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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 200

Night 200: manly tears

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 5, 2013 11:54 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 200: manly tears\\
Colour page
up: celebration for the 200th chapter\ morgiana’s cooking 2\\
mor: I made a cake for the celebrations.\\
box: morgiana’s performance for the 100th chapter celebrations.
Note: morgiana sucks at cooking.\\
Al: don’t worry, this time we were helped by professor hakuryuu, who is renowned for his cooking!\\
Haku: we did our best together in order to make these cakes!\\
Box: results\\
Box: morgiana’s work\\
Box: professor hakuryuu’s work\\
Ali: hakuryuu, you idiot, why did you compete with her!?\\
Haku: I-I lost myself while I was putting the decorations!\\
Near mor: prostration\\
Al: but look, the one who eats the most among us is morgiana after all!\\
Mor: w-well…\\
Ali: that’s my morgiana! You have a great appetite!\\
Haku: is this really alright?\\
?: end\\
brown text: thank you for supporting magi, let’s continue to do our best\\
al: alibaba! Are you really going out with miss toto!?
Shar: you~~~ you were flirting with girls while aladdin and morgiana where desperately training, right~~~?\\
Ali: I-I wasn’t flirting with anyone, master!\\
Toto: stare\\
Toto: alibaba…\\
Shar: don’t be embarrassed, you lady killer!\\
Al: it’s not like I’m embarrassed!! It is just that…\\
ali: this is not a laughing matter…\\
ali: how can I say it… yeah, I am serious about this.\\
ali: she is a gladiator too. She is so reckless that her body is covered with scars, but…\\
ali: when she smiles she is cute and she is also gentle…\\
ali: one time, when I was injured, she stayed up the entire night in order to nurse me.\\
ali: and… a lot of other things happened…\
ali: and hum, in other words…\\
ali: I came to like her while we were living together!!\\
olga: I envy alibaba-san! to be honest I was a little attracted by lady toto… but I think that you two are good couple!\\
near al: when did such a thing happen!!?\\
shar: introduce me to her now!!\\
yam: now it is not the right moment, stay put. Lady Toto is master shambal’s attendant, right? he is talking with our king now, you cannot disturb them.\\
yam: stop drinking\\
shar: don’t wanna\\
shar: that’s mine*\\
TLN: it’s just me or shar’s head is in a good position in that panel?\\
Mor; eh? I…\\
Ali: I’m giving this to you morgiana\\ it’s a spare household vessel\\
Ali: I will not stop using my metal vessel\\ so that I can be your strength when you will be in danger!\\
Ali: morgiana!\\
Ali: see you morgiana\\
Ali: morgiana!\\
mor: I wonder what is this feeling…?\\
box: next morning.\\
mor: ah…\\
mas: what’s wrong, are you not feeling well?\\
mor: no, I’m alright. It is just that last night I could sleep well…\\
mas: I see… still that thing about alibaba, huh…\\
mor: yes…\\ I-I mean, no!! you are wrong. I came here in order to ask something to you master masrur.\\
mas: what is it?\\
mas: household vessels assimilation?\\
mor: yes. Several household vessel users from the seven seas alliance asked me “didn’t you assimilate your household vessel yet?”…\\
mor: what is that tremendous power…? furthermore… even drakon is…\\
mas: it is not just general drakon.\\
mot: eh?\\
mas: among the eight generals there are others who have already half assimilated their household vessel.\\
mas: but they weren’t granted the permission to attain it. Sin said that he will not use that technique a second time. The more you use the “household vessel assimilation” the less your body becomes human…\\
mas: at the end also your consciousness and your spirit will be assimilated… and there is the risk that even your own heart is erased…\\
mas: that’s why it is said that you “offer your own body”.\\
mor: I… see…\\ but I… want to become stronger…\\
mas: probably alibaba doesn’t want such a thing.\\
mas: metal vessels are strong. Alibaba and sin…\\
mas: would be fine even if we are not around.\\
mas: that’s why I think that our true role as households is…\\
mas: to not become an emotional…\\
mas: “danger” for our masters.\\ for example…\\
mas: let’s suppose that your master loses his way after suffering a lot…\\
mas: could you still be his friend…?\\
mas: or could you do that…\\
mas: even if alibaba found another woman for himself…?\\
mor: master!\\
mas: ah… so you didn’t want to talk about that after all…\\
box: meanwhile on alibaba’s side.\\
toto: what’s wrong alibaba? Toto is going to eat breakfast.\\
ali: I see. Then… s-see you later!\\
box: hello everyone. It’s me alibaba saluja! I wonder if everyone was surprised by what I have said yesterday…\\
box: I told them that found a girlfriend while I was in reim, in other words I am dating this girl, toto…\\
box: well the truth is that…\\
box: everything about that is a lie…\\
box: well.. wait a minute. Listen to what I have to say. Try to remember about yesterday’s situation.\\
box: a long time passed since I was in sindria… and suddenly olba became an handsome guy…\\
box: and they began to call me old bro and whatever. They are quite admiring me right now… I have just saved them from aktia’s navy but the only thing I was able to do was to put them in care of the sindria kingdom. There is no doubt that is the only thing I have done in the months and days we were apart…\\
box: and then aladdin! He was really happy that I was able to do complete the “full body djinn equip”!\\
box: furthermore there was my master who was always looking at me. Then morgiana, lady yamraiha and masrur were all looking at me with expectations when they asked me that question,\\
shar: do you have a girlfriend?\\
box: probably,\\
box: they would have been happy even if I wouldn’t have answered “yes”.\\
box: then I tried to show off. It’s not my fault. Well… I think that what I did to toto is really inexcusable. At that time for an instant…\\
box: reminiscence\\
ali: N-no stop talking about that… otherwise she will get mad!!\\
box: her!? What the hell am I talking about!? Even if I say so, who the hell am I talking about!? Is there any woman who occurs in my mind!? Is there at least one!? Yes, there is one!!\\
toto: are there 3 alibabas~~?\\
box: at that time the one who floated in my mind was toto…\\
note: she is just drunk.\\
box: well, it wasn’t toto, but garda.\\
box: that’s right, garda, that maureniahihi former gladiator beast that I released thanks to the money I earned in reim.\\
box: she is a female. I didn’t lie about that*.\\
TLN: what the fuck am I reading!!???\\
Ali: she is a gladiator too. She is so reckless that her body is covered with scars, but…\\
Box: well reckless is an euphemism, she bit and tore the skin of my left arm until it almost didn’t come off during a match.\\
ali: when she smiles she is cute and she is also gentle… one time, when I was injured, she stayed up the entire nigh in order to nurse me.\\
box: she would crawl into by bed even in the nights in which I was not injured.\\ to be honest my heart was always throbbing when I could feel her nasal breathing running violently against my back… or rather I was really worried.\\
toto: alibaba, that’s how maureniahihi’s apes court each others…\\
ali: I don’t want to hear anymore of this.\\
box: the excuses finish here.\\
box: but I have to tell you this, it is not like I’m dating garda or something!\\
box: nevertheless I crossed over the fact that we are from different species and used her as a reference…\\
ali: because I didn’t want to disappoint them… I’m not saying that nothing happened in reim. All the women who came to meet me in reim…\\
ali: run away because they were threaten by garda… haaaa…\\
box: the only thing I could think about was swordsmanship, but… I want… a girlfriend too.\\
box: I wonder if someone will fall in love with me one day…\\
box: oh well, for the time being I have to apologize to toto and talk with her so our stories match each other. It is painful to lie to everyone, but…\\
box: I don’t want that the people who have great expectations for me, especially olba and aladdin who are younger than me, would know that I am not popular with girls.\\
box: and even my master… one day, I want to proudly introduce him a beautiful girl who loves me and which I love, once I have found her.\\
box: and then we will talk about what happened in these days… like a funny story that belongs to the past!\\
ali: good morning everyone!\\
sjar: really!!?\\
toto: yes. Toto is not alibaba’s lover. His lover is the gladiator beast garda.\\
ali: miss garda the gladiator beast?\\
toto: it’s an ape. It’s a female… ape that is twice bigger than toto and morgiana’s masters.\\
ali: I couldn’t find a girlfriend. I didn’t do anything with anyone.\\
Ali: but I wonder if there is something wrong with that. Originally I went to reim in order to train my swordsmanship and to learn magoi manipulation.\\
Ali: however…\\
Ali: I am really sorry that…\\
Ali: I lied to everyone!\\
Pisti: w-what is happening? Alibaba looks totally cold.\\ it seems like this doesn’t affect him at all…\\ muggguh.\\
Pisti: what’s wrong with you guys?\\
mor: eh? Alibaba is dating… an ape lady?? What’s the meaning of that…?\\
??: stop morgiana, otherwise your mind could become damaged!!\\
mor: what is…\\
mor: this feeling again…?\\
shar: ah!? Isn’t that alibaba! You bastard~~~ you were joking about finding a girlfriend!\\
pisti: you were just lying to hide from us what you did. How many girls did you play with in the last few months!?\\
pisti: you are such a bad boy~~ tell us about them!\\
near pist: come one alibaba!\\
near shar: come one alibaba…\\
ali: … zero.\\
everyone: eh?\\
al: stop trying to cheer him up, pisti…\\
al: we understand alibaba’s feelings.\\
ali: that’s…\\
ali: the face that sometimes alibaba shows to us…\\
ali: when he crushes to death his own self, to protect something frail…\\ his face as a man.\\
shar: let’s go to drink something… alibaba.\\
olba: I’m coming too.\\
al: me too.\\
shar: you don’t have to tell us anything more\\ but if you think that our feelings for you changed because of this…\\ it means that you are underestimating us.\\
olba: he is right alibaba-san.\\
shar: now that you have understood it, let’s go to drink something.\\ ok?\\
al: yes\\
box: alibaba was really grateful that he had such gentle friends.\\
shar: it’s alright alibaba. We already know about the good things that are inside of you. And a woman who will understand those things will appear one day as well!!\\
ali: where is she…? Master… where is that woman?\\ uwaah why is she not here!!!!\\
near ali: uwaaaaah!\\
box: magi 200\\ fin\\
inserted text: w-well things ended up well after all…\\
tln: one week of break for magi in order to heal alibaba’s broken heart.\\

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