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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 208

Night 208: the man called ren koumei

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 21, 2013 10:31 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 208: the man called ren koumei
?: General Commander of the Western Subjugation Army and Governor of Balbadd,\\
?: His excellency, Ren Kouen!!\\
sfx: gulp\\
ali: barkakk and the others…\\
?: that person is not showing any respect.\\
?: his excellency is a prominent representative of the kou empire and prince of the ren household which ruled on the commoners for centuries. To rise your head in front of his excellency is an act of unheard disrespect!!\\
?: your noble heritage is just something of the past. Just imitate the behaviour of your previous retainers and prostrate in front of his excellency!!!\\
?: do they want to make prince alibaba prostrate in front of him too…!!?\\
atten: that is not correct, there is no need for him to prostrate in front of his excellency. Because the saluja household does not exist in this world anymore!!\\
atten: master alibaba right now is nothing more than one of the ambassadors from sindria. He is not related to balbadd in any way therefore there is no need for his to bow his head.\\
sfx: smirk\\
toto: these bastards…!!\\
toto: they want alibaba, a prince of balbadd, to prostrate in such a place, eh?\\
toto: like hell that he could endure such a humiliation! It would only show that he is totally submitted to the kou empire…\\
mor: but… if he doesn’t prostrate, it would automatically declare that he is still related is some way with balbadd, right…!?\\
olba: what will you do, alibaba…!?\\
?: so what will you do, prostate or not prostate?\\
?: if you continue to stand you will become a complete stranger to balbadd from today onward!!\\
bar: prince…\\
sfx: su\\
bar: stop my prince!!\\
olba: alibaba!!\\
ali: your excellency.\\
ali: I don’t mind to fully prostrate in front of you, but…\\
ali: here in balbadd we have a old custom. That is the act of touching the ground with one’s head is a way to pray for a pregnant woman to have an easy delivery…\\
ali: are you still fine with this?\\
?: pregnant woman…?\\
?: d-did he say that it is pray for a pregnant woman to have an easy delivery…!?\\
?: w-what incredible display of disrespect…\\
? ah!\\
?: s-stand up!! You all stand up!!\\
??: was there really such kind of custom?\\
bar: prince… people like you are…\\
everyone: thank you very much!\\
en: fuh\\
en: hahaha.\\
?: your excellency!!\\
en: let’s stop this. Leave us alone, everyone.\\
?: your excellency!!?\\
en: hey brat, so you didn’t bring your magi with you eh?\\
serpent: ok, ok leave the clothes to me\\
en: damn that Sinbad, he wants to keep all the knowledge for himself.\\
fat: long time no see\\
girl: eek\\
att: we cannot do such a thing your excellency!! Do you really want to talk with a person of such a low birth alone…!!?\\
en: don’t look at me like that.\\
en: maybe it will not be confortable for you, but I will give you all the answers you seek.\\
en: this is getting boring. Say something.\\
ali: this guy is a tyrant after all…\\
ali: are you sure that it is fine for you to answer the questions of someone with such humble birth like me?\\
en: stop with these stupid things.\\
ali: stupid?\\
en: yes. Just 10 years ago I was in a position really far from that of an hereditary prince.\\
en: then because the emperor died, his two legitimate successors died, and finally my father died, I found myself in such a position by mere chance.\\
en: at the end something like the differences due to the lineage,\\
en: don’t exist in this world.\\
ali: are you… really in the position of saying such a thing?\\
ali: then why did you make the people of balbadd show respect toward the emperor of the kou empire?\\
ali: all the people here are confused because you imposed them customs of obscure meaning.\\
ali: furthermore…\\ furthermore…\\
ali: didn’t you promise that you would acknowledge balbadd as an autonomous republic!?\\
ali: I don’t see this independent nation anywhere!!\\
ali: why did you do something so unreasonable and invaded the country of other people!!!?\\
en: stop…\\ with all these questions…\\
en: you…\\
en: didn’t you ever think that if you are not able to understand anyone nor anything and to share things with them, compelling things would not exist in this world?\\
ali: what is he talking about…!!?\\
en: it seems that you are a not so understanding. You have to talk with my little brother first.\\
mei: long time no see. My name is ren koumei.\\
ali: ah!! This person is…!!?\\
mei: guh\\
en: wake up!!\\
mei: ouch!!\\
mei: sorry about that. We had a prolonged war council and I couldn’t sleep a lot…\\
en: you will sleep later. Keep company to this naïve prince.\\
mei: I cannot do that. You have just dislocated my shoulder.\\
en: stop lying.\\
sfx: bam\\
sfx: doki doki\\
mei: we have such a good weather today.\\
ali: y-yeah…\\
ali: so this person is the second prince, huh?\\
ali: he is doesn’t put any air of importance, instead he doesn’t look self important at all.\\
ali: I’m not interested in this guy… I came here to talk with ren kouen and yet…\\
ali: what meaning there is in talking with this person?\\
mei: by the way alibaba.\\
al: ah,\\ yes.\\
mei: the one who took the autonomy right from balbadd was…\\
mei: me.\\
ali: what do you mean by that…!?\\
mei: balbadd is a republic, but there is kou’s “general government” above the republican system,\\ this is what was decided.\\
mei: all the countries under the western subjugation army, must have the ruling mechanisms,\\ the people, the things and the money all under the control of the kou empire…\\
mei: for all eternity, balbadd’s public order as well as its national defence\\ and the industry necessary to sustain such a system are all entrusted to the general governor.\\
mei: it was me who created such a immoral law.\\
mei: the children of balbadd are being raised as if the saluja household never existed in this world.\\
mei: therefore, you can say that the one who gave the final blow to your dear balbadd kingdom was me after all.\\
ali: no one will believe to such a lie!\\
mei: if you repeat a lie countless times it becomes reality.\\
mei: just like my brother said, it is fine to lie even if the lie itself is absurd. There is the need that the people from the other countries are forced to abide to the rule that the imperial family of the kou empire is the unique and the most noble family in the world.\\
ali: and for what reason?\\
mei: in order to unify this world.\\
mei: you are walking on the same path as us.\\
mei: we invited you here because we believe such a thing, alibaba saluja.\\
inserted text: what is the real intention of the kou brothers!?\\

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