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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 547

Battle 547: yami’s invasion


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 547

Battle 547: yami’s invasion\\
inserted text: they captured… me.\\
side text: the eight radiant executioner blades and the one shadow nine fists steadily execute their plans for the eternal sunset. New reinforcements arrive!?\\
?: I’m from india\\
??: from England\\
???: from france.\\
????: from Germany\\
?????: from china\\
india: “master of hundred weapons”, tachibana rin-dono, we gathered our supporters and military powers from our respective lands and came here…\\
india: we will follow the orders of the eight radiant executioner blades.\\
rin: good.\\
rin: we, the radiant executioner blades have already began to start our fight around the world together with the one shadow nine fists of the unarmed division.\\
rin: orders should be given to you soon!!\\
rin: the long winter in which we stayed in darkness has ended.\\
rin: it’s time to make your blades shine!!\\
everyone: yes!!\\
?: the radar is not working well because of the sand storm, furthermore the information on the attack itself was false… I cannot see any enemy here.\\
??: no!! I see signs of the enemy!!\\
?: what!!? How many of them are there!?\\
??: well… that’s…\\
??: just… two of them…\\
?: impossible!! Give me this!!\\
?: kuhah!!\\
?: f-fire, fire!!\\
??: he is too close!! Stop using the machine gun!!\\
???: I can still do it!\\
?: gyah!!\\
??: guah!!\\
???: u-uwaaah!\\
cap: what’s happening, who are they fighting out there!!?\\
?: well, I cannot see the enemy!\\
hongo: a war, no matter the kind, is always decided by the abilities of the human fighting it.\\
hongo: it’s obvious that people who rely on weapons become weak!!\\
hongo: this is hongo, I have gained control of the command room.\\
hongo: bring our soldiers here.\\
mil: this is mildred and rahman unit. We are fighting at the moment!!\\
raki: raki and sougetsu unit. The plan is completed.\\
sei: raikou, ogata unit. . The plan is completed.\\
edel: this is Edeltraft and agaard unit. Likewise we are fighting.\\
mama: mamarduke, kushinada unit. We are on stand by.\\
saiga: acknowledged!!\\
doc: I cannot believe it, are you telling me that she is able to make a blade that surpasses our owns that we created with the most advanced technologies with just those primitive tools?\\
doc: they say that in the best Japanese swords the blade is capable of having the ability of remembering its shape*, because of the tensional strength applied when the process of exacting the oxygen from the steel is stopped because during hardening.\\
TLN: alloys change their shape according to the temperature they are in. In certain alloys (shape memory), the metal assumes different predetermined shapes according to the temperatures. This is an advanced topic in material and mechanics engineering that is subject of extensive research even now. So you can understand his wonder by seeing that she is able to do it even with primitive tools.\\
Doc: her skills are immensurable.\\
Doc2: furthermore look at the speed of her forging.\\
Doc2: she is polishing the blade already!\\
Doc: whoah!! You are right!!\\
doc2: wait, it is only a portion of it but hurry up and take that blade!\\
doc: ah!!\\
doc: impossible, she cut the special bulletproof glass like nothing!!\\
?: give that blade to us!!\\
doc: t-this is something the daughter of “yami’s last sword smith” created, huh…\\
doc: it makes such an incredible sound!\\
doc: guwah!\\
?: what’s happening!! The blade shattered!!\\
doc2: so you are not helping us after all!!\\
doc2: miss kousaka!\\
doc2: it is a frightening technique, in the moment a little force is sent in a certain direction on the blade, it explodes in several pieces, right?\\
near the soldier: what a bitch!!\\
doc2: probably you have done it so that if you would give it to us, we would not be able to test it.\\
shi: I did some small… mistakes.\\
doc2: she is smiling a little…\\
?: stay here, this is your new cage!\\
doc: that girl still doesn’t want to create blades, right?\\
doc: it is true that her abilities are incredible, but now that the one shadow nine fists joined us and the eternal sunset is in execution, we should put our hands on the secret of the true steel as soon as possible, and yet…\\
doc2: you are right, but…\\
doc2: she is not someone who would listen to us because of fear or pain.\\
doc2: we have a bird that makes golden eggs in our hands and yet…\\
doc2: we don’t have any other choice after all.\\
doc2: call tachibana-sama, I need some of his soldiers.\\
doc: eh? For what…?\\
doc2: the heart of a human, follows the laws of the chemical reaction as well after all.\\
doc2: it is when you use something they hold more dear than their own life than their tenacity is broken.\\
doc2: bring her disciples here!!\\
shi: kenichi and miu…\\
shi: I wonder if they are doing fine…\\ and also, what about everyone… else?\\
apa: achooh!!\\
saka: the hell, what kind of sneeze was that, apachai?\\
apa: I think someone is talking about me.\\
apa: … it is shigure.\\
apa: I’m sure, this sensation is shigure!\\
apa: I’m sure that she is alive!\\
aki: yeah, indeed.\\
ken: deryaaah!!\\
aki: we will bring her back alive!!\\
side text: kenichi has faith that shigure is alive and trains like he always does. In the next issue ryouzanpaku counter attack begins!!\\

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