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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 205

Night 205: what is a king vessel?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 23, 2013 11:28 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 205: what is a king vessel?\\
inserted text: the king is in a bad mood.\\
sin: let me take part to your talk too, yunan.\\
yu: no. I want to talk with alladin alone.\\
al: what’s wrong with these two? In the past Sinbad said about yunan that…\\
sin: he is the magi who made the “first dungeon” appear in this era. And I was the one who conquered it.\\
al: or something like that, but…\\
al: they don’t seem to get along well…\\
sin: get away from him, aladdin!\\
al: calm down uncle Sinbad!\\
yu: he is right, calm down uncle*!\\
TLN: Sinbad hates being called uncle, so he is clearly teasing him.\\
sin: shut up!\\
sin: that’s guy is a criminal, just like judar. He is the main perpetrator that made the dungeons appear and threw this world in chaos.!!\\
yu: you are so mean, Sinbad!\\
yu: I was forced to drawn a larger number of dungeons!\\ it was me who sent dungeons around the world in order to compensate for those judar called to favour the kou empire, and yet…\\
yu: you are an idiot. Stupid Sinbad. I don’t know you anymore!\\
sin: hey wait!\\
yu: I can create by myself a room where we can talk alone.\\
yu: alchemia alkadima (alchemic magic)!!\\
al: what is this…?\\
TLN: mokuton!!!\\
Al: a t-tree appeared out of nowhere!?\\
shar: what’s happening!? grains of light are gathering from all-over the island and they are being transformed into logs…\\
shar: is this “magic” as well!?\\
shar: ah!!\\
yam: yes… that’s magic… I-I never saw that kind of ceremonial orders!!\\
yam: who is doing such a thing!? Who is that person…!!?\\
sfx: gacha\\
yu: let’s go.\\
yu: see you Sinbad.\\
yu: it’s prohibited to eavesdrop us from now on!\\
sin: let me in you bastard!!\\
?: he created such incredible house in matter of seconds!\\
sin: what the hell are you doing in other people’s garden without permission!!?\\
al: waaah!! What incredible room!\\
al: how were you able to create this all out of nothing!?\\
yu: well…\\
yu: it’s not like I created it from nothing. Technically that’s not genuine wood.\\
yu: this world is full of a lot of different things.\\
yu: there are things you can touch with your hands and things you can see, but…\\there are also smaller beings…\\
yu: and the world comes into form because those small particles take each other’s hands!\\
yu: you can say that I gathered those particles floating in the air and reconfigured them…\\
yu: creating totally different materials!\\
al: waaah~~~!!\\
al: this magic is incredible…\\ I didn’t see such a thing into any class in Magnostadt, and no one even knew about it.\\
al: there still a lot of things I don’t understand about this person, but…\\
al: he is an incredible magician.\\
al: probably he knows truths about the magic in this world that no one else does…!!\\
al: hum~~~, it has such a mysterious taste, it’s like eating a cloud…\\
yu: wow, did you ever eat a cloud, aladdin?\\
al: fuuh… thank you for the food.\\
al: by the way yunan, what did you mean when you said that you know ugo?\\
yu: ah, about that?\\
yu: I met him several times. Every time I die.\\
yu: once a life ceases, it goes back to the “great flow”…\\
yu: but the magi’s rukh is not like that.\\
yu: it goes back to the sacred palace.\\ and then it is born once again in the world as magi when the right age comes...\\
al: …\\ so that’s how titus was brought back t life.\\
yu: yes. Normally magi are born as a totally new life…\\
yu: but the current reim’s magi and I were born once again with the consciousness we had before dying.\\
yu: this body of mine…\\
yu: should be the ninth one I ever possessed.\\
al: ninth!?\\
al: you were born nine times as a magi!? Why…\\
yu: who knows. He never explained it to me.\ the only explanation I could think of is that it was some kind of counter measure against “al thamen”.\\
yu: I tried to ask him, but every time I am in my rukh form I cannot talk with him. With the “guardian of the sacred palace”…\\
al: I see, so that’s…\\
yu: yes, ugo…\\
yu: your guardian djinn I heard about from morgiana’s stories.\\
yu: it’s my turn now.\\
yu: hey aladdin what do you think about Sinbad?\\
yu: hum, sinbad?\\
yu: what I think about him, right…?\\
al: he is an incredible person.\\ he has more magoi than anyone else in the world, furthermore he is able to attract other people around him even without doing it on purpose.\\ his rukh is dazzling and strong. He totally feels like a king.\\
yu: heheh.\\
yu: “he totally feels like a king”, huh…\\
yu: then why didn’t you become his magi?\\
al: eh?\\
al: well, about that…\\
al: I really like him as well.\\ just like the others. But I have the feeling that such a thing is really dangerous.\\
al: I also think that sindria is a good country, and I really love all of its citizens, and yet…\\ I really wonder why I don’t want to be his magi, it’s strange.\\
yu: hey aladdin.\\
yu: what do you think a “king vessel” is?\\
al: king vessel?\\
yu: I will tell you what I think about Sinbad.\\ you know…\\
yu: he really scares me.\\
yu: because he is too close to the ideal concept of “king vessel”…\\
al: …!? Close to the ideal concept of “king vessel”…?\\
al: and there is something wrong in that?\\
yu: aladdin, when you were still unaware of the fact that you were a magi, you chose alibaba as a king, but…\\ don’t you think that such a thing is frightening?\\
yu: and you are not the only one. Judar, Scheherazade and all the other magis in history…\\
yu: they followed their instinct as magi and chose metal vessel users.\\
yu: then the new kings established great empires, killing a great deal of people in the process…\\
yu: and because they received from the magi such a great power\\ capable of deciding the course of this world,\\
yu: the “structure of the world itself” is being determined…\\
yu: what in the world is…\\
yu: a king vessel?\\
al: the significance of…\\
al: the king vessel…!?\\
yu: furthermore in origin there should be just one or two kings in the in every age, but now there are several of them, right?\\
arrow: the cause\\
yu: what if in this age…\\
yu: the several kings…\\
yu: thoroughly fight each other because of their different wills…\\
yu: and then the one who survives maybe creates the right “destiny” for this world?\\
al: alibaba…\\
box: balbadd’s port\\
mor: is this… balbadd!?\\
inserted text: he was born in this land, he grew up in this land, he lost this land and ran away from it. Alibaba finally returns to balbadd.\\

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