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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 552

Battle 552: kidouki yoi


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 552

Battle 552: kidouki yoi\\
inserted text: there are some roads on which you cannot go back.\\
side text: thanks to the information obtained by okamoto, ryouzanpaku was able to obtain some clues…\\
ken: this is an incredible mansion~~\\
miu: I would like to live in a mansion like this a least once in my life <3\\
near her: wow\\wow\\
saka: so this is the place where that woman called kidou kiyoi lives.\\
ken: is it all right to abruptly show ourselves in her place?\\
ken: the moment she heard the name ryouzanpalu she said that she wanted to meet us, so there should not be any problems.\\
aki: it could be a trap, stay focused.\\
saka: yeah, don’t worry.\\
ken: kidouki yoi… the person the government is searching for because of her connection with yami…\\
ken: I wonder what kind of person she is…\\
?: yes.\\
aki: we are those from ryouzanpaku.\\
?: welcome.\\
niji: it feels quite normal.\\
ken: that’s the voice of a normal woman.\\
saka: it seems that there isn’t any indication that she is a master.\\
ki: you all seem to be strong people, just as I thought.\\
ki: ah, could it be that there is also a young woman among you?\\
ken: this woman… are eyes are!?\\
ki: my brother always tells me that…\\ ryouzanpaku is probably the only existence that can oppose yami…\\
ki: you can leave us alone.\\
above niji: sensors\\
ken: your brother?\\
ki: I have never learnt martial arts and I don’t have any special ability, I am just a normal woman.\\ it is my step brother who is…\\
ki: a master of the kousaka style weapons techniques!\\
ki: she is tachibana rin the “hundred martial arts” of the eight radiant executioner blades!!!\\
saka: eight radiant executioner blades!!!\\
above niji: warning! Warning!!\\
ken: could it be that we ended in our enemies’ hands?\\
ki: w-wait a moment please!\\
ki: I!!\\
ki: ah…\\
ken: be careful!!\\
ki: I…\\
aki: your brother is your brother, and you are yourself.\\
ki: yes,\\
ki: thank you very much.\\
ki: the people from ryouzanpaku are just as I thought they would be!\\ ken: just as you thought?\\
miu: leave the rest to me, kenichi-san.\\
ki: to tell the truth I heard about your adventures from my brother.\\
ki: sometimes you were vehement, some other times you were so gentle. And your action began to influence my way of thinking even before I could realize it.\\
ki: my brother gave me a life in which I would not have any discomfort…\\
ki: I will always be grateful to him, but… no, for that very reason!!\\
ken: for that very reason?\\
ki: yes… I want you to stop him!\\
ki: the last time my brother contacted me after a long time, he said that I “should get out of this country”.\\
niji: eh?\\
ki: my brothers and his comrades want to destroy the balance of this world, and they want to destroy several countries in the process!!\\ … and among them there is also…\\
ki: japan!!\\
aki: the eternal sunset…\\
aki: huh.\\
ki: yes.\\
ki: … but I don’t want to move, I want to see how thing unfold from this place.\\
ki: I-I don’t understand what he wants to do!!!\\
ki: but…\\
ki: but my brother would accomplish what he said for sure.\\
niji: I-I feel like she trusts what he said and I don’t like the feeling of it!!\\
ki: please stop him and his comrades with your strength!!\\
ki: there are incredible monsters in the world of martial arts that swallowed up my brother… and you are the only ones who can oppose them!!\\
aki: how are you able to contact you brother?\\
niji: ah, that’s right!!\\
ki: eh?\\ ah yes, I use that.\\
saka: it looks like a sturdy phone…\\
niji: satellite connection, huh!\\
aki: can you phone trace it?\\
niji: it would be difficult, because they are the ones controlling the satellites right now.\\
ki: I always receive calls from him, and I am not able to contact him from here.\\
ken: … kuh, if thing would go smoothly we would be able to know shigure-san position, and yet…\\
shi: ok.\\
shi: did you all clean yourselves and wore white… clothes?\\
?: yes!\\
doc: w-what’s happening!!!?\\
ass: everyone decided to become kousaka-sensei’s disciples in order to obtain her teachings!\\
doc: what~~~!!?\\ what did you say!!?\\
ass: even if we obtained such a precise data on her work, we were not able to create works of the same quality of hers. For this reason we arrived to the conclusion that the recipe of the secret of true steel is hidden inside of the “extreme limit” of her skills that surpass the concept of temperature and time.\\
shi: … right?\\
shi: … huh.\\
ass: it seems that in this base we are beginning the preparations for firing long distance ballistic missiles.\\
ass: I don’t like weapons like missiles.!!\\
shi: nothing can be born… from\\
shi: the weapons that got too far from the people’s… hands,\\
guard: everything is ok…\\
shi: achoo.\\
guard: the executioner blades have retuned!!\\
guard: the executioner blades have retuned!!\\
guard: all the soldiers must go to greet them!\\
guard: smirk\\
guard: heheheh, and with this the life of that ryouzanpaku woman will be in a precarious situation, they are not soft.\\
tou: chu.\\
tou: chu~~\\
shi: a… phone!!?\\
shi do you know how to use…\\
shi: this?\\
taro: where is that woman?\\
side text: finally the hot line to connect shigure and the ryouzanpaku is active! The executioner blades are getting near, and she doesn’t know how to use the phone!!\\

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