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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 201

Night 201: the invitation letter to balbadd

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 27, 2013 12:03 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for Sense

Night 201: the invitation letter to balbadd\\
inserted text: aladdin’s new clothes\\
al: wow, did you make these clothes for me lady yam!?\\
sfx: pera\\
yam: yes. The clothes you had before became too small after all.\\
al: yeah you are right, thanks! You are incredible lady yam, are you even good at sewing!?\\
al: aren’t the seams a little too loose?\\
near yam: rough\\
yam: i-isn’t that alright!? You just have to wear them! The only thing I am good at is magic after all…\\ furthermore I will give you this!\\
al: !? this is…\\
al: this is the chancellor’s staff…\\
yam: yes.\\ I changed its length so that it will be easy for you to use it.\\
al: what!? Is this mine!?\\
yam: yes.\\
al: but… this is… you know…\\
yam: it’s alright. The people of Magnostadt entrusted it to you together with “that person” ‘s last wish, right?\\
yam: it belongs to you after all. Use it as much as you like.\\
sfx: gyuuu\\
al: ok, lady yam. From now on I will use my magic with this staff.\\
al: in order to fulfil the promise I made to the chancellor!\\
yam: thanks, aladdin.\\
al: anyway, this was shaved in a loose way too after all, right?\\
yam: : i-isn’t that alright!? You will not have any problem to use magic with it after all!\\
sfx: kin\\kin\\gakin\\
sfx: kin\\kin\\gakin\\
near shar: smirk\\
ali: kuh.\\ he always uses that snake-like style difficult to read!!\\
olba: alibaba is in a pinch!\\it’s dangerous!!\\
olba: what was that technique!?\\
shar: that’s…\\
shar: the same that my king uses..\\
shar: “magic manipulation”!!\\
ali: yes! Master Shambal taught it to me in reim!\\
ali: and I didn’t neglect my swordsmanship training either! I trained several times together with muu!\\
shar: a-alibaba…\\
ali: master!\\
shar: you bastard… why did you become disciple of other two people while I am supposed to be your sole master!!?\\
ali: eh… eeeeeh!?\\
shar: you are disgracing me!\\
ali: ah,\\ olba!! You bastards don’t run away!\\
olba: today’s sake doesn’t seem to taste good*. Let’s retire immediately!\\
TLN: here he means that the situation doesn’t look good\\
toto: hahah.\\ alibaba’s ki sword is still lacking. He is only able to stretch his ki around the hilt of the sword. Toto is better because she can stretch it around her whole sword.\\
near mor: *stare*\\
toto: what’s wrong morgiana? Why don’t you speak?\\ does your stomach hurt?\\
mor: eh?\\ ah, no, it’s not that…\\
mor: when I am together with someone I just met, I really want to try to talk, but I really don’t know what I should say…\\
toto: don’t say such things and talk with toto!\\ in remano’s gladiator training grounds there weren’t any women, that’s why toto really likes you.\\
toto: you are a 15 years old fanalist right? and you favourite dish is fish, right?\\
near toto: is that right?\\
mor: w-why do you know so many things about me?\\
toto: alibaba told me about you in reim!\\
toto: he said that he had a friend called morgiana that has a really quick temper and that is a little scary…\\ however, he also said that you are unexpectedly cute!\\
mor: a-alibaba!\\
box: and then half a month passed…\\
ali: eh!?\\ what do you mean by that, Sinbad…\\ an “invitation letter” came from ren kouen!?\\
sin: yes, as you already know, the place where we are making the preparations for the “summit” is…\\
sin: uninhabited island near Magnostadt that is at the boundary of reim empire and kou empire’s respective areas of influence…\\
sin: in order for ren kouen to go to that place, we have to send a messenger all the way to him\\ well, he must be someone who has the will to talk with him, and that has to escort him all the way to the meeting and seeing him off.\\
al: that uncle is quite arrogant!\\
ali: he is a prince after all.\\
sin: they are asking for an escort to reach the place by ship. I would like to tell them to “reach the place with your dijinn equip!” but…\\
sin: we agreed to go to this “summit” without any metal vessel nor army.\\ otherwise it will become once again an explosive situation just like the other time.\\
sin: well, we don’t really believe that the kou empire will abide to this agreement,\\ so we are doing our preparations as well.\\
sin: however this is just a pretext,\\ it seems that the real objective of this “invitation letter” is another one.\\
al: what is it them?\\
sin: ren kouen is asking for aladdin and alibaba to be in his escort.\\
al: what!?\\
mor: s-sinbad… that is…!\\
jaf: you are going to say that ren kouen is scheming to obtain aladdin and alibaba’s power for himself, right morgiana?\\
sin: I wonder about that. As general commander of the kou empire army, he asked for an official emissary,\\ furthermore he is preparing to send only the ships, goods and the men that are necessary to him.\\
sin: as sindria kingdom, we are in a way or another a partner to which he has to talk with. We cannot trust him. However, apart for that, we don’t have any reason to deny his requests.\\ in other words…\\
sin: this is an “invitation letter”,\\ to the place were he is preparing his expedition force…\\ to balbadd.\\
mor: to balbadd…!?\\
al: is this a way to tell to alibaba…\\
al: that he can set foot in his own kingdom…?\\
kouen: aren’t you looking down on me? since you have already lost you country…\\
ali: I understand. I will go there alone.\\
al: a-alibaba!?\\
ali: sorry aladdin.\\ I said that I would go alone.\\
al: yeah…\\
al: but uncle Sinbad also said…\\
al: “we will send a representative ship as sindria kingdom. However aladdin will never be aboard to that ship. That’s our only condition”.\\
al: … but, maybe I should come as well!\\
ali: you cannot do that aladdin. I also think that completely trust ren kouen is reckless.\\ that person is somewhat obsessed with you. We don’t know what he will do, and he could also disregard the “summit” to drag you on his side.\\
ali: and if he succeeds everything will be wasted.\\ the efforts that morgiana and that person called yunan put together to gather everyone.\\ the cease fire between reim and kou that Sinbad is maintaining after the negotiations.\\ everything.\\
al: you are right.\\
ali: I don’t know what will happen if I go there alone, but…\\
ali: that’s one more reason for me to go there.\\
ali: I will be alright! Do you really think that I am useless without you around!?\\
al: no you are right. have a safe trip. But be careful!\\
ali: morgiana too.\\ don’t come with me. balbadd is part of kou empire’s territory. we will be in a position where they could kill us at any moment.\\ it will dangerous, so wait for me here together with aladdin!\\
box: the following day\\ the morning of the departure, at the docks…\\
ali: hey!!\\
ali: I told you to not come!!\\
mor: no. I will come with you.\\
ali: morgiana!!\\
mor: the two of you once said to me\\
mor: to do what I want.\\
mor: I want to help you.\\
mor: also for aladdin’s share. He really wanted to come with you.\\
al: I leave everything in your hands, morgiana!\\
olba: sup alibaba!\\
toto: toto is coming too!!\\
ali: w-what!?\\ We are not going there to play around, you know!?\\
toto: leave alibaba to us!!\\
??: let’s depart!!!\\
?: well then,\\
?: to balbadd!\\
inserted text: alibaba’s group departs for the front\\

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