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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 211

Night 211: fanalis’ homeland

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 18, 2014 11:00 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 211: fanalis’ homeland\\
inserted text: why is muu inside of the kou empire’s territory!?\\
toto: he is muu alexius!\\ why such an important person in the reim empire is in the kou empire’s territory!? could it be that he is a betraying the seven seas alliance…!?\\
mor: hum… mister muu.\\I am sure that you must have come here with some intentions.\\ should I keep silent about meeting you here?\\
muu: morgiana, you are smart. And also kind.\\
muu: have a seat.\\
muu: I came here to meet ren kouen.\\ and king Sinbad will probably know this.\\
muu: but I’m fine with that…\\
mor: why?\\
muu: the reim empire right now is in a difficult position.\\
muu: now that lady Scheherazade is dead, we compare unfavourably with both the seven seas alliance and the kou empire…\\
muu: but I don’t want that both kou and sindria steal reim’s power in front of my eyes.\\
mor: steal? Reim and mister Sinbad are allies right?\\
muu: allies, huh. It’s not that simple. Both the reim empire and Magnostadt\\ cannot be ignored by the seven seas alliance and the kou empire, but they also don’t pose any threat to them. They are nothing more than a third power.\\
muu: in such a situation, in the moment we completely rely on kou or the seven seas alliance…\\
muu: the biggest world war in history will began.\\
muu: that is what I think.\\
mor: that cannot be…!!?\\
muu: and I was hesitating in…\\ telling you something before such a thing happens.\\
muu: I was hesitating in telling you the truth about what lies on the other side of the “great rift”\\
mor: the truth about what lies on the other side of the “great rift”!?\\
muu: yes. We talked about that when we met in Magnostadt, right? you where searching for you brethren so you travelled across catalgo and finally you met yunan in the great rift…\\ to tell the truth, I did exactly the same thing as you when I was about your age.\\
mor: what!?\\
muu: the only difference is that I shook off from yunan’s control and I advanced even further inside of the valley, and saw the scenery that lies over there.\\
mor: y-you saw that scenery that lies even further inside of the valley…!? Why did you not tell me such a thing when we met in Magnostadt…!?\\
muu: I’m still unsure if I should tell you such a thing…\\
muu: however, you have the right to know it… in order to decide your future after the summit…\\
mor: please tell you what you have seen!!\\
muu: as you already know, the bottom of the great rift goes on for miles in darkness…\\
muu: I don’t even know how many days it took, I also run out of food and the skin under my feet was peeled off…\\
muu: I thought that I was heading to the land of the death.\\
muu: but at the time the yearning for my brethren won.\\
muu: if it really exists a place where we fanalis, that are vanishing from this world should return, then…\\ I had to find it even if I had to die.\\
muu: finally, when I was on the verge of losing my consciousness…\\
muu: something mysterious happened.\\
mor: something mysterious?\\
muu: I was on the verge of dying, and yet my body saw so light.\\
muu: I was swelling up with power. And both of my legs would not stop running.\\
muu: no,\\
muu: my four legs.\\
muu: then I realized that the skin of my body became like steel and that it changed into a deep crimson red…\\
muu: I changed into a strange beast.\\
mor: a strange beast…!?\\
muu: I know that I’m saying something strange.\\
muu: but it wasn’t an illusion. It was a strange form that I never saw on this side of the valley, but…\\
muu: I felt like it was the right thing.\\
muu: that it was my original form.\\
muu: what was my self in this world until then?\\
muu: it was like I had chains and shackles all around my body. But then it was different!!!\\
muu: my entire body,\\
muu: was overflowing with magoi!!!\\
muu: and then when also the inside of my mind went blank… my field of vision opened. And then I saw…\\
muu: a world that I cannot forget, strange and savage and yet so dear to me that it hurt…\\
mor: w-what…\\
mor: did you see!?\\
muu: the fanalis’ homeland\\
yu: geez… that’s why I told you that you wouldn’t be able to come back once you saw it…\\
yu: you won’t be able to run away from your feeling of being out of place that lingers on this side of the valley for the rest of your life. Because now you have known your true self…\\
yu: right now I have just brought you back a little on this side thanks to my magic.\\
yu: if you really want to go on the other side, then be ready to say farewell to everything you have here. You are still too young for that, muu…\\
muu: … I’m not able to understand what I saw then. But I’m sure that…\\
muu: they were not the humans of this side.\\
mor: but… it’s alright.\\
mor: as long as I don’t cross over the valley nothing will change and I can continue to live here. Together with them…\\
mor: what will you do, mister muu?\\
muu: nothing.\\
mor: nothing?\\
muu: exactly.\\ there are still things that I have to do on this side.\\
muu: since I was a kid I saw her.\\ she was tied to her bed with a body made only of bones and skin…\\
muu: and writhed while protecting the reim empire.\\
muu: I have inherited the blood of the first king she chose, Pernadius alexius. I also heard several stories about their adventures.
sche: I have to change my body once again… to think that I have to do such ugly thing to cling to this country…\\ I am sure that those people would never have wished such a thing for me…\\
sche: muu…\\ one day, when I will die for real…\\
sche: … no, it is nothing.\\
muu: I will inherit them.\\
muu: your wishes and those of your king and his comrades…\\ I will not surrender this country to anyone.\\
muu: furthermore what you are doing is not ugly at all!\\ any mother, no matter if human or just an animal, protects his child that is desperately struggling against death is heroic and beautiful…\\
muu: you are the greatest hero for us!\\ even if you will die…\\
sche: … I see…\\
sche: thanks, muu alexius.\\
muu: now that my master has died,\\ I have to accomplish the things that she left behind.\\ I will protect the reim empire for sure.\\
mor: there is the fanalis motherland on the other side of the great rift…\\
mor: how many of your men…\\ did abandon everything\\ and headed to the other side of the rift after they heard this story?\\
muu: none of them.\\
mor: it is the same for me.\\
mor: there are two great heroes for me on this side.\\
muu: in a way or another…\\
muu: I thought that you would say that to me.\\
muu: but I will tell you this, morgiana.\\
muu: be wary of the seven seas alliance and Sinbad.\\ we allied with him… but he not a man who would built an equal relationship with other people that easily…\\
ali: kougyoku…\\
ali: I talked with ren kouen.\\ he told me to cut my ties to sindria and to marry a princess of the ren imperial family. Furthermore…\\
gyoku: heh.\\
gyoku: I-I see. Hahahaha, I understand what you are saying alibaba.\\
ali: …!?\\ what!!? The atmosphere around her changed…!?\\
gyoku: I’m not princess kougyoku.\\
sin: about what you told me a moment ago, you should do that, alibaba.\\
sin: that’s a really good thing for sindria.\\
ali: impossible… it cannot be…\\
ali: Sinbad…?\\
sin: hey! Are you doing well?\\
sin: alibaba!\\
inserted text: Sinbad is inside kougyoku!? A shocking revelation in the next issue!!\\

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