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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 540

Battle 540: an unprepared strength


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 540

Battle 540: an unprepared strength\\
insered text: what is written on that sign?\\ hum… 3.8 meters?\\
side text: furinji saiga of the one shadow nine fists declared the eternal sunset. In the meantime shigure is fighting against the eight radiant executioner blades…\\
?: this is an emergency!!\\
??: hey answer!\\
?: someone has to report the current situation!!\\
??: kuh…\\
ishi: probably all the our comrades of yami began to move at the same time around the world…\\ and for the sake of an era where once again warriors will be rightly judged, and the martial artists will become the centre of the world…\\
ishi: they… no, we will increase the power of the “darkness(yami)” of this world.\\ right now we…\\
ishi: are equivalent to a country that doesn’t have any shape!!\\
prime: ishida you bastard!!\\
?: it is dangerous, prime minister!!\\
saka: wait!!\\
apa: apa!\\
saiga: are you sure that you have the time to waste in this place?\\ There are 7 of the 8 radiant executioner blades on that ship…\\
saka: guh…\\
apa: apa, sakaki hurry up, we have to go to help shigure!!\\
ma: sakaki-don!!\\
ma: it is frustrating that we were totally lead around by the nose, but this incident is ryouzanpaku’s…\\
ma: complete defeat!!\\
saka: dammit!! Let’s hurry up everyone!!\\
apa: apaaah, shigure~~!!\\
aki: … I think that we will not make it in time.\\
aki: right now, there is an high probability that your daughter is on that ship,\\ fuurinji saiga.\\
saiga: as one of my relatives, she will deal with the situation with her own strength.\\
aki: those are not the words one would expect from the man who went all the way to tidat.\\
aki: from what I know about you, you would gladly give up your life to protect your daughter.\\
aki: and the same thing goes if the man you have acknowledged to use your gauntlets would put his life on the line.\\
saiga: yeah.\\
aki: eh?\\
arc: nuaaah!!\\
arc: t-this bitch, to think that she would avoid my arrows…\\
arc: are you using the back of your sword in a situation like this? This is why the people of katsujinken are…\\
arc: what…!!?\\
arc: guhah!\\
shi: kousaka style kagamibanare!! (mirror detachment)\\
arc: nuaaah!!\\
arc: you dared to shoot at me with my own bow and arrows~~~\\
arc: p-prodigy of weapons, could you be dammed~~~\\
ken: i-incredible!!\\
mic: tch!!\\
mic: don’t forget about the hostages here, kousaka!!\\
miu: uh!\\
arc: stop, Michael, do you intend to soil the death match between two master!!?\\
mic: geez, you are letting your blood to get on your head.\\ she is clearly provoking you!\\
arc: I’m well aware of that!!\\
ken: the two of us have to run away from this disadvantageous situation!!\\
ken: I know that we have to escape from this battlefield!!\\
ken: If I was only able to help shigure-san in a way or another…\\
ken: however, what can I do against a master!!?\\
ken: think!! I am the disciple that in some way has passes his days with the most number of masters out there!!\\
ken: the only thing I have learnt from such situations is not only that I’m not match from them, but there should be something else…\\
ken: that’s right, they have such abilities, and because of that…\\
ken: I can thrust through an unprepared frozen strength!!\\
ken: hurry up to the sea if I am able to create an opening!!\\
miu: eh?\\
mic: I can hear you.\\
ken: *smirk*\\
ken: ah,\\
ken: that…\\
ken: yoi oyi oyi\\
shi: he is… dancing.\\
ken: now miu-san!! run~~~!!!\\
miu: yes!\\
ken: that’s right, if these people see for a moment movements that don’t have anything to do with a fight, their fighting spirit will froze for a moment!!\\
ken: the world is big, but this I am the only one who knows this secret!!\\
sei: heh…\\
sei: are you sure that you want them to escape, Michael?\\
mic: a-aaaah!!\\
mic: wait you bastards!!\\
ken: hurry up, miu-san!!\\
miu: I just wanted to pick up one of those gold bars!!\\
ken: we are almost arrived to the sea!!\\
ken: jump~~~!!\\
ken: the armoured knight!!\\
ken: shit, so there was another one of them!!\\
mic: that was a good idea, I have to praise you.\\
ken: gulp.\\
mic: well you know, after thinking about it, I have realized that one hostage is more than enough.\\
shi: stop!!\\
mic: time to harvest you.\\
ken: uh.\\
miu: yaaah!!\\
miu: gyah!\\
ken: you bastard…\\
mic: shut up, I don’t need more than one hostage.\\
shi: keniciii, miuuuu!!\\
?: une\\
?: deux…\\
?: trois!\\
ken: my masters!!? No!!?\\
mic: who is the fool… who is trying to become an enemy of yami?\\
chris: you are quite rude, mousier. \\
chris: we are from “l’obscurite(yami)”, just like you.\\
inserted text: sakaki’s former partner, Christopher Enclair enters in the battle!? What are his reasons!?\\

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