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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 541

Battle 541: the work of a professional


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 541

Battle 541: the work of a professional\\
inserted text: a walk to warm up the body a little.\\
side text: shigure is continuing her overwhelmingly disadvantageous fight in order to make her disciples flee. And then two people appear…!?\\
ken: uh!!\\
ken: ah, you are!!\\
miu: ah!!\\
ken: the savate user killer, Christopher enclair!!\\
ken: and… who is the other guy!?\\
my: I am one of the member of the unarmed division of yami mycroft!!\\
ken: micro… could it be that you were that other guy who was together with sakaki-shishou…\\
ken: shit, another two yami master joined the fray!!\\
sei: I don’t remember to have called reinforcements, but…\\
arc: are they your allies!?\\
shi: …\\ I don know… them.\\
chris: hey long time no see, you are shio-chan’s disciples, right?\\
chris: the first time we met I thought that you were strange disciples, but I never thought that I would meet you once again in the middle of such a dangerous battlefield, you always surprise me.\\
ken: well…\\
chris: but I am glad that we are not enemies this time~~~\\
chris: because our commissioner is the Japanese government today.\\
ken: eh!?\\
ken: what do you mean?\\
chris: gyahahahahaha!!\\
chris: we are professionals who would even join the side of justice if they pay us!!\\
my: indeed.\\
saka: will we be able to make it in time if we go now!!?\\
ma: I don’t know!!\\
ma: however…\\
ma: we have to go anyway!!\\
?: people from ryouzanpaku!!\\
?: it’s wireless, put it on your ears!!\\
aki: everyone this is a shortcut, let’s go!!\\
saka: ok!\\
chris: hey shio-chan, long time no see.\\
chris: I was really looking forward to fight once again together with you but you were caught in that diversion and I wanted to play so~~~\\
saka: what!!?\\
saka: impossible, is it you Christopher!!?\\
chris: eh? Yes, this time I am on your side. Yes an ally~~\\
chris: your disciples? Yes, there are two of them here.\\
saka: protect them until I arrive there, please!!\\
chris: protect them~~ hum~~ what should I do~~~?\\
chris: you also have to consider my duty now~~~ they weren’t included in the commission they gave us~~~ and this is just work you know~~\\
chris: uwah!!\\
shi: hey.\\
chris: … gold?\\
arc: aaah!! When did you put your hands on the war funds for our eternal sunset!!?\\
arc: you bitch!\\
arc: die!\\
chris: heh~~\\
chris: now that I have received the payment,\\
chris: maybe it is time for us to do our job as professionals!!\\
sei: I just want to confirm something.\\
sei: what was the request from the government?\\
chris: they asked us to stop you.\\
??: heh…\\
mic: kukukuh.\\
chris: heh.\\
chris: I wonder if you will still have that smirk on your face at the end!!\\
my: nuhn!\\
mic: you trash.\\
my: the eight radiant executioner blades, huh. I heard the you are those who rule the armed division from the top, I wanted to fight with you at least once!\\
mic: what mediocre trust you have.\\
my: fung!!\\
mic: uoooh!!\\
mic: t-…\\
mic: that hurt!!\\
mic: what the hell was that!?\\
my: as long as I am able to touch any part of you body, I can make my energy flow inside of it in several ways.\\
my: since the time Hong Kong was an independent city, my clan began to steal the techniques of the chinese kenpo, and improve them by ourselves… it is better if you don’t make me touch you.\\
ken: uh… incredible, probably is something on the level of ma-shifu.\\
miu: he is like a nitro-glycerine person.\\
mic: tch, you are using some weird moves there.\\
mic: that’s why the unarmed division is…\\
my: the same goes for you, isn’t it weird that you chose as your weapon a scythe that is difficult to use?\\
mic: heh, I have enjoyed killing with various weapons, but at the end the most entertaining one was this big scythe.\\
mic: the feeling of harvesting their lives…\\ more or less makes up of the disadvantages it has.\\
chris: ha!!\\
??: the tanks are collapsing.\\
chris: the “Chausson” is another foot techniques style that became the base for my savate!!\\
chris: it’s a martial art that was originally developed in order to fight on unstable ships! And I will show you one of its secret moves!!\\
chris: tornado rouvel\\
ken: what, he threw him with his feet… no he grabbed him!!?\\
chris: you act like a member of the armed division, but where is your weapon!?\\
chris: what!? A japanese kodachi!?\\
chris: nuaah!!\\
sei: you unconsciously shifted you vital organs… you have good reflexes.\\
my: a weapon with such a large swing will never hit me…\\
mic: this scythe is a masterpiece created by the father of the prodigy of weapon over there.\\
mic: it can bend just like the branch of a willow tree!\\
my: nuhn!!\\
mic: hyahaah!!\\
my: tch!\\
chris: they are good, as you would expect from the eight radiant executioner blades.\\
shi: hoy, I will create an opening for a second.\\ bring those two with you and run… away.\\
chris: and what will you do then mademoiselle?\\
chris: these guys are strong.\\
shi: I leave the rest to you.\\
side text: even if unexpected reinforcement arrived, they still have the numerical disadvantage. What will shigure do now that she has quietly hardened her resolution…!!?\\

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