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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 551

Battle 551: sextant


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 551

Battle 551: sextant\\
inserted text: in the middle of shopping while thinking of the person she loves.\\
side text: shigure is imprisoned in a unidentified island after she was captured by yami. The enemy’s objective is to obtain the “truth of steel”, but…\\
ass: she didn’t create a single real weapon.\\
ass: furthermore they are all incredibly blunt!!!\\
ass2: l-look, she finally made a real katana!!\\
doc: oooh!!\\
ass2: … hey, what is this incredible elasticity!!?\\
ass2: t-to think that it would be so flexible… this is an alloy that has already surpassed our research!\\ we are unable to understand if this is metal or some kind of clay with our level of technology!!!\\
sol: … let’s kill her, doctor.\\
doc: shut up!!\\
doc: she is creating several objects in normal hard metal which use is unknown to us.\\
doc: an in any case I am surprised by her speed and vitality!!!\\
doc: let’s be patient, even if she is not making weapons!!\\
doc: let’s be patient!!\\
doc: dammit!! Those two masters who said that would kidnap his disciples didn’t return yet!!?\\
??: she broke out from her prison again!!\\
doc: what!!?\\
?: guwah!!\\
???: guh…\\
doc: dammit she cut once again steel with a sword blade that is still burning brightly!!\\
?: it’s a weapon!! Made of that flexible steel!\\
??: be careful she has something tied to her waists!!\\
ass: that must be the unidentified object she was creating!\\
ass: wait, there was someone which watch was taken when she escaped this morning, right!?\\
doc: eh? Eeh!!\\
doc: … this is bad, don’t let her get outside!\\
doc: that’s a sextant!!\\
?: she went outside the window!\\
??: fire, fire!!!\\
???: what!! Where did she go!!?\\
?: we have found the target!! Do we have to kill her!?\\
doc: wait, does she have anything with her?\\
?: no, anything… she only has a piece of cloth.\\
doc: capture her then!!\\
shi: pervert,\\
shi: leech.\\
shi: pervert~~~.\\
shi: leech~~.\\
doc: shut it! I can do whenever I want with you as long as the executioner blades are all out!!\\ you will remain like that until you will not decide to collaborate with us for real!!\\
around tou: chu\\chu\\chu\\
saka: I don’t care much about it, but that guy from the government we met yesterday had good skills.\\
oka: search for a person called kidou kiyoi.\\
aki: indeed, did you notice that too?\\
miu: he has skills?\\
aki: as a martial artist.\\
saki: yeah, he is master class for sure.\\
saka: well there is nothing strange that master level people are related to the government.\\ even his way of concealing his ki wasn’t half bad…\\
ma: well, setting that aside, that kidou person he talked about, does he remind you of someone?\\
aki: nothing comes to my mind.\\ he said… that he was related to the martial artist world, but I never heard about some expert or master with such a name before, maybe he is well known in the underground…\\
apa: I sent flying a person called kidou chochai when I was in Thailand.\\
text: kidoi-san.\\
ken: yaah!!\\
ken: uff, uff.\\ it seems that we don’t have any other choice than asking for the help of that devil with an alien skin this time.\\
ken: his information division became quite skilled lately…\\
aki: indeed.\\
niji: we found him!!\\
saka: what!!?\\
aki: incredible!!\\
ken: tell us.\\ h-how did you find him?\\
niji: well, I dived in the information sea spread all over the world, went around in wiki leaks’ labyrinth and finally opened a crack in the echelon shield, then…\\
blonde: she is on facebook.\\ and twitter too.\\
niji: kamioka-kun~~ didn’t I told you to keep it a secret~~?\\ the value of the information changes according to the place where you have retrieved it. Do you understand?\\
kami: I-I’m sorry, general commander!\\
saki: Facebook… I have heard of it before.\\
flag: this age is frightening~~~\\
ken: kidoukai kiyou, there is one person with that name…\\ there aren’t so many people with such a rare surname and name out there.\\
ken: in the profile there is not written anything about martial arts…\\
ken: probably that person from the government thought that she was related to martial arts, and didn’t find her with normal means.\\
miu: … wait could it be that…\\
miu: she is a woman?\\
niji: did you contact her, kamioka-kun?\\
kami: leave it to me. I will capture her with my “impact gentleman mode” that I have polished until now.\\
ken: impact gentleman?\\
kami: yes, with this mode any woman would become interested, and she will reply at least once.\\
take: maybe I should join the web division as well and learn one of two of their techniques.\\
uki: me too.\\
ass: doctor!\\
ass: we have good news! That woman completed a weapon with the “truth of steel”!!\\
doc: I see, so we finally broke her!\\
ass: look, this is an incredible piece!\\
doc: wow!!\\
ass: it is…\\
ass: really small…\\
ass: d-doctor!\\
doc: in any case you were able to monitoring the production process, right?\\
ass: yes, we registered the temperature, the timing and everything else!\\
doc: in this way yami’s metal working’s technology will be revived…!!\\
ass: she evaded once again!!\\
ass: eeh!?\\
doc: heh, leave her alone. She doesn’t intend to escape from here anyway!!\\
doc: she is doing that in order to put us into chaos.\\
?: guah…\\
doc: that’s a good training for the soldiers when they will have to fight masters.\\
doc: if we apprehend her before she can communicate with the outside, there should not be any problems.\\
doc: furthermore…\\
doc: the one shadow nine fists and the executioner blades,\\
doc: will come back from the battlefield soon!!!\\
girl: eeeek!!\\
mic: what’s the meaning of this? We have to kill all the witnesses, right?\\
mic: this is the plan that your one shadow devised, right?\\
girl: eeeek!!\\
mic: heheheh, calm down.\\
mic: we have comrades, right?\\
inserted text: is there discord among the armed division and unarmed division in yami…?\\

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