel obviously)

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#1. by Torca (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
I fell from chair reading last sentences..... So funny and at the same time I'm mad at him! Ali how could you!? Your OTP is Mor! And only MOR!

Anyway I have a question, why do you write Yamraiha and not YamUraiha like you used to? I actually until today didn't notice that you were writing Yamraiha even in the last chapters translations.
#2. by aegon-rokudo (Translator)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
In magi's official guidebook her name was written yamraiha, so I changed it. I think I changed it a few months ago, but until now she didn't show up a lot so it is normal that you didn't notice.

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