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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 202

Chapter 202: alibaba’s household

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 1, 2013 13:29 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Chapter 202: alibaba’s household\\
inserted text: his fated travel begins…\\
box: second day of navigation toward balbadd\\
toto: alibaba…\\
toto: alibaba!\\
toto: what’s wrong with you? You are spacing out. It will still take time until we reach balbadd.\\
olba: she is right. there can be pirates around here, let’s not lower our guards.\\
olba: ah, that’s not something we should say after all!!\\
ali: ah? Ah yes!\\
ali: nothing is wrong!\\
olba: it seems that alibaba is not doing that well.\\
toto: he is probably troubled about that thing he said last night.\\
mor: alibaba…\\
box: the previous night\\
mor: aladdin was really worried that you could feel troubled… after it was decided that you would go to balbadd…\\
ali: it’s not like that. I’m fine!\\
ali: no, that’s not true… I proudly told to aladdin\\ to not think about complicated things alone, and yet…\\
ali: you know, I…\\
ali: I am a little scared of going back to balbadd.\\
mor: eh?\\
ali: when I was in reim, I continued to think about how I could enter in balbadd. According to the information I was gradually able to obtain on balbadd, it seems that it became an expedition base for the kou empire, but…\\ no news about bad government ever reached my ears.\\
ali: it’s not always true that a country that is in war…\\
ali: is in a worst situation than another country that is in peace…\\
ali: in fact three years ago balbadd was in a far more tragic situation than reim.\\ probably now balbadd is more prosperous than in the past.\\
ali: after meeting ren kouen…\\
ali: I felt somewhat superfluous…\\
ali: and If balbadd has become a country that cassim, Mariam and my mother can accept,\\ a country where the people of the slums can eat as much as they want, then I’m fine with that…\\
ali: and probably someone like me, who three years ago ran away, doesn’t have any rights to interfere with the current situation.\\
ali: I’m fine with that.\\ but,\\
ali: the thing that scares me the most is…\\
ali: that probably there is nothing left for me to do…\\
ali: for balbadd’s sake.\\
ali: I know that this is quite selfish. Even if the people of my country had to endure so many hardships,\\ it sounds like I want a role where I can do something no matter what\\
mal: for sure\\
ali: and yet,\\ I will search for a solution for a country without disparities.\\
ali: is it really true that I cannot do anything more for balbadd?\\
ali: and in that case, what should I do?\\
ali: in my head I know that I should still fight against “al-thamen”\\ even if my fight is not related to balbadd anymore.\\ but, in truth if that’s the case…\\
ali: I feel like there is no meaning for me to have a metal vessel anymore…\\
ali: and that’s really inexcusable.\\
mor: alibaba…\\
?: the pirates are here!!\\
near mor: ah!!\\
toto: so they appeared after all!!\\
pirate: leave your cargo here. Otherwise you will become prey of this thing.\\
?: isn’t that a magic tool?\\ so they are just like us. I wonder if it can shoot water bullets as well.\\
olba: we cannot erase our sins, but…\\
olba: we are the perfect match against fellow trash…\\
olba: that is not worth living!!\\
pirate: these fucking children have magnostadt’s magic tool as well!?\\ a-a water sword!?\\
olba: we are the perfect match against fellow trash that is not worth living!!\\
ali: do they… really consider themselves in such a way…?\\
olba: yes.\\
olba: the things we have done will not disappear. We have killed countless of innocent people.\\ and yet we found a reason to live thanks to your words…\\
ali: now that you mother is dead your younger brothers will rely on you!\\
??: also for the sake of our younger brothers,\\ we want to do something so this kind of trash disappear from this world!\\
???: and in order to do that,\\ shouldn’t we repay with our strength our benefactor, you!!?\\
ali: s-such a thing is…\\
ali: If I wouldn’t have done anything… you wouldn’t have had neither a place where to live, nor something to eat…!!\\
toto: you don’t understand, alibaba!\\
ali: toto…!?\\
toto: ki sword!!\\
toto: they didn’t want such a thing.\\
toto: the gladiators that you have freed are the same…\\
toto: they had reached a dead end, and they didn’t know where to go.\\
toto: you showed a bright way to their hearths filled with desperation while they couldn’t find any solution… and that’s what saved them!!\\
olba: so you understand exactly what I mean.\\
toto: heh, you can bet on it. You are too cheeky!\\
toto: toto respect that thing about alibaba.\\
toto: that’s why I will continue to help you. Let’s go!!\\
?: toto!! Olba!!\\
household: seekers of power, I am the household…\\
household: the household of bright flames born from amon the flame djinn!!\\
toto & olba: household!!!\\
toto & olba: amol afmor gamek!!!\\ (deep crimson winged claws)\\
ali: amon’s\\ household!!?\\
?: let’s celebrate for the activation of the household vessels!!\\
??: toto, olba, you are so lucky.\\
mor: I’m really glad alibaba. You have more friends now.\\
ali: yeah…\\ it surprised me. I wonder how many household vessels it can produce.\\
mor: they all adore you, alibaba.\\
mor: you are not going there alone after all.\\
olba: hum… alibaba!\\
olba: we want… to make an official and important announcement!!\\
ali: oh?\\
ali: what is it? Speak, olba!\\
toto: toto and olba have officially…\\
olba: decided to become a couple!!!\\
near olba: stop doing that here\\
near toto: olba!!\\
near the guys: what…? Congratulations!!\\
olba: well, we came to a mutual understanding because of that “let’s fight for alibaba’s sake” talk!!\\
toto: toto loves olba.\\ he has the smell of a monkey boss.\\
olba: from now on we will take each other’s hand and firmly support you alibaba! You can have high expectations for us!!\\
toto: olba is an incredible man.\\
toto: he totally admires alibaba.\\
olba: we are in your hands!\\
olba: alibaba!\\
ali: y-yeah.\\
inserted text: question: try to completely describe alibaba’s mental state in less than 30 characters.\\

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#1. by shinaykahn ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2013
Poor Alibaba!!! Amazing chapter in terms of development but WTF!!!

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