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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 549

Battle 549: wild masters


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 549

Battle 549: wild masters\\
inserted text: touchuumaru using nitouryuu(maru)… was is that bad?\\
side text: akisame and the others were finally able to outwit the armed division that schemed of kidnapping kenichi. Ryouzanpaku counter attack begins here!!\\
ken: waah!\\
miu: let’s hurry. Otherwise the ones behind those people will get away.\\
ken: yes!!\\
miu: you know kenichi-san, since you took my grandfather’s training on the top of the roofs,\\
miu: you should be able to “move recklessly” even on these heights and yet…\\
ken: no it’s not that, this shaking is due to the intensity of our masters a moment ago…\\
miu: yeah, I guess that you were surprised by such a scene.\\
saka: talk!! Where is the place were you were suppose to deliver the hostages? (talk otherwise I will eat you!)\\
guy: eeek\\
aki: I will not tell you to talk… but it is better for you to begin talk now, before doing it while screaming!!\\
miu: well, it was a really intense scene. But they calmed down a little when you arrived there.\\
miu: after you came, they calmed down so fast that it surprised even me.\\
miu: everyone’s wild side was released because of what happened to shigure-san <3\\
ken: eh~~~ I see~~\\
ken: w-wild masters!!\\
saka: if you are not able to reach it, tell us before jumping!!\\
ken: but you were all nonchalantly jumping!! So I wondered if I would be able to do it…\\
aki: it became and unthinkable marathon. Sorry about that, miu.\\
miu: no, knowing that their target was shigure-san’s disciple, kenichi, I knew that I was supposed to be on his side.\\
ken: so this is the place, huh… where they were supposed to deliver me.\\
saka: yeah.\\
saka: be careful. They are hiding it, but the area is full of a quite powerful ki.\\
aki: the smell of the oil used to coil steel… it seems like they are from armed division…\\
?: heheheh…. I thought that it was better to use local people, so that they would not stand out, but it was a failure, right?\\
??: that is not necessarily the case. Look, ryouzanpaku came all the way here bringing with them our two targets.\\
ken: two targets!!\\
aki: two targets? Basically you are saying that you would use the two of them as a mean to threat shigure.\\
aki: how many times do you think you can outwit us?\\
aki: don’t underestimate us.\\
ken: guah!!\\
miu: kyah!!\\
aki: fast, so fast that even I could catch it. Furthermore it has such an irregular trajectory… what kind of weapon is that!!?\\
saka: fast!!\\
aki: what? An axe!?\\
france: you are good~~~ I’m glad about that~~~\\
en: to think that you would be able to avoid that short sword… you are an opponent worth of his fame!!\\
sher: “francisca freak” scherman camus.\\
ced: “scramasax master” cedric casken.\\
ken: uh…\\
ken: francisca!! Scramasax!! I never heard of those weapons!!\\
miu: me too.\\
aki: explain akisame!\\
aki: ok.\\
aki: the francisca is a throwing axe used by the “franks” a group of people that lived in the western Europe in the 5th century.\\
aki: then there is the Scramasax, a single edge sword used in the 4th century by the “saxons” the people who are the ancestors of the “English people”.\\
aki: furthermore it is not called “francisca” because it was use by the “franks” but those people were called “franks” because the used the “francisca”!!\\
aki: and they were called “saxons” because the used the “Scramasax”.\\
ken: incredible!!\\
ken: a weapon that defined the strength of an entire group of people!!?\\
ced: in your country there is also something called “Japanese sword” right?\\
ced: I will grant a death befitting that of fellow people with pride!!\\
ced: nuah!!\\
saka: tch…\\
she: try to catch it!!\\
aki: hop!\\
aki: so fast, I cannot catch it after all.\\
ken: that’s dangerous!!\\
miu: they are good!!\\
ced: we will become famous if we defeat those of the ryouzanpaku!!\\
she: kahahah!!\\
she: even if you are from ryouzanpaku you are masters that belong to the past now!!\\
ced: guah!!\\
saka: don’t get carried away you trash!!\\
sche: uoooh!!\\
aki: you would fare better as a street performer!!\\
ken: uwah… wild masters.\\
miu: someone who doesn’t know the situation would not be able to understand who are the bad guys here.\\
ken: they are still so composed even after that… so this two guys are good after all!!?\\
side text: two masters of the armed division who don’t even retreat of a step are fighting against akisame and sakaki… in the next issue the wild master will go even more berserk…!?\\

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