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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 556

Battle 556: determination and resolution


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 556

Battle 556: determination and resolution\\
inserted text: is my brother going away once again?\\
side text: kenichi and the others are heading toward the enemy’s base in a submarine in order to help those of ryouzanpaku. The battle approaches!!\\
take: okamoto-san, didn’t you make us lie in bed so that we wouldn’t make any noise~~?\\ everyone is ready for battle, so the enemy’s island should be near.\\
oka: children who sleep a lot grow up well~~~\\
kaname: … niijima, no matter if the masters of ryouzanpaku and my grandfather took part to this plan,\\ should we really trust completely that man called okamoto?\\
?: it’s alright.\\
oka: what’s wrong?\\
?: this young member of the infantry… sorry, of the disembarking troops is suffering for the excessive mental pressure.\\
sol: uuuuh…\\
oka: heh.\\
oka: you are one of those people who does wasteful things.\\
?: eh?\\ w-what do you mean by that?\\
oka: if they discover you, and you are shot you die.\\ this fact doesn't change no matter if you are strong or not.\\
oka: in that case…\\
oka: wouldn’t you say that just using your strength is a waste?\\
niji: there is no doubt that he is quite suspicious, but…\\
niji: I am also sure that he has a quality as a commander superior to the others.\\
oka: it’s just like hiding your real strength without ever using it.\\
take: what do you think about that man called okamoto, kenichi-kun? I came to like his ability to radically improve our expertize in martial arts in just a few days~~\\ he is incredible, next to the level of shiba great-sensei.\\
ken: I…\\
ken: would even use the help of a villain, if it could give me a clue in…\\
ken: rescuing shigure-san!!\\
miu: kenichi-san.\\ if you think about it, this world in war… is being drawn in by our martial arts world… and…\\
ken: what are you saying, miu-san…?\\
take: honey!\\
take: to be honest there is something I have to tell you before the fight starts.\\
ken: ah, I have to go to the toilet for a last time.\\
ken: continue to talk without me!!\\
ken: … ah,\\
ken: w-well with a “last time” I didn’t mean that we are going to die or something like that, I was just saying that this is the last time I will go in a toilet in a submarine!!\\
uki: we know, lower your voice!!\\
thor: last time, huh… dosukoi.\\
take: wait a minute, kenichi-kun, I want you to hear this as well!\\
take: It is something I heard one year ago on despair island from kanou shou!!\\
ken: eh!?\\
ken: kanou shou!!\\
miu: w-what?\\
take: it is something I forgot to tell until now. Sorry.\\
take: because there was the possibility that he was making fun of you, miu-chan~~\\
miu: what did he say on me!!?\\
take: he said that the boss of yami, the one shadow…\\
take: is your father, fuurinji saiga!!\\
saiga: I am the owner of those gauntlets…\\
elder: I want you to not say anything to miu.\\
miu: … I see\\
miu: just as I thought.\\
take: did you already notice that?\\
miu: everyone’s behaviour at ryouzanpaku was strange… so more or less.\\
ken: well it is true that they are even worse than me when it comes to keeping secrets\\
miu: in that case…\\
miu: the one who killed my mother shizuha… is…\\
ki: what a gloomy talk…\\
ki: to have when we are heading to such a great battle.\\
miu: but are you alright…\\
miu: with being involved in this fight?\\
kaname: martial artists…\\
kaname: forget of war if they live too much in peace.\\
kaname: furthermore, in such a period of conflict,\\ if I wouldn’t take part to the fight, I couldn’t call myself a martial artist.\\
take: it is the same for everyone else…\\
take: right?\\
thor: dosukoi.\\
thor: this is for the pride of all the fat men in the world*…\\
TLN: yeah!!!\\
ki: as it should be expected from you, freya-nee, you were able to express our feelings with words!!\\
uki: I cannot run away!\\
niji: their first target is japan, so it would be useless to hide myself somewhere.\\
kaname: but, everyone!\\
kaname: if there is something you want to say to the others, it is better to do it now.\\
uki kisara!! Use me to avoid bullets and as a stool to advance…\\
ki: did you take me for a demon!!?\\
ki: rather, I will protect you, idiot.\\
kaname: I…\\
ki: eh?\\
kaname: will protect you as well.\\
take: I guess that this is the first time on a battlefield for you as well, honey.\\
miu: eh?\\
miu: well… about that, hum~~~\\
miu: I was already on a battlefield…\\
miu: once or twice in my life…\\
ken: eeeh!?\\
take: twice!!\\
miu: but it is my first time on a battlefield of such scale.\\
take: honey.\\
miu: eh!!\\
take: those who would risk their life to protect you,\\
take: are not just kenichi-kun or kanou shou\\
niji: geez~~~, you are all the same…\\
niji: don’t just use your strength without having a proper plan~~\\
niji: you are all becoming elated for no reason. Our role is to perform an undercover action.\\
niji: while the main force will strike, we will disembark on the other side of the island…\\
niji: attack the enemy’s missile system, making the base itself powerless!\\
niji: don’t exaggerate with your deeds of arms and don’t cause any unnecessary fights!!\\
niji: that’s right, leave to the ryouzanpaku and the other masters the role of breaking the front.\\
niji: we have our fight to win!!\\
niji: what’s wrong, kenichi.\\
ken: … no, nothing.\\
ken: this is troubling me quite a lot. Even the alien demon lord (niijima) looks reliable now…\\
ken: I cannot believe such a thing.\\
ken: by the way miu-san, about what you were saying earlier…\\
ken: I am thankful that you brought me in the world of martial arts!\\
ken: because…\\
ken: I could meet you all!!!\\
uki: yeah you are right. You can bet on it!!\\
thor: dosukoi~~~ dosukoi\\
niji: kenichi… you~~\\
niji: could it be that you are fit to be a politician?\\ would you work with me? You have your way with words.\\
ken: the only real tragedy is that I met you!\\
niji: you can realize your dream of becoming novelist first, if you want.\\
ken: shut up you alien demon lord!!\\
oka: hey.\\
oka: it’s time, we will disembark by using a boat after rapidly rising on the surface.\\
oka: are you all ready?\\
lala~~\\yes!!\\ yes!!\\yes!!\\ dosukoi!!\\ yeah!\\ Yes!!\\ yes!!\\
inserted text: they have the determination. Finally it is time to go on the battlefield!!\\

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