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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 550

Battle 550: a clue


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 550

Battle 550: a clue\\
inserted text: I’m going to buy sweets… I mean it is just the right time for a walk~~.\\
side text: they were able to stop the plan to kidnap kenichi, but the two masters of the armed division are able to fight on equal terms against akisame and sakaki\\
aki: they are so fast that I cannot catch them after all~~\\
saka: tsk, I am not able to hit this guy as well!\\
ken: t-that’s dangerous!!\\
ken: to think that they would be such difficult fights for my masters…\\
ken: so these two of the armed division… have high skills after all!!?\\
aki: indeed.\\
ken: wha…\\
aki: fuuuh!!!\\
she: what the hell are you doing?\\
aki: well, I lose in terms of speed and I cannot do anything about it.\\
aki: so I was wondering if I am able to catch them by willpower alone!!\\
she: die you fool!!\\
aki: indeed.\\
aki: my eyes grew accustomed to their movements!\\
she: i-impossible, he caught my franciscas!!\\
she: what kind of monster are you!?\\
aki: take them back!!\\
ken: this is the first time I see kouetsuji-shishou using weapons!!\\
aki: here.\\
miu: h-he gave them back to him in a normal way.\\
aki: what’s wrong? take them.\\
aki: the speed of you throwing axes is incredible, but what is really incredible is your speed and judgement that enable you to fast recover them!\\
aki: you are able to calculate the trajectory of the axes in such a minute way, you have my admiration.\\
aki: but now that I have shorten the distance between us,\\
aki: I was able to see through such movements just as I expected.\\
she: nuaaah!!!\\
aki: kouetsuji, rinned rengoku temari!! (kouetsuji style: samsara purgatory handball)\\
aki: roll roll roll\\
she: gubuh…\\
aki: I have finished here, sakaki. What about you?\\
saka: I’m still at it!!\\
aki: I see, he is a little different from the other one here.\\
saka: you are good, your sword is totally part of your body!!\\
saka: it is like I’m not fighting an armed opponent!\\
ced: nuaah!!\\
saka: che che che!!\\
ken:t-…\\ that’s the…!!!\\
saka: shiraha nagashi!!\\
ced: nuah!!\\
saka: chesto~~!!!\\
ced: this guy… could it be that both his arms and legs are lethal weapon!!?\\
saka: did you realize it just now!?\\
saka: sei\\
ced: impossible, even if I have weapons, I’m…\\
saka: fudou sajin baku (Motionless Sand Cloud Bomb)
ced: nuuh, he is even able to do this…!!\\
ced: like hell that you will continue to drive me into a corner!!\\
saka: hagane giri!! (blade metal cut)\\
saka: kengan tetsubou uchi (fist eye steel gun)\\
saka: I am part of the katsujinken, I will not kill you.\\
saka: just live a long life… old man.\\
ced: this is my…\\
ced: defeat…\\
saka: shi!\\
ken: t-they did it!!\\
miu: yeah~~\\
saka: so akisame, where you able to get any clue?\\
aki: well…\\ they don't have any personal belongings with them~~ these boots…\\
aki: in the sand under their boosts there are particles of coral. If I don’t analyse them in detail I cannot say it for sure, but they should have been on an island.\\
ken: w-what are you doing?\\
saka: well they would not tell us shigure’s location even if we torture them, after all…\\
saka: so we are looking for clues like this.\\
aki: ok, I got a sample. There were also the seed of some kind of plain clinging to their hair. I should be able to understand the location of the island with this…\\
aki: setting that aside. You there!\\ what about coming out?\\
?: you found me out, huh.\\
ken: ah.\\
miu: eh!?\\
saka: are you with the government?\\
saka: your smug says a lot about you.\\
?: that’s the correct answer.\\
?: for this case my duty is to enquire about you. My name is okamoto.\\
?: I was observing these two of the armed division who entered in our country. It all ended just as I predicted but…\\
oka: I will take these two from here.\\ I will try to questioning them because I don't have anything to do right now~~ but I am sure that they will not spill the beans.\\
oka: ah, just another thing. I have a message for ryouzanpaku coming from my superiors.\\
?: a message?\\
oka: well, to say it with simple words, until now the inside of the government considered ryouzanpaku as a rebel force… but your recent deeds…\\
oka: redeemed your reputation and you are now considered part of the government’s forces.\\
oka: well to be honest everyone is grateful to you, starting from the prime minister.\\
saka: keh, finally some good news!\\
oka: it’s me, make the reinforcement come here.\\
oka: ah, young lady, you knee…\\
miu: ah!\\
miu: I must have skinned it when I avoided that bullet just a few minutes ago.\\
oka: it is not good to leave it like this~~\\ here a band aid. But I have to say that you have such beautiful legs.\\
miu: t-thanks.\\
ken: I will help her! You give out the same vibe as ma-shifu!!\\
oka: the situation is grim\\
oka: they took hold of quite a number of our satellites, and the army cannot function correctly anymore…\\
oka: this was not reported but… “yami” approached 7 different missile bases from different countries.\\
oka: right now a G8 meeting have been opened by using an emergency hotline. But they still didn’t find a breakthrough solution.\\
oka: “we want you save this world.”\\
oka: these are the informal words that the head groups of every country asked me to tell you guys of ryouzanpaku.\\
oka: we have already exceeded the stage where a big army can do something about this.\\
oka: only masters can fight against masters!!\\
miu: even if they tell that to us, we cannot act if we don’t know the location of our enemy.\\
ken: yeah.\\\
oka: well, youngsters nowadays don’t know any mercy, but it is just as you say.\\
oka: kidou kiyoi.\\search for this person. Perhaps you will be able to understand something.\\
aki: kidou…? Who is this person?\\
oka: I don’t know. Even the government is desperately following his footprints, but…\\
oka: you understand a lot of things more than us when it comes to the world of martial art, right?\\
side text: finally they obtained a clue on the enemy… a sudden development will be revealed in the next issue!!\\

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