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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 555

Battle 555: detached division


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 555

Battle 555: detached division\\
side text: ryouzanpaku broke their enemies’ encirclement and finally disembarked on the island where the enemy’s headquarters lies. The clash is imminent!!\\
?: we seized the enemy’s main fleet! As it regards the few individuals who landed on the island, we still did not captured them!\\
saiga: relax your shoulders, battles never change.\\
sei: our enemy is just the world alliance.\\
sei: the time has finally come, one shadow-dono.\\
saiga: indeed, this is the third…\\
saiga: world war, huh.\\
saiga: to all the personnel, deploy to the first battle positions!!\\
inserted text: without any agitation or wildness.\\
shi: eh?\\
kaji: uoooh!!\\
kaji: how the hell were you dressed when they captured you!!?\\
kaji: sorry!!\\
shi: … they removed…\\
shi: my clothes…\\
shi: right~~~.\\
tou: chu\\
kaji: well you know, I wanted to talk with one of the ryouzanpaku masters at least once so I asked my master for permission!\\
shi: such an innocent…\\
shi: guy\\
kaji: I feel a different willpower from you than the nine fists and the executioner blades.\\
kaji: I would like to fight at least once against the strongest disciple that was trained by people like you and the others of ryouzanpaku.\\
shi: who is…\\
shi: your… master?\\
kaji: I am the disciple of the one shadow… of furinji saiga, kajima satomi.\\
kaji: is it true that your disciple, the man called shirahama kenichi, was trained by more than 5 masters?\\
shi: it is true… if you include myself as… well.\\
kagi: hahaha!\\
kagi: incredible, he had more than 5 masters!!\\
kagi: he must be someone with incredible talent and be blessed with an incredible physical strength, right?\\
shi: … no.\\
shi: he lack talent a… bit.\\
kaji: I see, just as the rumours say.\\
kaji: the frightful growth ability of the ryouzanpaku’s disciple!!\\
kaji: this is a secret but, I also have several masters as well… two to be precise…\\
kaji: and the both of them said that I “don’t have any talent”.\\
kaji: I won over my lack of talent by piling up training and battles.\\
kaji: I thought that we would have a friendly fight as fellow disciples that were raised in similar circumstances, so it is a real pity that things ended up like this.\\
kaji: we will enter in a great war soon. I hope that we will meet again if fortune will smile upon the both of us.\\
shi: why are you helping… me?\\
kaji: it is a order from one of the masters. There are a lot of masters now so you should wait, the right moment will come, sooner or later.\\
kaji: the weapon research team asked that your life would be spared.\\
kaji: it would be a pity to just kill the virtuous person who softened…\\
kaji: such a stubborn bunch!!\\
shi: this man…\\
shi: he resembles us in some… way.\\
miu: yah!\\
ken: ha!\\
uki: this place is so small~~\\ my glasses begin to steam up as long as I begin to sweat a little\\
ki: heh…\\
ki: you talk too much.\\
take: hum~~, those two have such good movements, just as you would expect.\\
oka: ok, are you ready?\\
oka: you should not stay there only watching them, members of the shinpaku alliance.\\
sieg: ooh, here you are okamoto-sensei.\\
oka: nuhn!\\
oka: see, an opening!!\\
sieg: t-to think that even my ukemi would not work against him~~\\
oka: ok everyone, this is war preparation.\\
take: guwah, your intense guidance never changes!!\\
ken: ah, good morning, okamoto-sensei!!\\
miu: good morning!!\\
oka: morning.\\
oka: nuhn!\\
uki: k-kisara!!\\
ki: uwaaah!!\\
oka: good.\\
oka: you are able to read the flow quite well.\\
ken: thanks, okamoto-san!\\
ki: hey, you are touching my breasts.\\
ken: guwah!\\
miu: an opening!!\\
niji: by the way, even an amateur like me is able to understand that you are improving by just looking at you…\\
sieg: yes, that person called okamoto-sensei is not just a normal person, he is “misterioso~~”.\\
niji: well there are incredible masters near the centre of the Japanese government after all.\\
sieg: yes.\\
oka: react quickly when your opponent begins to move.\\
oka: with just that all the attack against you will lose efficacy.\\
oka: well then, everyone, what about beginning the anti-weapon training?\\
ken: eh!!?\\
miu: be careful, use your gloves!!\\
oka: gyun\\
ken: guooh!!\\
take: shi!\\shi!\\
ki: wah!\\
oka: fuh!!\\
oka: musou chigi kuruma!!!! (unparalleled cross wheel)\\
oka: the way you move is still dull…\\
oka: kugenin-kun and takeda-kun, from tomorrow we will focus on training the lower part of your bodies, while for kugatachi-kun and nanjou-kun we will train the higher part of your bodies.\\
miu: heh.\\
ken: what’s so funny, miu-san?\\
oka: we will continue at 1:00.\\
miu: no, it is just that okamoto…\\
miu: has an atmosphere around him similar to the masters of ryouzanpaku…\\
ken: yeah, he has the same habit of not having restraints.\\
ken: however…\\
ken: I never thought that when he asked me for a favour…\\
ken: he would ask me to join this plan together with the shinpaku alliance…\\
niji: I know why he did that. In such a chaotic situation, there is the possibility that even members of a special units from the government are in some way connected to yami.\\
ken: are you really fine about this, everyone?\\
niji: what are you saying? The masters of ryouzanpaku and the other masters gathered, furthermore…\\
niji: even if we stayed in japan, we would be in a safe place either!!\\
ki: this place is so small.\\ I cannot use my taekwondo well in such a small place!\\
uki: calm down, kisara.\\
take: putting aside the fact that this place is so small…\\
take: I would like to see once again the sun after so much time.\\ I agree.\\
niji: we don’t have any other choices my comrades.\\
niji: because…\\
niji: we are at the bottom of the sea!!!\\
side text: the ryouzanpaku disembarked while kenichi and the others took part at the operation as detached division. The battle that also involves the disciples advances!!\\

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