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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 207

Night 207: cassim’s grave

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 7, 2013 14:42 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 207: cassim’s grave\\
inserted text: now it’s the time of remembering cassim after he left them…\\
ali: is this cassim’s grave?\\
ha: yes. But there is nothing buried there.\\
ha: those guys from the kou empire took his body.\\ and we decided that this is his grave by ourselves.\\
ali: “we”?\\
ha: yes… me, tarik and Said. They are other members of the fog troupe.\\
ali: I see, that bring back memories. What are they doing now?\\
ha: tarik is a porter just like me.\\
ha: he works every day at the docks smeared with sweat.\\
ha: Said was a shepherd, but thanks to the money he was able to get from the government he improved his social position.\\
ha: right now he even has 4 servants under him.\\
ali: servants?\\
ha: they are those guys with brown clothes.\\
ali: ah yes, I saw them in the streets…\\
ha: I see, so you don’t know about them. Well…\\ you will understand more about them when you will go around town tomorrow.\\
ha: in any case everyone is still alive.\\
ha: they can eat every single day.\\ in comparison to the past when people died on the roadside, it is like we are living in a dream.\\ but…\\
ha: I will never become part of the kou empire.\\
ali: Hassan…\\
ha: you cannot say such a thing with a loud voice, but…\\
ha: there were episodes of people who opposed them. But they were immediately imprisoned and executed.\\
ha: because there weren’t good leaders among them… like you and cassim…\\
ha: I…\\
ha: I…\\
ha: miss those times.\\ you were there, and cassim would give us directions.\\
ha: we were always hungry,\\ and every day something would happen, but…\\
ha: at that time we were full of fighting spirit.\\
ha: we would talk together about what we would do for this country, or what to do in order to improve our life in the future. And we had the fighting spirit to wield a sword in order to obtain what we wanted.\\
ha: but now…\\
ha: the only thing I am able to think of is that tomorrow I have to go to work…\\
ha: and what should I do to not insult those of the kou empire.\\
ali: Hassan…\\
ha: do you understand it, alibaba?\\ do you understand this feeling of shame!!!?\\
ha: I don’t like this, I want to return to the past!!!\\
ha: I still have my arms and legs,\\
ha: and they exist in order to protect balbadd!!!\\
ha: they don’t exist to move just as those bastards of the kou empire say!!!\\
ali: t-then… do you want to start a rebellion once again!? Against the kou empire this time…?\\
ha: … no… what are you saying alibaba?\\
ha: I don’t want to start anything.\\
ha: I will continue to wear this lame green clothes.\\
ali: but!!\\
ha: there is a second baby.\\ inside of zaynab’s belly…\\
ha: that’s why…\\
ha: maybe I don’t have any other choice anymore…\\ I cannot go back in the past anymore…\\
ha: right?\\
ha: cassim…?\\
ha: are you sure that you don’t want to sleep in my home tonight?\\
ali: yeah, I will go back to my lodging. Thank you for everything, Hassan.\\
ali: let’s go back after I look around the streets for a bit…\\
ali: they washed the clothes here.\\
ali: here they sold cigars.\\
ali: they gave a good scent to the streets that always smelled of dirt… and…\\
ali: the back streets where people were always fighting…\\
ali: and then, if I would to through the place where my mother worked, I…\\
Mariam: “welcome home!!”\\
ali: nothing is left anymore…\\
ali: cassim…\\
box: the following day\\
ali: I wonder if everyone is fine with this…\\
ali: it’s true that they all have a more prosper way of living than before…\\
ali: but the sensations I get from the streets are a little different in comparison to yesterday …\\
ali: what’s wrong?\\
mor: there was an incident…\\
?: a wagon run over a kid. He is going to die soon.\\
att: ah, wait please, ambassador!\\
ali: give me a little of space here.\\
?: what the hell is that?\\
olba: magoi manipulation…?\\
toto: yes.\\ it is a technique that enables you to look inside of someone by touching his veins and feeling the flow inside of his body.\\
ali: he is feeling pain in his left shoulder and arm and his ribs, but there are no internal bleedings.\\ right?\\
toto: yeah. We can help this kid. But our ki manipulation cannot cure wounds. We should bring him to a doctor immediately…\\
att: hohohoh\\ there no need to worry about such a thing ambassador…\\
att: that kid is just a simple slave.\\
ali: eh…?\\
ali: s-slave…!?\\
ali: there weren’t any slaves in balbadd!\\
att: they exist now.\\ the kou empire slavery is legal, after all.\\
att: look at the people around you. Those with green clothes are former balbadd citizens.\\
att: and those with brown clothes are slaves.\\
att: that’s the reason why no one will come to help that child.\\
att: slaves are national properties.\\ if someone interferes and does something rash he could be punished.\\
att: ambassador, there is nothing wrong in slavery.\\
att: the slaves are necessary for sustaining the flourishing life of balbadd’s citizens.\\
att: furthermore the slaves sent to balbadd come from a different race that normally lives far in the north. So there is no need to hurt you conscience, even if they are treated like slaves.\\ and it is also a way to educate children.\\
mor: impossible.\\
guard: hey move.\\
guard: you bastards!!! What the hell are you looking at? Do you want that the government decreases the distribution of food and that you all die from hunger!!!?\\
guard: leave this place at once!!!\\
ali: take this kid to a doctor, please…\\
att: I will comply, if such is your wish.\\
ali: Hassan… zaynab…\\
ali: I don’t think that this is a good thing…\\
ali: weren’t we angry because such things happened after all?\\
ali: because certain people lived a good life at the expenses…\\
ali: of the others in a more weak position who were treated like beasts?\\
ha: maybe I don’t have any other choice\\
ali: these people changed…\\
ali: something inside of everyone’s hearts here in balbadd…\\
?: general commander of the western subjugation army and governor of balbadd,\\
?: his excellency ren kouen!!\\
inserted text: the one looking down, the other looking up, what are their respective expectations?\\

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