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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 215

Night 215: legend

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 22, 2014 11:12 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 215: legend\\
inserted text: hakuei accepts kouen’s services. Their first encounter is a lot different from their current standing…\\
side text: aladdin is telling the truth about alma toran. In that world humans were the weakest life form with intellect…\\
blonde guy: the ogres’ might is expanding…\\
woman: why… I was just able to escape into this underground shelter…\\
woman2: l-let’s surrender…!!\\
blonde: we cannot do that, don’t you know what they have done to our comrades who were captured!!?\\
blonde: they were eaten…\\ I… saw the children of the ogres “cook” my older brothers with fire…\\
blonde: they cut his limbs so he would be easier to eat, and then they ate it like it was delicious.\\
?: dammit…!!!\\ they… think of us just like beasts…!!!\\
?: they eat us with such an easiness, we are nothing more than fish to them…\\
old man: probably it is just as you say…\ for this world, for them, we are nothing more than… tiny beings not different from insects and beasts…\\
old man: I wonder if the fishes and the animal we ate… felt the same things we are feeling now…\\
?: stop… it’s useless to think such a thing now…\\
blonde: they have found us…!!!\\
ogre1: where did you say they went?\\
ogre2: I think that they are down here\\
ogre1: so what should I do with this, now?\\
ogre2: stick it into this hole, idiot!\\
sfx: zak!!\\
sfx: becha\\becha\\
first frame: kyaaah!!\\
girl: mommy, mommy!\\
?: uwaaah!\\
??: help us!!\\
ogre1: good\\there are so many of them\\
ogre2: yeah, it will be a feast tonight\\
?: god…\\
?: if you do really exist…\\
?: then, why did you abandon us…!!?\\
ali: t-that!? It is the same thing we saw in Magnostadt…\\
?: but it is not that black monster.\\
near the bubble: it’s white this time\\
muu: what’s the meaning of this…!?\\
box: that mass of white light that descended from the heaven erased the ogres in an instant.\\
box: and then, he gently brushed the humans with his hands.\\
box: in that moment the humans understood everything. He was…\\
box: the “creator” of this world.\\
sin: “creator”?\\
al: yes. Just like king Solomon created our world,\\
al: alma toran had a “creator”.\\
al: and then the humans called him “illa(god)”.\\
al: the creator said that he never directly descended in the world he created and he never interfered with it. But he did it only in that occasion…\\
al: according to “illa”…\\
al: a lot of species were fighting, and the world was on the verge of a crisis that would have brought to its destruction. And in order to save the world…\\
al: he said that one species should have a overwhelming power in respect to the others, so that it could rule on them, and make the world into one.\\
?: “a single king must rule the world”!!!\\
ali: he is saying the same thing as them…!!\\
box: and the species illa chose in order to rule the world was…\\
box: humanity\\
sin: humanity? Why did he choose the weakest species?\\
al: well, I don’t know about that.\\
al: it is normal for the people who are in a world that is a level under that of the “creator”* to not understand his thoughts…\\
TLN: here he is probably implying that there is some kind of “ranking” in the different worlds.\\
al: however, it is likely that illa anticipated that the humans who were the weakest species in the world were also the ones who wanted to help they friends the most and…\\
al: they would never do cruel things to the other species. In other words he probably thought that even if the humans would obtain such a great power, they would have ruled the world in a rational way.\\
al: and then, at that time… illa shared with humans a part of his absolute power in order for them to rule the world. A power capable of creating overwhelming miracles…\\
al: that is the power of magic!!\\
everyone: magic!!\\
al: yes! This is the instant in which the magicians in “alma toran” were born!\\ and…\\
al: the humans were really grateful to illa because he saved them from extinction,\\
al: so they pledged that…\\
blonde: we will accomplish the mission you gave us.\\ with the power of magic…\\
blonde: we will build “alma toran(Utopia)”…!!\\
al: so, with such a noble intention in their hearts… all the 500 remaining “humans” who were on the verge of destruction became “magicians”, and set foot on the vast world!\\
al: the magicians did their best.\\
al: they amassed wisdom, mediate to stop wars, and prevented other species from fighting each other.\\
al: by doing that they guided the world toward peace!\\
en: from your words it seems that they did it quite quickly.\\
en: did things go that easily?\\
al: no. they didn’t go that easily.\\
al: anyway…\\
al: the values, the language and the ecology of “alma toran”’s species were really different from each other.\\
al: that’s why they had to create a laws that everyone would accept.\\
al: then… chaos in the world continued for another 800 years…\\
al: but, at the end the king who unified the world finally appeared.\\
al: he was “king solomon”…\\
al: he was the strongest and most marvellous magician in all of alma toran’s history!\\
amon: king, king\\
amon: our king Solomon.\\
amon: you are finally making the world into one.\\
amon: thanks to your great deeds… the day we were eagerly waiting for is finally…\\
box: amon\\
za: don’t cry like that, amon geezer.\\
near za: uwaah so dirty\\
big smiling girl: old men are easily moved to tears!\\
amon: I really cannot believe it. So many different species…\\ have forgotten about their pasts and entrusted themselves to you, a single great vessel…\\
box: forcalor\\
box: barbatos\\
bar: just give up!\\
ler: uuuuh… you cheater~~~~\\
box: leraje\\
box: paimon\\
pai: he is right, just fall in love with me!\\
near bar: ok!\\
near pai: right!\\
box: zagan\\astaros\\ phenex\\zepar\\ agares\\vinea\\
kyoku: yes.\\ no other than you could realize such a thing.\ such an extraordinary..\\
kyoku: and wonderful dream…\\
solo: …\\ do you really think that?\\
kyoku: yes,\\
kyoku: that is my thought.\\
TLN: look there are precisely 8 silhouettes there (do you remember the meaning of the name “Al Thamen”?)\\
box: ithnan\\
al: by the way, this guy here is…\\ ugo-kun.\\
ali: eeh!?\\
ali: that’s ugo-kun!!??\\
ali: eh!!? You said that this is the place where you were born…\\
ali: eh? So could it mean that…!?\\
ali: who is that woman… near him…!?\\
al: but after this, such a shinning kingdom was destroyed in a short while without any trace remaining.\\ and all the life in it was erased…\\
al: and that’s the reason why… I want you all to know. What happened then…\\
al: if I do such a thing, I am sure that we will not do the same mistakes.\ kings, and their comrades, please listen to what I have to say!\\
inserted text: in the next issue the truth about king Solomon will be told…!!\\

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#1. by Helade ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2014
Thks, thks <3

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