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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 210

Night 210: conditions

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 11, 2014 12:13 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 210: conditions\\
inserted text: how will alibaba reply to kouen’s request?\\
ali: d-do you want me to become your subordinate?\\
en: yes. If you do such a thing, you will obtain the full authority on balbadd.\\
en: become general of the kou empire.\\
en: you have a metal vessel. Point your sword against king Sinbad and the seven seas alliance together with koumei and kouha!!!\\
ali: like hell that I can do such a thing!!! Do you want me to betray Sinbad and my master!!?\\
en: are you a retainer of sindria?\\
en: for what reason did you obtain your power?\\
en: what is the thing that you want to protect the most?\\
en: isn’t that balbadd?\\
en: follow me and swear loyalty to me.\\
en: what’s wrong, answer me.\\
ali: I-I cannot do that…\\
en: what!?\\
ali: no… give me the time to think!!\\
en: are you an idiot!!?\\
en: your answer should be obvious, because you were born for such a thing!!\\
en: every minute and second you hesitate to give me the answer is a sin toward your people!!!\\ now,\\ answer!!!!\\
en: fine.\\
en: you can live the rest of your life under Sinbad, if you want.\\
en: and you can also forget everything about balbadd.\\
ali: if you just say…\\
ali: “follow me”…\\
ali: then I don’t have any other choice…!!!\\
ali: you are a cruel person. Did you persuade all of your subordinates to follow you by using this method…?\\
mei: calm down now, let us talk about things practically.\\
mei: it is not like that my brother and king would accept you without any conditions.\\
mei: there are three conditions.\\
mei: first condition, you have to completely cut your ties from sindria.\\
mei: second you cannot present any concrete proposal that we did not approve beforehand when you will rule balbadd.\\
mei: and third, you have to show your loyalty to the ren household with all of yourself.\\
ali: basically you are saying that you can do anything to me. like hell that I can answer…\\
mei: you are wrong. it is not like we are saying that we will hurt you.\\ we just want you to have a marriage.\\
ali: what…?\\
ali: marry an imperial princess of the ren household.\\
ali: you will be allowed to become part of the ren household even if you are still a saluja.\\
ali: what…!!?\
en: kougyoku or kourin should be fine.\\
mei: kourin is out of the question. She is already married*.\\
TLN: lol, this shows how kouen is attentive toward such “mundane” things like marriage, even if it is about his own family.\\
En: I see.\\
Ali: h-\\hey…\\
Ali: wait a minute.\\
Ali: I cannot marry anyone.\\
En: do you have more important concerns than your own country?\\
En: you are someone to look down on after all.\\
Mei: do you have someone in your mind? In that case you can bring her with you. You can have one, two or even three concubines without any worries.\\
Ali: stop saying such absurd things!!! Like hell that I can have such a dishonest behaviour!!\\
Mei: what are you talking about? You sound like some brat that does not know women…\\
mei: oops, sorry about that.\\
ali: that thing… does not have anything to do with this…\\
mei: well, I have to agree with you on that.\\
en: kuh…\\
sfx: fuhahahahah\\
sfx: hahahaha\\
lion: the young master!\\ he is laughing!!\\
near serpent: what happened?\\
serpent: this must be the first and last time we hear him laughing.\\
above en: hahaha.. ha… ha…\\
en: I really have scorned you.\\
ali: amon saika!!!\\
mei: stop stop!!!\\
mei: hurry up and go.\\
near mei: while my brother and king’s mood is still this good\\
ali: w-wait. I still have to talk with him. You don’t understand anything about balbadd!\\
mei: you are naïve!!\\
mei: as long you do not accept those three conditions you will not be allowed to do anything, even if you are sindria’s intermediary and if you try to negotiate something by making leverage on your metal vessel.\\
mei: gather your determination,\\ and decide…\\
ali: “balbadd or sindria”, huh…\\
ali: balbadd or sindria!?\\ what should I do… aladdin…\\
sfx: gon\\
ali: I cannot do it!! Aladdin right now is in sindria for sure, right!!? Can I simply ask him for his advice on such a thing!!?\\
gyouku: alibaba-chan!\\
ali: ah!!\\
ali: you are…\\
ali: kougyoku…\\
gyoku: long time no see, alibaba-chan!\\
gyoku: I’m so happy that I could meet you. I was in high spirit since my brothers said to me that you would come here.\\
en: marry an imperial princess of the ren household!!\\
ali: dammit… dammit it all, what should I do? Nothing comes to my mind…!!!\\
gyoku: you don’t seem to be well, alibaba-chan…\\
ali: eh!?, ah, sorry\\
gyoku: no it’s fine.\\
gyoku: you saw balbadd after such a long time. I was a little afraid too, when I came here.\\
ali: eh?\\
gyoku: probably I would have married into the royal family of this country…\\
gyoku: balbadd is an important country for me that would have decided my life. And it is the same thing even now.\\
ali: kougyoku…\\
gyoku: you know, alibaba-chan.\\ don’t you think that the things between us improved?\\
gyoku: don’t you also think that the relation between sindria and the kou empire improved? We fought a great common enemy in Magnostadt…\\
gyoku: didn’t my brothers realize that the metal vessel doesn’t exist to fight among us!?\\
gyoku: that’s the reason why I was called to the meeting as well…\\
gyoku: as a general of the kou empire.\\
ali: !? you became a general too, kougyoku…!!?\\
gyoku: yes. For now it is just a decorative title. but it is a great improvement compared to the past, when I didn’t even have the right to speak!!\\
ali: it cannot be…\\
gyoku: I am sure that it happened because we fought that black monster…\\
gyoku: right now kouha and hakuei are watching over the Magnostadt’s “abnormality” from the tenzan plateau.\\
gyoku: I will even try to persuade everyone and even judar that we fought against a such a great enemy!\\
gyoku: and I will fight too,\\ together with you and your friends, alibaba!\\
ali: kougyoku…\\
gyoku: that’s why you can ask my advice on anything, I want to help you. I am your friend, right?\\
gyoku: you are the first person who accepted my feelings outside of the kou empire, after all.\\
gyoku: that’s why I will do anything for you!!\\
ali: kougyoku…\\
ali: it would have been easier if you were a despicable person…\\
gyoku eeh? What are you talking about?\\
mei: he is a capable person that we can use.\\
en: I agree.\\
mei: I’m a little tired of the naïve things he says, but it is fine\\ now we could understand why we still don’t have a strong support among the people of balbadd.\\
mei: I am not qualified to obtain such support.\\
mei: he is flexible and brave. Especially when he deals with people that have power and influence. Do you remember how he flared at you when you first met in Magnostadt?\\
en: yeah.\\
en: he is really an idiot.\\
mei: he is the person that we can use to rule balbadd in the most efficient way.\\
mei: alibaba will cut his ties from Sinbad.\\ and then his magi will be forced to cut his ties from Sinbad as well.\\
mei: furthermore, there are other things that should be driven away from Sinbad.\\
en: you are right. it seems that the federation between the seven sea alliance and the reim empire…\\ isn’t monolithic as we thought.\\
box: state guest lodgings\\
mor: why… are you here!?\\
mor: muu-san…!!\\
toto: that’s muu alexius. Why such an important person for the reim empire is in the middle of the kou empire’s territory, that is supposed to be their enemy!?\\
muu: morgiana, there is something I have to tell you.\\
muu: as a fellow fanalis\\
inserted text: their strategy begins to move!\\

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