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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 209

Night 209: unified ideology

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 29, 2013 16:00 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 209: unified ideology\\
inserted text: how will alibaba deal with the resourceful koumei?\\
ali: are you telling me that…\\
ali: you have to totally change the countries conquered by the kou empire in order to unify this world?\\
ali: … I think that there are a lot of people who desired such a thing, but…\\
mei: oh well, calm down and listen to me now.\\
mei: do you think that people are naturally inclined to conflict with each other...\\
mei: or do you think that it is more natural that they understand each other and coexist together?\\
ali: …!?\\ what?\\
mei: we have these thoughts.\\
mei: we think that humans are living beings inclined toward conflict, and that every single one of them is different from the other,\\ therefore…\\
mei: it is impossible for them to understand each other for all eternity.\\
ali: what… do you mean?\\
mei: let me explain.\\
mei: humans increase their numbers and then they create several communities that are centred around different ideologies.\\
mei: and then sooner or later these fellow ideologies and communities will destroy each other.\\
mei: this thing is proved in several instances of our history. For example the great kouga empire of the Partebia Empire that completely declined…\\
mei: it is impossible to find any “great dynasty that existed in this world and that now is extinct” that wasn’t annihilated because of conflict.
Mei: and then all of those conflicts caused “hatred” to the people who support the different ideologies.\\
Ali: “hatred”…?\\
Mei: the same thing happened even in our history.\\
Mei: several nations and ideologies were put one near another in the middle plains. For example a certain country called “go” held hatred for another country called “gai” that trampled “go” under its feet in the past. The only thing they could think about was to steal “gai’s” supremacy.\\
Mei: “gai” was a country with a long tradition, but two kings fought each other in order to gain the regency and their followers hated each other, and every single faction could only think about opposing to the other in order to gain the supremacy.\\
Mei: then they fought under any possible excuse, and continued to conflict in order to steal each other the resources of the middle plains.\\
Mei: looking at the situation from the outside, everything could seem like something worthless, but this is the reality. You country was the same, right?\\
Mei: the people with different interests and positions fought in order to steal each other’s wealth and goods…\\
mei: and then the people of the middle plains were reduced to a tenth of the number they were during their golden age.\\
mei: we also lost a lot of people dear to us…\\
mei: Matal Mogamett said that “the magicians and the goi cannot understand each other”, right?\\
mei: but he was too naïve!!\\
mei: even the people who share the same blood or that belong to the same tribe,\\
mei: believe in different things and are unable to understand each other!!\\
mei: therefore we don't have any other choice than unify everything!!\\
ali: e-\\
ali: everything… what do you mean by that?\\
mei: in other words…\\
mei: we want to unify the different ideologies and laws that exist,\\
mei: and then erase from history the fact that…\\
mei: in origin there were different ideologies and countries in this world.\\
mei: and then one sole king…\\
mei: will rule on the world!!\\
ali: do you want… to erase the truth from history…!?\\
mei: exactly.\\ such a thing can be achieved by making a lot of time pass and by stealing from the people all of their memories and records.\\
mei: “history” is nothing more than a representation of the human society.\\ so it should be possible to distort it as well.\\
mei: for the peace that will await for us in the future…\\
mei: all the worthless systems that binds now the people,\\
mei: the contradiction that brings us to repeat wars in order to stop them,\\
mei: and the irrational slavery system,\\
mei: are all,\\ something inevitable in the present.\\
ali: …\\ you are the ones who introduced slavery in balbadd…\\
mei: you are right. but you don’t have to worry. The slavery system in kou is humane. Not only you will be freed after 5 years of service, but mistreatment is also prohibited by law.\\
mei: furthermore, isn’t this a way to maintain balbadd’s public order?\\
ali: what did you say…!?\\
mei: when the people see that there exists another class that is overwhelmingly “under” them, they don’t risk their life in a revolution.\\
Mei: actually, in the countries under the rule of the kou empire, there is not any big rebellion because of this practice.\\
Mei: once wars will disappear and it will be impossible to get prisoners of war who will become slaves, humanity will obtain a world where they can live peaceably.\\
Ali: like hell that things will go so smoothly!\\
Mei: you don’t understand. Now we are trying to do something that no one ever accomplished…\\
Ali: by the way, did you change…\\ your thoughts?\\
Ali: !?\\ eh…!?\\
Mei: anyone can grieve in front of the many irrational things in this world. However, did you ever thought about changing the world from its foundations?\\
Mei: even if you have to cast away with grief something beautiful!!!?\\
mei: not just for the temporary happiness of a single country like balbadd,\\
mei: but to gaze at a more long term happiness for the entire world!!?\\
mei: give me your answer, alibaba saluja.\\
en: it seem that you have finished talking.\\
en: why do you look so gloomy? Balbadd’s situation is a lot better than the past.\\
en: you don’t have any problem with it, right?\\
ali: yes…\\
ali: balbadd improved…\\
ali: and what we talked about… is bringing me to look at things on a far wider point of view…\\
ali: but I…\\
ali: cannot cast away so many small existences for that greater good.\\
ali: is it really alright to do anything in the present for a better future?\\
ali: aren’t right now the kou empire and al thamen\\ scattering the seeds of “hatred” that one day will explode?\\
ali: and above all…\\
ali: you said that…\\
ali: the war is a contradiction,\\
ali: that the slavery is irrational…\\
ali: I am sure that you hate such things in your heart…\\
ali: then why are you forcing them on the people dear to you?\\
ali: even if you have thought so much about these things,\\
ali: even if you are a metal vessel user,\\
ali: why do not you convey you real feelings to the people of your country …\\
ali: that are living right now, instead of waiting for the future!!?\\
serpent: that fool, how dares he to say such things to prince koumei?\\
en: you said what you think…\\
en: without any trace of shame.\\
en: right now you are not a prince or anything else.\\ you are just a prisoner.\\
en: nothing will change in this country no matter how much you bark…\\
en: on the contrary…\\
en: it would be easy for me to make you disappear right now, but…\\
en: did you consider that you are alone in the middle of the enemy’s base?\\
ali: guh…\\
ali: dammit…\\ to think that I would meet my end in such a place…!!\\
serpent: don’t get cocky… you fool!\\
en: but!!!\\ according to how you move, the saluja royal family could be revived!!!\\
ali: what do you mean…!!?\\
en: become my right hand man…\\
en: alibaba saluja!!\\
en: put all your efforts together with those of koumei in order to improve balbadd. Cut all of your connections to sindria and swear loyalty to me.\\
en: if you do such a thing, I will give you the full authority on balbadd in the future…\\
en: so…\\
en: what will you do?\\
inserted text: kouen’s aim is finally revealed!!\\

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