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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 554

Battle 554: cultural exchange


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 554

Battle 554: cultural exchange\\
side text: the armed and unarmed divisions. All of their disciples gathered and the all out battle between satsujinken and katsujinken is about to begin…!!\\
oga: Edelraft-dono.\\
oga: what do you think about our fellow disciples?\\
big text in black: gathering!!\\ the eight radiant executioner blades!\\
armour: the armoured emperor, marmaduke brown\\
edelraft: the sword dance executioner, edelraft von schira\\
kimono: the ecstasy weapon princess, hoshinano raki\\
mic: the weapon king who dances with death, Michael Schtilvay\\
gano: the king of the two hells, yogi ouganosuke\\
rin: hundred martial arts, tachibana rin\\
sei: the steadfast warrior, reigou seitaro\\
archer: the archer with piled pupils, Mildred Lawrence\\
edel: they look like the path that is fragrant with the perfume of heliotropin during dusk\\
oga: what?\\
lugh: hoopla.\\
lugh: thanks for you help, berserker…\\
jerk: sorry about that, my hand slipped unarmed disciple-kun.\\
jerk: anyway, we are going on a real battlefield soon, what do you intend to do without any weapon?\\
blonde: hey leave them be, sigmarigen\\
sigma: no, they have a strangely strong aura even if they don’t have any weapon with them, they give me a bad vibe.\\
rach: aren’t you all unable to fight without swinging about those toys? You make me feel sick.\\
bishi: you shouldn’t get thing wrong here.\\
bishi: we are going to start a fight, but a war!!\\
boris: … they are\\
boris: basically the same thing.\\
chika: fuuh…\\
chika: aren’t you armed people a little too much fired up about this!!?\\
sigma: shut up, brat!! Why should we go to the battlefield with such a kid in the first place!!?\\
target: what about…\\
target: making this place a battlefield?\\
koukin: the only thing that happens when people hold weapons is that they become conceited.\\
oga: oh my, they don’t seem to get along well, should we stop them?\\
edel: the drops of the silver brook,\\
edel: rains incessantly on the growing gladiolus.\\
oga: what?\\
kagi: stop!!\\
kagi: just wait a little longer if you want to fight.\\
kagi: our proper enemy…\\
kagi: will come here soon\\
kagi: pour all of your doubts in that fight!!\\
kagi: pointless death and pointless murder are the shames of martial artists!!\\
edel: aufheben(lift). When the dawn will colour the eastern skies with a deep crimson…\\
edel: and they will get close to the death dance of the hazel forest, that will be their aufheben(lift).\\
oga: what!!?\\
oga: ah, could it be that you are saying that…\\
oga: the fight itself will make them get closer?\\
oga: … right?\\
oga: hey!\\
miku: cultural exchange is such a difficult thing.\\
oga: in any case, even for us masters a certain level of team work is necessary.
Oga: in order to fight against them.\\
?: the yami fleet is sorting!! Intercept the enemy’s fleet!!\\
?: one shadow-sama, our plan is exactly on schedule.\\
?: the world alliance fleet is strong, but we control the satellites, so we have the upper hand when it comes to intelligence.\\
?: they are trying to steal information from each other, and once they will suspect something, everything else will look suspicious to them.\\
saiga: that’s good.\\
saiga: doubt will create distrust…\\
saiga: and then fear will disturb the peace in their hearts…\\
saiga: and finally this world will reach the eternal sunset!!\\
?: impossible…\\
?: there is an airplane that is quickly passing through our defensive net and approaching our island!!\\
admi: one shadow-sama.\\
saiga: indeed.\\
saiga: they are here.\\
?: their plan is to not be detected by the radar by flying at ultra low height!!\\
?: it’s a risky plan that that cuts them from their supply lines!\\
??: what kind of division would arrive to that just to set foot on the island!?\\
?: good shot!!\\
pilot: dammit, couldn’t you prepare a little more powerful support for us!!?\\
oka: sorry.\\
oka: the top brass though that our main force is the fleet after all. That’s why are limited to this.\\
oka: do anything in order to give that team the possibility to get on that island!!\\
oka: the two fleets will clash with each other soon…\\
oka: but yami’s objective is another.\\
ken: … what do you mean?\\
oka: they want to use this uproar to drag all the countries of the world in a 100 years battle by making them distrust each other!\\
oka: they are waiting. They will attack when the nations in the world will be broken up. … and then the country that will suffer the more damages according to their objectives will be…\\
oka: japan!!\\
kido: they want to destroy this country.\\
ken: now I understand!!\\
oka: listen, you are the only ones who can stop their plan!!\\
pilot: m-mission…\\
pilot: completed…\\
saka: you idiot, come!!\\
saiga: the people are the ones that cause conflict, so no matter the age the ones who put an ends to conflicts are…\\
saiga: people themselves!!!!\\
side text: the ryouzanpaku masters have finally disembarked to the enemy’s headquarters where yami and the eight radiant executioner blades are waiting for them!! The tension will rise even more!!\\

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