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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 204

Night 204: Sinbad and yunan

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 16, 2013 10:41 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense


Night 204: Sinbad and yunan\\
inserted text: alibaba sticks to morgiana, but…\\
mor: we will reach balbadd soon, alibaba.\\
ali: yes, morgiana.\\
mor: hum… alibaba…\\
near mor: stop please\\
ali: eh?\\
mor: something is strange here. You are too close to me…\\
ali: don’t be embarrassed. It’s normal that we are so close!\\
ali: we became lovers… or rather we are like husband and wife…\\ just a moment ago… didn’t you p-propose to me?\\
mor: well…\\
mor: I don’t remember saying such a thing, but…\\ are you sure you didn’t misunderstand something?\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: b-but j-jut a moment ago you…\\
box: 15 minutes earlier\\
mor: “I want to be on your side forever!”\\
ali: right?\\
mor: yes…\\
mor: but I meant it like a member of your HOUSEHOLD,\\
mor: I meant that I want to serve under you in the future as well, but… hum… could it be… that you misunderstood something…?\\
mor: h-hum! Alibaba!\\
ali: uaaaaaaah!!\\
olba: uoooh!?\\
ali: uaaaaaaah!!\\
mor: calm down!! Alibaba!!\\
olba: what happened here!?\\
ali: enough! I had enough of this…\\
ali: why am I the only one like this? Why am I the only one who must go trough such things!!!?|\
ali: I had enough, I’m only experiencing awful things~~~~!!!!\\
toto: ah, alibaba!!!\\
olba: w-what happened, morgiana!?\\
mor: w-well…\\
everyone: I see…\\
toto: morgiana… alibaba was really happy. He was able to obtain a lover for the first time in his life but…\\
over ali: hyahoooh\\
toto: when he understood that it was a misunderstanding, he was embarrassed and was deeply hurt. But it‘s not your fault.\\
mor: w-what should I do… should I… apologize…?\\
olba: no, it’s my fault. I said some unnecessary things to him…\\
toto: anyway search for alibaba! Where the hell did he go!?\\
mor: a-alibaba…\\
sfx around ali:{
*flinch*\\ uuh\\uhh\\uhh uhh\\ *shivering* *shivering* *shivering*\\
olba it’s useless he is still angry!\\
toto: no, you are wrong…\\
toto: he is frightened. He was hurt to such an extent… he is like a puppy that was badly hurt by a human.\\
sfx: fuuh\\fuuh\\fuuh\\
TLN: forever alone\\
toto: he is so worried that he could die. If we don’t do something then…\\
mor: alibaba…\\
ali: *bite* *bite*\\
toto: it’s not like morgiana hates you alibaba…\\
olba: she is right! we all really like you aliababa!! We love you*!!\\
TLN: “a real man should say such a thing so easily”
ali: uhh!! Uuuuuhh!! Gaaarh\\
toto: geez! He is such an hassle! If he wants a girlfriend so much just say to him that you “want to go out with him”!!\\ I’m sure that you will be ok with that, right, morgiana?\\
mor: yes. I will follow alibaba anywhere.\\
toto: I wasn’t meaning that!!!\\
ali: that’s not the matter!! I-I… wasn’t loved by a single girl in my entire life!!!\\
ali: I want someone who throbs for me, someone who looks just at meeeee! I want such kind of relationship!!!\\
ali: then why I cannot have such a thing!? Is there something wrong with meeeeee!?\\
ali: I want to be popular!! I want to be liked! I want to be pampered!! I want a girlfriend!!!\\
toto: a-alibaba…\\
mor: alibaba…\\
ali: *shiver*\\
mor: I am sorry that I have created such a misunderstanding.\\
mor: I… I…\\
mor: just a few years ago… I was still a slave… I never considered becoming part of a couple with someone I have chosen by my free will in the future.\\
mor: because of that, I am not even capable of imagining such awe-inspiring thing like… being with you, but…\\
mor: if you are willing to teach me such things,\\ I will learn them little by little…\\
mor: so could you give me a little more of time? Could you wait for me until I will be able to do such a thing…?\\ I…\\
ali: I really like you after all.\\
ali: ok…\\ I will wait…\\
olba: a-alibaba…\\
olba: to think that he would show to us, his subordinates, such a honest part of his self…\\
?: he is such an incredible person…\\
??: yeah. He would never lie to us in order to be respected. He would never swagger in order to use us, nor he would hide his real self. He is someone who can be trusted!!\\
ali: stop making fun of me, you bastards!!\\
?: no, he really mean that!\\
??: alibaba…\\ he is out king vessel…!!!\\
ali: you are making fun of me after all!!\\
mor I like that part you as well.\\
ali: eh!?\\
toto: hey, we almost arrived.\\
box: in the mean time, aladdin is…\\
box: around that same time, in sindria kingdom’s black scale tower\\
mage: master aladdin. You shouldn’t sleep and eat in such a frugal way and just dedicate yourself to research…\\
al: stop calling me “master aladdin”, please.\\
mage: but you are a magi and lady yamraiha’s benefactor.\\
? hey aladdin\\
?: what kind of book are you reading?\\
al: this? This is a magic book that talks about the rukh. I have the feelings that there are still so many secrets in this world…\\
?: heh, I see. By the way that magic tool is incredible.\\
al: right? Professor Irene gave it to me. even old characters that have become difficult to read appear clearly in your mind thanks to it, so the reading goes really smoothly.\\
al: !? who’s there? Who is talking to me…?\\
yunan: hey!\\
yunan: it’s me yunan!\\
yunan: this place is fantastic, it is dark here…\\ sindria’s sunlight it is too strong for me.\\
al: yunan…\\ don’t startle me like that. Why did you came here out of the blue?\\
yunan: that’s obviously to talk with you, aladdin. We were not able to talk a lot when we were in Magnostadt.\\
al: yes you are right. you suddenly disappeared at that time.\\
al: it was such a difficult situation. Everyone was so tense\\ until kouen returned to the kou empire.\\
yunan: it’s alright. The fight is not on nation scale anymore, not only they now know that they have a common enemy…\\
yunan: but also the fellow leaders of the two armies didn’t want other deaths other on that battlefield anymore.\\
yunan: so you don’t have to worry about everything alone.\\
yunan: there will not be a fight soon… it’s alright now, aladdin.\\
al: it’s just like mor said.\\
yunan: eh?\\
al: she told us a lot about you.\\
al: she said that you are shrouded by a mysterious atmosphere, but you are really kind.\ you made her train with other household vessel users\ she also said that she studied under you and that you taught her the toran language.\\
yunan: heh, I’m glad that morgiana was so happy about me.\\ but…\\
yunan: I am not such a good person, you know?\\
al: eh?\\
yunan: I know a lot of things about…\\
yunan: “ugo-kun” too, you know?\\
al: ugo-kun!?\\
yunan: yes. I’m sorry to say this but…\\
yunan: you are not the only magi favoured by that “guardian of the sacred palace”.\\
al: this person…?\\
al: does he know about the “Room of Fortitude” as well…?\\ could it be that he was there before of me…?\\
yunan: hey!\\
yunan: it is not polite to eavesdropping someone’s talk, Sinbad.\\
sin: tsk.\\
sin: don’t tell me that, you sharp ears.\\
sin: you are able to hear any conversation that is happening on this island, right?\\
yunan: more or less. I can hear you voice clearly as well.\\
near yunan: both your voice and thoughts.\\
al: is he talking to Sinbad…?\\
al: how…? Is this some kind of magic as well…?\\
sin: is that a talk between fellow magi? It looks really interesting… let me take part in it as well!\\
sin: this is my country, you cannot say no to me. I have even prepared that room for you after all…\\
yunan: well…\\
yunan: no\\
sin: eh?\\
yunan: you know, I don’t trust you that much after all…\\
sin: that’s my line, you villain!\\
al: these two…\\
al: they don’t get along that well…?\\
inserted text: what happened in their past!?\\

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