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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 213

Night 213: the summit

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 1, 2014 10:30 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 213: the summit\\
Inserted text: the guardian deities of sindria go to greet them!\\
?: the famous seven members of king sinbad’s household…\\
?: they must be five of them!!!\\
ja: please wait, your excellency.\\
ja: the metal vessels should be left here before proceeding toward the meeting place, as we have arranged beforehand.\\
ja: we the “eight generals” are in charge of looking after them.\\
mei: indeed, your metal vessels are there after all.\\
mei: furthermore if the “metal vessel” is not with his master the “household vessels” cannot be used…\\
ja: you are exactly right, you excellency\\
TLN: it is love at first sight\\
?: t-there are 11 metal vessels here. With these weapons the world could be easily destroyed.\\
TLN: where is sin’s sword?\\
?: but now that ren kouen and king Sinbad do not have them in their hands anymore, they are just normal humans… normal humans.\\
?: anything could happen, huh…\\ you cannot prepare counter measures against any kind of unexpected situation after all…\\
ja: ah, alibaba leave yours here as well.\\
near ja: amon, I mean\\
ali: ah, that’s right!!\\
sin: well then,\\
sin: let’s begin!\\
mor: masmur and mister Sinbad are there…\\
olba: why we cannot return to sindria’s side?\\
ali: I was the only one to accept those conditions!\\
mei: don’t say unreasonable things.\\
ali: everyone… we cannot return to sindria’s side because of a promise I have made.\\
ali: sorry… I will tell you everything for sure. Will you listen to me when that time comes?\\
blonde: what do you mean by that?\\ you didn’t come back with us since you went to their castle, furthermore you even went on a different ship than ours… what happened? Tell us!\\
olba: alibaba… ren kouen must have imposed him some unreasonable conditions. We should forcefully help him after all!!\\
toto: no. if it was a matter that could be solved by fighting, alibaba would have done it already. There must be something important at stake here and he cannot move. But I don’t know what this important thing is…\\
mas: I think that the real role of a “household” is not to become an emotional enemy to your master, no matter what.\\
mor: hum… alibaba.\\
mor: could it be that… the thing that you they offered you in exchange of your duty toward sindria is…\\
mor: something important to you, something you would even…\\ die to protect, right?\\
olba: I see!\\
blonde: dammit!!\\
?: what should we do?\\
ali: it’s aright…\\
ali: I will not let you do as they want no matter what.\\
ali: and… thanks!\\
shar: I’m glad that morgiana is on alibaba’s side.\\
mas: yeah…\\
ser: ah, what a drag.\\
ser: look at them, almost all of the member of that “household” are not assimilated.\\
ser: just the four of us,\\
ser: would easily kill all of them.\\
drake: you are so foolish… seishun, you really cannot feel that?\\
drake: the “ki” of those people who are waiting behind king Sinbad…\\
ser: eh?\\
ser: t-the yambala!!? The magoi manipulation tribe!!?\\
ser: this island is thought to make you powerless. You cannot bring any metal vessel and the magicians cannot enter here…\\
ser: and yet he brought with him those guys in order to threaten us!!!!\\
fat: hum~~~~~ but our master didn’t lose in this battle of wits~~~!!\\
chuuun: he is our master after all.\\
ser: don’t be worried about such small thing, little chuuun.\\
chuuun: that hurts you idiotic brute!\\
mas: what…!!?\\
ali: what’s the meaning of this!!?\\
?: t-the fanalis corps\\
TLN: the level of bishonen of this manga is going to tear the world apart\\
?: and the both of them are not surprised…!!!\\
olba: how come…? There must have been an information leak since the beginning.\\
?: w-what kind of battle there must have been underwater before of this “summit”…!!!?\\
sin: ah? Master muu, didn’t the reim empire enter in an alliance with the seven seas alliance?\\
muu: exactly. But I am very good “friend” with ren kouen. I met him personally before of this summit.\\
sin: I see. I would like to become more intimate with you as well. What about going to drink a cup of wine or two after this summit?\\
muu: that’s a good idea!\\ but I am a non-drinker… I don’t know if I we will be able to enjoy alcohol together.\\
roh: was the Capitan a non-drinker?\\
myu: he drinks like a fish.\\
?: ah~~ this is so scary.\\
en: this is stupid.\\
en: let’s get to the point.\\
yu: he is right, Sinbad!\\
sin: ah!!\\
sin: yunan!\\
yu: sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.\\ well then, let’s introduce to you the two friends who will have the leading role today!\\
yu: here they come!!!!\\
ali: there was really the need for us to enter the stage in such a flashy way!?\\
ti: follow the director orders.\\ plus this look quite cool… it is making me feel excited!!\\
?: aladdin…!!!\\
al: gathered kings,\\
al: there is something I want to tell you all.\\
al: something that no one knows…\\
al: about another world…\\ about “alma toran”.\\
inserted text: finally the legend is told…!!\\

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#1. by jillian92 ()
Posted on Feb 1, 2014
Thank you very much! it's becoming really interesting!! :D

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