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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 214

Night 214: the hometown where he is born

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 8, 2014 10:05 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 214: the hometown where he is born\\
inserted text: finally aladdin tells the legend of alma toran!\\
?: “alma toran”… the dream world reported in the inscription of toran… its history will be finally revealed by this magi…\\
yu: by the way, where is the magi of the kou empire?\\
mei: recently the high priest immersed himself in magic training, and he has an atmosphere around him that clearly says that we should not interrupt him.\\ we will be the only ones representing the kou empire in this meeting.\\
yu: I see… that’s a pity. It took a lot of time to organize this summit, so I wanted that all the magi were here to listen to aladdin’s story.\\
yu: well then, let’s begin, aladdin.\\
al: ok.\\
sin: not even yunan knows about the whole story, huh…\\
sin: what the hell is this secret that aladdin is hiding…?\\
al: “alma toran” is…\\
al: the place where the “djinn”, “al thamen”…\\
al: and I…\\
al: were born.\\
sin: “al thamen” too!?\\
en: even the djinns…\\
mor: the hometown where…\\
ali: you where born, aladdin, huh…!!\\
tobi&olba: the two of you seem to be interested all of the sudden.\\
ali: I see aladdin, so it is your birthplace! What kind of country was that? Is it perhaps really far from here… like on the other side of the Dark Continent? It is a place like that, right!?\\
al: no. “alma toran” ‘s space and time are not connected to this world…\\
al: it is “another world”!\\
ali: ???\\ Another world???\\
sin: aladdin, do you mean that it is located on another “star”?\\
sin: nowadays it is thought that our world is just one of many “celestial bodies”.\\
fan1: stars? Is he talking about the stars we see in the sky during the night?\\
fan2: “celestial body”? what is that old man talking about?\\
al: you are incredible after all, uncle. You have already considered such a possibility…\\
al: but it is not like you say.\\
al: another “star” is located in the same space, and one day it could be possible to reach it, no matter how far it is.\\
al: but “another world” is different.\\
al: for example take a mirror…\\
al: even if inside of that mirror there is a “world”, we cannot reach it, and this world and the other world could prosper and then be destroyed without coming in contact for all eternity.\\
al: right now there are a lot of these “worlds”…\\ somewhere out there!!\\
ali: wha~~~~…\\
olba: I feel like I understand… but it also feels like I didn’t understand anything at all…\\
serpent: I didn’t understand anything!!\\
shar: it is an extraordinary talk.\\
drakon’s brother: it is a theory I never thought about.\\
roh: if it is about a world that will be separated from ours from all eternity, then it doesn’t have anything to do with us.\\
my: we organized this “summit” because it has to do with us after all.\\
mei: it seems that you are enjoying this, my brother and king.\\
ali: eh? Wait a moment.\\
ali: if you cannot go to and come from that world for all eternity, how did you come here in the first place, aladdin?\\
al: well, the “creator” of this world…\\
al: sent us here.\\
ali: the “creator”…?\\
al: that’s right.\\
al: there is a person…\\
al: who made the world as it is now.\\ he made it so the things would fall toward the bottom.\\ that there would be the sky and the earth.\\
al: he controls all of the rukh.\\ he is the “god” who created the divine providence of this world\\ he is…\\
al: the man called…\\
al: “king solomon”.\\
en: “king solomon”!!!!\\
?: the master of the djinns…\\
?: the supreme ruler of the world as reported in the toran inscriptions…\\
?: who the hell is him…!!?\\
al: “king solomon” told me that…\\
al: I “shouldn’t tell anybody about alma toran”.\\
al: he said that there is no man in this world that would live without desperation if he knows the meaning and the reason of his birth.\\
al: because he will lose his ability of thinking independently, he will become unable to walk forward, and eventually this world will stop moving together with him.\\
al: but I do not agree with him.\\
al: we should be able to stop unnecessary conflicts if we come to know the story of another world.\\
al: I believe that all the people gathered here are strong.\\ that’s the reason why…\\
ali: today I will\\
ali: disobey to the “god” of this world!!!\\
?: w-what the hell is this…!!?\\
sin: yunan is helping him… what kind of magic is this…!?\\
ti: it is the same kind of clairvoyance magic that chancellor mogamett used…!!\\
al: you are right, now look.\\
al: this is the scenery of alma toran… that I obtained thanks to “solomon’s wisdom”!\\
serpent: I cannot se anything.\\
al: everything begins from here. On this world, just like ours,\\
al: first the land was born, then the water came\\ and after a long time living beings began to evolve.\\
al: but there was just one difference. That is…\\
al: apart from humans, several “life forms with intellect” were born.\\
ali: life forms with intellect??\\
al: yes.\\
al: maybe you never thought about this before, but…\\
al: don’t you think that it is strange? Why the humans are the only life form with intellect on this world?\\
al: why there isn’t a single life form capable of manipulating complex words, create literature at the same level as\\ humans?\\
TLN: mu’s face here is priceless. He knows that there is one in this world.\\
Al: anyway, in “alma toran” there were several species all over the world.\\
Al: and they gave birth to several cultures and societies! Just like this.\\
Ali: t-those pigs are talking!!!\\
Near serpent: *look*…\\
Pig face: don’t look at me like that seishuu!!\\
Mei: however, they have an atmosphere around them similar to the “households” in an advanced state of assimilation…\\ what is the meaning of this…?\\
fan: they feel so gross… it makes me laugh that there are other living beings that can walk on their feet apart from human beings.\\
scar: yes. But.\\
scar: they all seem so happy…\\
al: yeah you are right!\\
al: they were all happy. The world was incredibly big, so at the beginning the different species did not meet each other…\\
al: and even if they fought a little among them, they all lived in peace.\\
al: but one day…\\
al: they finally met.\\
al: when a species prospers and its numbers become extremely big, they search for more food and more land where to live, and they gradually went outside of their territory.\\
al: some of them they joined forces,\\
al: the majority fought each other…\\
al: the conflicts between different species grew fiercer and fiercer with the passing of the days.\\
al: and the strong species were gradually destroying the weak ones…\\
al: among them,\\
al: there was the weakest species.\\
al: they had a fragile body, and they didn’t have claws nor fangs,\\
al: the weakest species with intellect on alma toran that tried to desperately survive every single day…\\
al: was humanity.\\
?: “humanity”!!?\\
al: yes. However among them a man called “king solomon” with the strongest power in the world appeared…\\
al: before long he would outdo the entire world,\\
al: and even create a new one…\\
al: this is the story of those “humans”.\\
inserted text: alma toran’s arc starts from next issue!!\\

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