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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 212

Night 212: dirty hands

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 25, 2014 11:08 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 212: dirty hands\\
inserted text: Sinbad is inside of kougyoku!\\
ali: Sinbad…!?\\
sin: yup. Are you doing fine, alibaba?\\
sin: I’m sorry that I didn’t allow aladdin to come with you. Furthermore shambal is worried if toto is creating some troubles for you.\\
ali: kougyoku should not know such things…!?\\
ali: but how could it be… why…!?\\
sin: calm down and listen.\\ I will explain the situation to you.\\
sin: this is one of zepar’s abilities.\\ this ability interferes with the mind of the target with special sound waves and allows me to enter in his mind.\\
sin: practically it trusts and settles my rukh inside of the target’s head.\\ thanks to that I am able to manipulate her body for a short while.\\
ali: a-an ability to take the control of someone else’s body…!!?\\
ali: why… did you do such a thing…!?\\
sin: I did it in order to watch over the things that happen around the world.\\
sin: right now I’m borrowing the strength of three living beings and gathering information from all over the world thanks to them.\\
sin: well, I’m doing it only to this extent because I’m able to distribute my rukh to a maximum of three people at the same time…\\
sin: one is in the kou empire, the other is inside of my territory, and I cannot tell you where is the third one.\\
sin: I have cast this technique on princess kougyoku since we confronted each other with our djinn equips when she was in sindria. Because of this I was able to realize countermeasures against the kou empire as fast as possible.\\
ali: don’t you think that such a thing is too… cruel!?\\ aren’t you just making kougyoku spy her beloved brothers and friends!?\\
sin: alibaba.\\ I…\\
sin: I don’t make my personal feelings interfere with intelligence wars.\\
sin: this is a self-defence measure.\\ the kou empire was on the verge of declaring war to sindria, and I needed to gather information close to the core of the kou empire.\\
sin: furthermore the same intelligence activities are surely employed by both the kou and reim empires, even if in different manners…\\
sin: and I will use any dirty method…\\
sin: In order to protect my country.\\
sin: more importantly, about you entering into the kou empire…\\
sin: it is not a really serious matter.\\
sin: the seven seas alliance and the kou empire are not in war. Even in the incoming “summit” we will just continue to negotiate.\\
sin: furthermore the “eight generals” will understand your feelings of returning to your country. There are a lot of people in the same position as you.\\
sin: even sharrkan is a former prince who was exiled from his country and was deprived of his name and his succession rights. Did you know about that?\\
ali: my master was…\\
sin: and about aladdin too,\\
sin: you promised to make him choose what he wants to do by himself no matter what will happen from now on.\\
sin: however,\\
sin: if you are so reticent to betray sindria…\\
sin: you can just pretend to follow the kou empire’s orders!\\
ali: sinbad…\\
ali: I cannot do such a thing…\\
ali: what will happen to balbadd if they discover such a thing?\\ I cannot betray this country a second time.\\
ali: therefore…\\
ali: if I will become a vassal of the kou empire, I could will fight you for real.\\
ali: and I will tell kougyoku about zepar as well.\\
sin: you are showing some determination there, alibaba. But you better think well about it.\\
sin: in what miserable position will princess kougyoku be driven inside of the kou empire if they discover that there is an interception magic set up by an enemy country inside of her head?\\
sin: well then, let’s meet at the summit.\\
sin: as last thing,\\ remember that I will consider you my ally no matter what you do. See you!\\
ali: ah!\\
ali: kougyoku… she is being used without knowing anything…!!\\
gyoku: tell we anything, I want to help you\\
gyoku: you are my friend after all!\\
ali: I cannot forgive Sinbad…\\ for doing this thing to her…\\
ali: but… but…!!!\\
box: the fleet departed from balbadd’s port.\\
box: they headed to the channel between Magnostadt and the reim continent where the summit will be carried out\\ and they are already at the end of the journey.\\
en: in other words you are telling me that you are accepting the conditions, right?\\
ali: yes…\\
ali: I cannot show my face to Sinbad and the others, but… if I make excuses once again and run away, I think that I am not qualified to return a second time to balbadd…\\
en: you don’t have any other choices after all.\\
en: I will also show in your household that is following us on that ship.\\
ali: no,\\
ali: I still didn’t tell them anything about this.\\
ali: before that I want to make sure about one thing.\\
ali: depending on your answer, I could never become your comrade.\\
en: what are you talking about?\\
ali: are you a comrade of “al thamen”?\\
ali: or else the emperor* of the kou empire is a comrade of “al thamen” and is he allied with them!?\\
TLN: here he uses “koutei” that is emperor, male. Empress is “jotei”, so I am supposing that he doesn’t know that a woman is commanding the kou empire right now.\\
en: “comrade”, huh…\\
en: it is not like that.\\
en: they are a part of the kou empire.\\ a part of my body.\\
ali: a part of your… body…?\\
en: alibaba… do you trust all the people of balbadd?\\
en: do you believe that all the people of the country you are supposed to rule are pure and that they will never betray you?\\
en: such a country doesn’t exist.\\
en: you cannot even trust you own subordinates in a organization which expanded to a great extent.\\
ali: are you saying that you don’t truth anyone…?\\
en: not necessarily.\\
en: I trust my brothers.\\ I don’t want that there are any fights among brothers.\\
en: that’s why I cannot forgive…\\
en: hakuryuu…\\
ali: “cannot forgive”…!?\\
en: the emperor hakutoku was a great king.\\
en: the only thing I can feel about hakuryuu who was born as his son is envy…\\
en: but I…\\
en: cannot make him become a king.\\
ali: what do you mean…!?\\
en: he is…\\
en: a king vessel unable to swallow up his “hatred”…\\
en: alibaba…\\ one day, when balbadd will become yours,\\
en: you will not be able to\\ get rid of all the people you hate\\ and of all the thing you will feel as repulsive…\\
en: there is no end to such things.\\
en: and if you will try to get rid of them, probably not a single person\\ will remain in your country…\\
en: that’s why I…\\
en: will protect my country, no matter how I will have to dirty my hands.\\
ali: p-protect…!?\\
ali: from who…\\ and what do you mean by… “dirty your hands”…!!?\\
en: I…\\ am building a nest in my body. A nest in which I keep the strength of any monster, no matter how repulsive it is,\\
en: then I make that monster into one of my weapons,\\ and continue to go forward.\\
en: right now,\\ this age is overflowing with the strength of the “dungeons” and “metal vessels”,\\ to an extent never seen before in history.\\
en: I am sure that someone is trying to accomplish something with all of this.\\
en: that’s why I will even drag with me the strength of the people who could betray me one day, in order create a single and unified country.\\ and the same thing is valid for hakuryuu.\\
ali: so are you saying that you will leave at large hakuryuu if he will rise the banner of the revolution against you!?\\
en: no…\\
en: probably he cannot do anything against me.\\
ali: …!? Why are you so sure about that!?\\
en: because we will induce him to do “that”.\\
ali: c-could it be that… this person is laying a trap against hakuryuu…? Just like Sinbad…\\
sin: and I will use any dirty method…\\
sin: In order to protect my country.\\
ali: are they saying that they would sacrifice anyone in order to protect their countries…!?\\
ali: I… can only fight with my metal vessel… I cannot do any other thing…\\
ali: do the king vessels just amount to that…!!?\\
ali: I don’t understand, aladdin…!!!\\
serpent: we can see an island!\\
fat face: it seems that they came to greet us~~~~\\
jaf: sorry to keep you waiting,\\
jaf: prince ren kouen.\\
inserted text: the summit that will determine the fate of the world is about to begin!!\\

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