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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 543

Battle 543: drawn-out war


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 543

Battle 543: drawn-out war\\
inserted text: it is not our turn yet?\\
side text: a sudden physical punishment!?\\
saka: you dammed fool!!!\\
chris: eh?\\
ch: eh?\\ eh~~~!?\\ Shouldn’t I be thanked here!?\\
ch: I brought back your two disciples without as single wound on them, you know~~~!?\\
saka: why didn’t you bring back shigure as well? You useless fool!!\\
ch: don’t play innocent with me, you were late!\\
saka: I’m not playing innocent! It’s your fault!\\
ch: how many A level weapon users do you think that there were there!? Plus we also had 2 disciples that got in our way!!\\
ken: shigure-san…\\
saka: you are a man, use your guts in that kind of situations!! Where is Mycroft!!? I’m going to punch him as well!!\\
ch: he went back to England a while ago…\\
ch: I should have returned to france as well~~~.\\
ch: there is no benefit in being an ally of justice after all!!\\
ken: hum…\\
miu: you have our gratitude.\\
ken: mine too\\
ken: thank you very much, Christopher enclair-san.\\
miu: yes.\\
ch: r-\\
ch: really?\\
ch: well in that case…\\
ch: you should become my disciples to thank me!!\\
ch: and then the three of us can open an assassination business…\\
saka: this is the right way to treat him after all!!\\
ken: I wonder what is happening to shigure-san right now…\\
ch: they have killed her, a lot of time ago.\\
ch: try to think about it, she provoked with all herself a group of people who didn’t have any problems with killing two little children like you. She is dead after all.\\
saka: you bastard…\\
ch: furthermore…\\
ch: that mademoiselle…\\
ch: was ready to end up like that when she entrusted her disciple to me, she should be satisfied even now.\\
shi: please.\\
ken: it was our fault… because we were there shigure-san was forced to fight for real…\\
miu: kenichi-san…\\
ken: and she wasn’t able to escape…\\
aki: you are wrong.\\
aki: this time shigure jumped into a situation of numerical inferiority by herself.\\
aki: she didn’t make sure of her enemy’s real power… moreover, because of her personal circumstances, she brought with her in such a predicament even the two disciples that she had to protect.\\ she committed all of these mistakes!!\\
saka: akisame you bastard~~~!!\\
saka: you seem pretty calm today!!\\
aki: it is in times like these when you must react with composure.\\
ch: react? They have probably killed her!!\\
ch: ryouzanpaku doesn’t have any other option to finally start fighting death matches with them now right!!?\\
aki: we are katsujinken. We will not kill them!!\\
aki: however, they will wish to be dead…\\
aki: after we will have finished fighting with them!!!\\
aki: ah I overreacted… sorry.\\
saka: heheh, so he is angry because of what happened to shigure after all.\\
apa: apachai is angry too!!\\
near ch: oh man\\
ma: however one thing is clear at this point. The fact that the elder is not back is not a mere chance.\\
ma: it is their fault after all.\\
elder: nuhaaah!!\\
elder: fuurinju tenkouryuujin (heaven descending flow formation)!!\\
elder: tsk!\\
elder: the move I mustered by preserving my strength was avoided!! He has learnt my habits!!\\
elder: however, after such a long fight, I am able to read his swordsmanship as well!!\\
elder: heaah!\\
elder: nyh!?\\
elder: he changed his style!!\\
gano: yogi kakuha no tachi!! (empty world shell braking slash)\\
gano: to think that you would avoid that slash!?\\
elder: to think that you would hide from me your real style until now!\\
elder: however…\\
elder: in this way we are only destroying the nature around us.\\
elder: he is a frightening and tough opponent… I wonder how many days it will still take…\\
elder: now that things have arrived to this, the one how will lose concentration first will be defeated!!\\
elder: since the beginning, he was able to get more food provision than me. I have to take things with an higher nutritional values in this place!!\\
hawk: pih!!\\
elder: perfect!! With this I get 5 days worth of animal proteins!!\\
elder: I have to assimilate it before he begins to move once again…\\
elder: foxes…\\
elder: still a puppy, huh…\\
elder: I still lack training…\\
elder: heh\\
elder: nuguh!!\\
elder: dammit!!\\
elder: I have just one advice for you, ouganosuge-dono.\\
gano: … what?\\
elder: you don’t live long if you eat too fast!!\\
side text: shigure was abducted while the elder is in a fierce battle. In the next issue lead colour!!\\

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