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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 544

Chapter 544: the witch


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 544

Chapter 544: the witch\\
side text: shigure has been kidnapped by the armed division…\\
sei: did you get all of her weapons?\\
?: yes.\\
sei: you never used a chain in order to constrain her right?\\
?: yes!\\
sei: you have to completely keep her restrained even when we are not around.\\
sei: don’t lower your guard, that woman is capable of using as weapon even a piece of cloth.\\
niji: what!? They captured that weapon user girl!?\\
ken: y-yeah.\\
niji: to be able to capture someone so capable… her opponent must have been some kind of god of martial arts.\\
near niji: she was even able to make a rice statue out of me…\\
ken: they were people who could also be called god of martials arts, but…\\
ken: there were seven of them!!\\
niji: seven!? That’s too reckless!!\\
miu: she did that in order to make us escape…\\
ki: … the elder still didn’t come back right?\\
kaname: the katsujinken’s side is overwhelmingly being pushed into a corner…\\
kanama: by the way, the other day my grandfather went out and he still didn’t come back. Maybe is fighting somewhere…\\
take: when my master doesn’t come back he is generally playing pachinko.\\
sieg: we are finally heading toward yami’s “main performance”, it’s natural to expect the unfolding of sudden developments.\\
thor: I don’t really understand what you are saying, sieg.\\
renka: the scale of the battle already became too big.\\
renka: this is not a situation where disciple class fighters like us cannot do anything.\\
thor: dosukoi.\\
ken: but…\\
ken: right now I want to fight, as a disciple.\\
ken: even if they say that it will be reckless.\\
niji: yeah, you are quite reckless.\\
take: I want to help too!\\
ki: me too.\\
miu: if that time will come…\\
miu: we will count on you.\\
ken: but for now I am worried about shigure-san…\\
ken: by the way, since that incident I have never seen touchumaru-san around…\\
miu: … to be honest,\\ at that time he…\\
ken: what!? He remained on the tank where shigure-san was!?\\
miu: yes.\\ he forcibly shook my hand off and…\\
tou: chu\\
ken: you too, touchumaru-san…!\\
tou: chu\\
?: everything is fine.\\
??: I guess, not even a cat could infiltrate here.\\
??: and above all, right now there are the armed division’s strongest members in this base, the eight radiant executioner blades.\\
sign: carried provisions\\
tou: chu!\\
doc: master shigure, we would like to have your collaboration in creating weapons.\\
shi: you…\\
shi: pervert.\\
shi: leech, pervert.\\
doc: look at this, do you know what is this?\\
shi: leech, pervert.\\
doc: this is a sword made of the newest materials created by the research we have gathered until now. This is what happened to it after we tried see how it would fare against your sword.\\
shi: leech, pervert.\\
doc: we want you to teach us the “truth of steel” that the greatest sword smith ever reached. We want to know everything about your father’s great expertize.\\
shi: pervert~~\\ pervert \\leech~~\\ leech.\\
shi: pervert\\ pervert leech\\ pervert leech\\ pervert leech\\ pervert leech\\\\ pervert pervert\\ leech leech.\\
doc: I already know that masters like you would not change their minds even if they are inflicted with physical pain.\\
doc: however I would like that you hear this, the life of those two disciples that were on that ship is dear to you, right?\\
doc: heh, just as I thought. If I’m able to invite those two here then…\\ you would meekly obey us.\\
doc: what!!?\\
doc: you guys, I told you to remove all the possible weapons from her!\\
doc: why did you leave this choker here!!?\\
doc: ah, these are needles!?\\
doc: guah!\\
?: ah doctor! Ah!\\
?: it’s a weapon!! She has a weapon! Those are needles as thin as hair! They are covered with paralyzing poison!!\\
??: guah!!\\
?: impossible! How is she able to do that to that specially hardened resin!?\\
?: she removed her restraints!!\\
doc: stop don’t kill her!!\\
?: uoooh!!\\
?: we understand your feelings doctor, but these are the order of the executioner blades, we have to kill her if she tries to escape!!\\
?: guah!\\
tou: chu!!\\
?: what!!?\\
shi: touchuumaru!!\\
shi: ops…\\
tou: chu!!\\
?: i-impossible.\\
?: like hell that a mouse can fire a machine gun!\\
tou: chu.\\
?: what, he fired a machine gun alone!!?\\
?: close the door… gyah!!\\
?: uwaah!\\
??: eeeek.\\
?: the ryouzanpaku master we captured is escaping!\\
??: what!!?\\
?: i-it is like she is a witch!\\
?: here she is!!\\
?: kuh…\\
?: uoooh!!\\
?: uguh!!\\
tou: chu\\
shi: you did a good jog in finding this… place…\\
tou: chu chu\\
shi: eh? You boarded all the way to that ship? You are so reckless… <3\\
shi: ribbon.\\
shi: this is the ribbon I put on your tail the first time we met… huh.\\
shi: thanks.\\
?: so that’s touchuumaru?\\
shi: you…\\
shi: why do you know that… name?\\
inserted text: the armoured knight knows touchuumaru… what is his real identity!?\\

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