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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 548

Battle 548: the shinpaku alliance’s intelligence division


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 548

Battle 548: the shinpaku alliance’s intelligence division\\
inserted text: all their teachings are in my fists.\\
side text: a long time passed since they visited the shinpaku alliance’s headquarter, and…!?\\
ken: were there so many antennas on the alliance’s headquarter?\\
miu: beats me…\\
ken: uooooh!!\\
ken: what the hell is this!!?\\
miu: wow~~~ it looks so expensive~~ how much would all of these computers cost?\\
ken: niijima!!\\
ken: hey niijima~~~ what’s the meaning of this!?\\
niji: the “shinpaku alliance’s dream’s song ” that sieg wrote and arranged and which I wrote the lyrics for, was a huge hit.\\
niji: and thanks to the royalties I have properly activated this division of the alliance.\\
?: hum… I see…\\
?: try to go a little deeper in there~~\\
ken: wait, how? this voice is…\\
aki: in this way you can narrow down your opponent’s IP address.\\
?: I see~~ you are incredible, sensei.\\
aki: listen now, the flow of information is similar to the flow of water. It goes from high places to low places!\\
ken: w-why are you here…\ and what are you teaching them…?\\
niji: well, kouetsuji-sensei now is a wizard level hacker thanks to with his incredible learning powers, and now he is giving guidance to this division of our alliance.\\
ken: they are supermen, no matter what they do…!!\\
miu: how much is all of this~~?\\
flag: who knows!!\\
aki: ah, kenichi-kun. We don’t have a computer in ryouzanpaku, so from time to time I come here.\\
aki: this is one of those times you want to gather information no matter if it is just a little of it.\\
ken: I see. Kouetsuji-shishou is frantic about shigure-san as well…\\
aki: by the way, what do you think about this, nijiima-kun?\\
niji: t-this is!!\\
niji: sorry, I’m unable to read this code.\\
aki: ah sorry, let me translate it for you.\\
aki: here.\\
niji: so fast!!\\
ken: what is that!?\\
niji: wait a moment.\\
ken: ah… I feel so detached…\\
niji: this is!!? Impossible!!?\\aki: indeed, my chaos theory shows that as well!!\\
20: eheheh, I have finished the analysis here~~\\ miu: eh? Did we meet before…?\\
20: hihihih… you are mistaking me for another person~~\\
?: the current time is 00:00.\\
saka: kenichi and the others have a marathon tournament today, right?\\
apa: apapapah if they run seriously they will easily win!\\
ma: they are probably taking it easy.\\
?: I confirm that the 4 masters are all here!!\\
?: one entered in a blind spot!!\\
?: no wait, it’s alright, I have him.\\
?: can I get rid of them?\\
sungla: stop. Your job is to slow them down, don’t forget that.\\
sungla: it is a work with an extraordinary reward. Don’t fail.\\
sungla: the real target is here. Leave the rest to me.\\
?: come on, 3 laps left. There!! You girls don’t just walk~~~\\
miu: this is so relaxing, we are not even out of breath.\\
ken: well… it is normal.\\
ken: normally I do that kind of running so this is nothing for my endurance.\\
miu: don’t you want to run for real and become first?\\
ken: to be honest, I want to arrive first and make my parents happy, but…\\
ken: look, he is restraining his strength as well.\\
?: prince tanimoto~~ are you alright~~?\\
tani: haha, I’m not good with sports. Do your best as well!\\
ken: but it is not good to show off in a strange way.\\
?: stop talking there!!\\
take: those of the first* year are doing a marathon, that’s a good road work.\\
TLN: but they are from the second year…\\
uki: ah, there is kenichi too.\\
ki: hey you two, we are late for the class, do you real want to repeat this year another time!!?\\
makoto: hey are you alright, izumi?\\
makoto: we are late for the second lap.\\
ken: president izumi do your best!\\
makoto: so fast!!\\
izu: yes I will do my best!\\
near makoto: don’t die\\
sungla: get on!\\
ken: what!!?\\
miu: eh!?\\
sungla: don’t move woman!!\\
?: what!?\\
miu: uuh!!\\
sungla: let’s go!!\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
?: what!?\\
??: I don’t know. Furinji began to run with a really fast spurt, right?\\
ken: who the hell are you!!?\\
sungla: lower your voice.\\
sungla: that girl is still behind us!!\\
miu: whoa!!\\
miu: such precise shoots… they are pros.\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
ken: stop, don’t shoot at her!!\\
sunglass: gubuh!!\\
sungla: I told you to not move!!\\
sungla: just like they told me, you are not just a simple brat.\\
sungla: we did it!! Are things alright at the dojo!!?\\
sni: yes, there are no changes here. They are all here.\\
sni: if I kill one of them maybe the reward from yami will increase, right?\\
sungla: stop!!\\
ma: hahah, sorry to have tricked you, ok?\\
sni: wait, something is strange here.\\
sni: ah!!\\
sni: they are just figures!!?\\
apa: apa~~~~\\
sni: ah!!\\
sungla: hey, what’s wrong!?\\
sni: puh\\
sungla2: eh?\\
sungla2: who the hell is that!!?\\
sungla: who cares, step on the accelerator!!\\
aki: I was sure that you would show yourselves. To use niijima-kun’s intelligence division and laid a trap in for the underground societies in our country was a right choice.\\
aki: I was able to understand that kenichi-kun was necessary to them thanks to my chaos theory!!\\
aki: yes,\\
aki: now I’m sure about it!!\\
aki: car throw\\
aki: shigure is still alive!!\\
ken: buhaaah!\\
ken: you knew that I was inside of this truck and yet…\\
aki: are you alright, kenichi-kun?\\
sungla: d-dam those monsters…\\
ken: I-It is true that few days ago I said that I would even become a bait for shigure-san’s sake, but… I didn’t think that something like this would happen~~~\\
near aki: well, I didn’t think that it would be broken to this extent …\\
saka: who gave you the orders to realize this plan in japan? And where is he now?\\
saka: there are an…\\
saka: hell of things that I want to ask you!!\\
side text: sakaki enters in his rage mode!! Next issue there is a break. The master’s full display of rage will be seen in issue 2-3!!\\

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