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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 203

Night 203: madly in love

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 9, 2013 17:23 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 203: madly in love\\
Inserted text: what? Why do you have such a serious face, alibaba?\\
Mor: it seems like alibaba is not doing well.\\
Mor: I thought that today he would feel better because yesterday he finally got two more people in his household and yet… could it be that he is still troubled about balbadd…?\\
Sfx: kyah kyah\ ufufuh\\
toto: I lo~~~ve you olba\\
olba: me too\\
toto: no~~~ don’t just say “me too”, say that you love me out loud~~~\\
olba: that’s embarrassing.\\
toto: what~~\\ say it~~ come on~~\\
olba: a man should not say such a thing so easily.\\
toto: then toto will say it in your place!\\
toto: I love you olba.\\ I love you olba.\\ I love you olba.\\
olba: ah! Sorry! Alibaba.\\ we were overdoing it!\\
toto: a-ah that right. we are in the middle of such important trip…\\ alibaba is also sensible and he is worried that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.\\ you could get jealous if you see toto and olba get along so well.\\
ali: hah… you idiots, like I could ever become jealous.\\
ali: from now on we are going to balbadd, right? I’m not interested in getting my head over the heels. Do not think that I am like the two of you.\\
olba: I-I see… but I am really sorry about that!!\\
ali: I told you that it’s alright.\\ well then, I’m going back to my room, let me be alone for a bit…\\
olba: alibaba…\\
ali: dammit…\\
ali: this is frustrating~~~~~~!!!\\
ali: those two bastards~~~~~\\
ali: they are fucking flirting together without thinking about my feelings at all!!!\\
ali: what fucking kind of household is that!!? No, it doesn’t matter if they are part of my household or not!!\\
ali: why am I the only one unable to have a relationship with a girl!!!?\\
ali: dammit~~~ I feel so lonely~~~\\
ali: I want to be loved my someone! I want to become someone special for someone!\\
olba: a-are you alright, alibaba?\\
ali: y-yeah…\\ I just need a little of sea breeze on my face…\\
olba: I see…\\
olba: alibaba!\\
olba: hum… could it be that you are angry, alibaba…? Because you liked toto at the end, right?\\
ali: it’s not like that you idiot!!\\ you bastard, are you acting like her boyfriend already!? Olba, what do you really know about her after all!? You have just began knowing her in comparison to me, right!!?\\
olba: I’m not here for that reason!! I’m here because I was afraid!! (loves frightens you, makes you excited and it’s like a labyrinth!!)\\
ali: what the hell are you talking about, you idiot!!!\\
olba: b-but look! Alibaba…\\
olba: you still have morgiana after all!\\
ali: what? Are you stupid there is nothing between the two of us.\\
olba: I see… I didn’t know that. However, morgiana likes you, right?\\
ali: what?\\
olba: eh?\\
olba: well… isn’t it like that after all!?\\
olba: she always worries about you, and on that night when you said that you had a girlfriend she seemed quite shocked. Could it be that you never noticed that…?\\
ali: no, no…\\
ali: little olba, such a thing is impossible~~\\
olba: eh?\\
ali: morgiana likes me you say? That’s cannot be true! She a friend of mine, right?\\
olba: I-I see.\\
ali: don’t think that we are a couple just because we are always together. You are such a kid!\\
olba: so it was my misunderstanding…\\ I’m sorry!\\
ali: don’t worry about that!\\ well, I’m going back to my room now!\\
olba: o-ok!\\ what? again!?\\
ali: was that for real?\\
ali: no… that cannot be true. I must not being swallowed up by olba’s talk.\\
ali: morgiana is… in love with me…?\\
ali: no… it’s not like that. Impossible. We are talking about morgiana here, right?\\
ali: she is stronger than me, she fought besides me for all this time. The fact that she fell in love with me of all things is…\\
ali: no, am I really sure that I can say such a thing?\\
ali: let’s assume that she fell in love with me.\\
ali: under such assumption… am I able to explain all the various behaviours…\\
ali: she had until now…?\\
ali: what!? Did she really like me!?\\
ali: am I sure about that!?\\
ali: no… let’s put aside that thing for a now! What if she is really in love with me, how would I react to her feelings…?\\
?: I love you alibaba\\
?: I love you alibaba\\
?: I love you alibaba\\
mor: I love you alibaba\\
ali: this can go well!!\\ it looks so good!!!\\
ali: uoh!?\\
toto: are you alright alibaba!?\\
ali: well you resemble me after all!\\
ali: you should get along well as much as possible! Yeah, that’s right!\\
ali: see you!\\
toto: what wrong with him!? Don’t irritate me!\\
mor: do you want something from me, alibaba?\\
ali: n-no… it is just that…\\ I was thinking that the sea breeze…\\ feels so nice today!\\
mor: ah… really? There is not breeze today tough…\\
ali: n-no more that the breeze,\\ I would say that the sun is really dazzling today!\\
mor: I see!\\
sfx: sparkle\\sparkle\\
sfx: heartbeats\\
ali: what? Was she… always to cute!?\\
ali: this is bad I am not able to look her in the eyes…\\
ali: now that I think about it, the first time I met her I thought that she was really cute!\\
mor: hum, I have…\\
mor: something I want to tell you, alibaba…\\
ali: c-could this be…\\ what they call a “confession”…!?\\
mor: I…\\
mor: was thinking that from now on you will earn more and more allies.\\
ali: hum!?\\
mor: you are someone who is able to give people things that cannot be obtained neither with money nor with wealth…\\
mor: just like you have handed out you warm heart to the people of balabadd, …\\ to olba, toto and me…\\
ali: I-I am totally unable to understand what the hell she is saying…!! To think that she would confess to me out of the blue! The developments are so fast that I am unable to follow them!\\
ali: but for her it must be a confession that she prepared for several years…\\
mor: one day, a lot of people will gather around… you and aladdin,\\
mor: and probably I will just become a really small existence among all of those people. But when that time will come…\\
mor: would you let me still be on your side if that will be possible?\\
ali: c-could this be…\\
ali: a proposal…?\\
ali: no wait!! Focus!!\\
ali: a girl is telling me such a thing with all the determination she was able to muster in her entire lifetime, right!? there is no girl like her. I have to answer her with all of my feelings…\\
ali: I will not become like my father!!\\
box: balbadd’s 22th king: mister Rashid saluja\\
ali: morgiana!!!\\
mor: y-yes!!\\
ali: thanks, I am happy about your feelings…\\
ali: well… how should I say this…?\\
ali: you are special for me. you are always there for me when I am troubled, even before I really realize it.\\
ali: in all the times I am troubled you always help me in making a decision\\
ali: you are a strong and cool woman, someone I can rely on. But for those very reasons…\\
ali: are you sure that there aren’t other ways of living better than just being with me?\\
mor: are you… saying that I cannot do such a thing…?\\
ali: no you are wrong.\\
ali: if, after considering everything, you still think that being with me is fine, then…\\
ali: I want you to be on my side forever.\\
ali: no matter what happens from now on,\\ I will always be with you morgiana!!\\
mor: thank you… very much…\\
mor: I am…\\ so happy…\\
ali: cute!!\\ she is so cute!!!!\\
mor: a-alibaba!?\\
ali: aladdin… cassim, Mariam, mother are you watching?\\ I have become the man you expected me to be!!\\
ali: I… I…!!\\
ali: was able to have the most cute…\\
ali: girl in the world!!!\\
olba: c-congratulations alibaba! You get along well with morgiana after all!\\
toto: but… why is he looking toward us!?\\
toto: she is smiling while crying!!\\
inserted text: this sense of anxiety will continue also in the next issue!!\\

TLN: is alibaba in love with morgiana or in love with the fact that he was able to obtain a girlfriend?

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