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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Illegal Rare 1

Chapter 1: the mermaid sisters

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 23, 2014 15:50 | Go to Illegal Rare

-> RTS Page for Illegal Rare 1

Red Hawks picked up the manga, so I will dedicate myself to something else, please support that group for their good job.

Chapter 1: the mermaid sisters\\
red: during middle ages monsters hunting was really popular!!\\
red: frightful species called “monster and mythical beasts” became the prey\\
fuku: they are even now subject of hunt with the name of…\\
fuku: “illegal rare”\\
fuku: and they are on the verge of disappearing from this world…!!\\
fuku: even the illegal action taken toward half humans who were living as normal people are tolerated… we cannot continue to overlook such things\\
fuku: here I would like to establish the… “Protection countermeasure department”!\\
inserted text: they are those who are hunted and on the verge of extinction\\ in a frightful world\\
box: in a certain back alley of the crime city\\
box where the biggest rare market is located, Scar city\\
sfx: toc toc\\
?: what is this month’s password?\\
fuku: meat meat vegetables\\
wolf: hey fukumen-san!\\
bird: who is that kid? Did you bring another newcomer with you?\\
fuku: no\\
fuku: she is a client\\
fuku: but she doesn’t speak\\
?: heh?\\
fuku: hey neenee, is he here?\\
nee: hum… are you talking about onchi*-kun right…?\\
TLN: onchi is someone who is helpless in something\\
Bird: he went to do the shopping\\
Nee: did you say shopping!!?\\
Nee: are you stupid!?|\
Nee: it’s not like I call him onchi for nothing!!\\
axl: it’s me\\
axl: where… am I right now?\\
box: scar city, western edge, above of the gigantic stone statue\\
nee: what… do you see\\ around you?\\
axl: the sky\\
axl: a slice of clouds in a beautiful blue\\ no… it looks like a white plume of a heron\\
nee: something else…!?\\
axl: a florist…\\
axl: there are flowers that resemble a beautiful woman… yeah I can see some dahlia there\\
fuku: give me that\\
fuku: hey poet\\ or rather… onchi-kun <3 stop playing around and come back… we have another job\\
axl: I’m not playing around, fukumen\\
fuku: do you really expect me to believe that~~~~? Your sense of direction became really weak lately\\
fuku: with your physical abilities you should be able to come back easily\\
fuku: what about testing them and go toward the east?\\
axl: and east it is\\
nee: hey, don’t just do as you please…!\\
box: scar city’s eastern edge: 110 styles coast\\
arrow: the code name of this man is\ axl (also known as: onchi-kun)\\
axl: … fuh…\\
axl: I should never believed in him\\
axl: let’s rely on my intuition\\
box: after 2 hours\\
axl: fine, I will follow your directions\\
nee: why do you sound so self-important!? (you took too much time to notice it)\\ what do you see around you?\\
text: slums\\
?: heheheh… we have good stuff here~~~ this is a ghoul’s stomach and this is a dragon’s brain~~\\
nee: I heard some dangerous talk!!\\
nee: hurry up and get out of there!!\\(don’t buy anything)\\
fuku: sorry… just wait for a bit\\
axl: hey… a dog is\\
nee: what’s happening!?\\
?: hey man…\\ if he continues to nonchalantly walking around like that someone will try to hunt him, you know?\\
??: t-this is bad…\\ you know… in this town he is…\\
??: the most precious\\
??: rare, right!?\\
fuku: hey… I can hear the same music that they are playing outside of here…\\
fuku: so you are close… what kind of song is this?\\
axl: eh?\\
axl: yeah…\\
axl: there is a ship floating in the air that is playing a song right now\\
bird: what is that? An airplane?\\
nee: that’s songstress Mirror new song PR… it is really popular right now\\
bird: well, it is really a good song after all\\
fuku: good, listen to that song axl… the one who is singing that song…\\
fuku: is the world famous songstress Mirror\\
fuku; and she is a “mermaid”\\
fuku: our mission is\\
fuku: to save a mermaid that was kidnapped in this city\\
text: mermaid… it is an endangered species that which only 50 individuals are still alive\\ the legend says that those who hear their beautiful voice are drawn in the deeps of the sea\\ they are half humans and half fish and when they assume a human form they “lose their voice”\\ it is possible to obtain a perpetual youth and longevity medicine from their blood and flesh and because of that they are subject to extensive hunting\\
fuku: she cannot talk, so this is just my speculation, but\\
fuku: these two are two peas in a pod… this girl is her little sister\\
axl: fuhn\\
ins: music producer victor max…\\ 3 years ago he saw through mirror’s talent as a singer and became her foster parent, as she didn’t have any relatives\\
ins: then he became quite popular thanks to mirror great success… huh\\
ins: he was killed in such a merciless way… there is the probability that they will ask for a ransom to the record company that hired mirror\\
?: w-wait, you cannot enter here\\
ins: hey\\ outsiders cannot enter here\\
ins: ah!!\\
fuku: we are from the anti-rare crimes department\\ are you doing fine, Kawasaki-kun?\\
kawa: senpai why are you nonchalantly walking here while we are in the middle of an investigation? (and such a department doesn’t even exist, you know!!)\\
fuku: oh man, just shut up, we will be done in a second\\
fuku: by the way this is none of my men\\
kawa: who the hell is him!?\\
axl: you are quite high handed, fukumen\\
fuku: leave it to me\\
axl: I wasn’t complimenting you\\ if you behave like that the you could be driven out of the police, you know?\\
fuku: ah, sorry\\
fuku: we are finally here… axl\\
axl: thank you for you hard work\\
fuku: shut up, onchi\\
fuku: what’s wrong… aren’t you unable to believe in him?\\ well it is normal\\
fuku: well, in any case\\ just look at him…\\
kawa: wha!?\\
kawa: what the hell is he doing!?\\
axl: is this guy for real?\\
axl: this is not the right place… we should go to the dripping underground room…\\
kawa: u-underground…?\\
kawa: is there a place like that in here?\\
fuku: what…\\
fuku: follow him\\
kawa: t-this is…\\
kawa: a studio…? No a jail…? There is a huge water tank there…\\
fuku: he was a music producer right?\\
fuku: this is probably were he was keeping the mermaid called mirror…\\
kawa: what!? Mirror is a rare!?\\
kawa: that producer had an illegal rare in him hands!?\\
fuku: well… kawasaki~~~ what would you do if a mermaid would fall in front of your eyes?\\ You would just pick her up without anyone noticing and sell her, right?\\
kawa: I-I wonder…\\
kawa: mermaid’s meat, huh… maybe you can do some money with it…\\
fuku: that was the answer I was expecting\\
near the bubble: and I asked what you would do…\\
fuku: sorry to keep you waiting, little miss\\
fuku: you don’t have to worry. Axl is able…\\
fuku: to pursue the traces of blood\\
fuku: he belongs to a species with those abilities\\
fuku: isn’t painful for you to stay in this room? (just bear a little more)\\
vic: sing better!! with voice you are able to inebriate human males\\
vic: you will sing another song in one hour\\
vic: if you don’t sing I will cut you into pieces and then sell you\\
mir: aaah…\\
mir: no nova… you cannot enter in the water and begin to talk…\\
mir: sorry… nova… one day we will escape from here for sure…\\
axl: she is quite far from here, but\\ hum\\
axl: the thoughts remaining in this blood are saying “please, stop!”\\
fuku: …!? What do you mean!?\\
vic: w-what are you doing\\ eek… spare me…\\
vic: uwaah!!\\
?: search for her!! We have to get back the mermaid he stole!!\\
mir: … we are going to be taken by someone else again…\\
mir: this time… I will probably be made into “mermaid meat” for sure…\\
mir: hide yourself under the bed!!\\
mir: and don’t talk no matter what happens\\
mir: not a single noise\\
?: here\\
?: wow\\
mir: were you looking for me?\\
?: what a beautiful voice!\\
mir: I cannot be saved…\\
?: come\\
mir: but…\\
mir: you will survive for sure…\\
mir: run away\\
mir: in the moment a mermaid speaks… she is hunted\\
mir: you will be able to run away… if you don’t talk!!\\
fuku: you… I have seen your face somewhere, right…?\\
axl: this is like a torture room\\
axl: generally the blood found in such places is full of resentment and sadness, but\\
axl: I can feel the presence of her desire\\
axl: to make the traces of someone disappear even if she is captured\\
fuku: we should call the place the “room of silence”\\
axl: just like you cannot talk anymore\\
axl: it seems that that mermaid cannot say anything to us anymore\\
axl: I really wanted to see with my own eyes\\
axl: a mermaid that behaved like a saint…\\
fuku: what should we do?\\
fuku: we don’t have any other choice than searching for something else\\
fuku: hum~~ something else…\\
nova: hum…\\
nova: hum…\\
nova: this…\\
axl: her voice…\\
fuku: s-she is talking…!?\\
axl: blood!?\\
axl: a bottle smeared with blood!?\\
mir: bring this with you…\\
mir: if… you really find…\\
mir: someone you can trust…\\
mir: drink this\\
mir: you will be able to talk a little…\\
mir: and tell him to help you…\\
nova: help my…\\
nova: sister…!!\\
axl: nova…\\
axl: I see… that’s your name…\\
axl: you sister told me that\\
axl: you have a beautiful voice\\
axl: a really beautiful voice\\
axl: and I have the feeling that…\\
axl: I have to respond to that voice\\
fuku: leave the rest to him\\
kawa: he flew…\\
fuku: it’s alright now\\
fuku: when he is like that… he doesn’t hesitate anymore\\
text: because he is\\ a black vampire\\
sfx: tin\\
?: we have little of time left\\ be sure to guard the goods well\\
phone: the ones who are expected to participate to the auction are all on the monitors\\
boss: good\\
boss: so this is the mermaid girl, huh…\\
boss: from what I heard, there are at least 8 clients who want to make her in their personal songstress\\
boss: well… half of them are interested because the blood and flesh of a mermaid are famous to be the ingredient of a perpetual youth and longevity medicine, after all!!\\
boss: poor little mermaid… even a world famous songstress becomes just a simple medicine on the black market (well it doesn’t matter to us as long we can sell her)\\
boss: hey put her into the water\\ also put her into a swimsuit, a good one, not something worn out like that\\
?: yes\\
boss: you cannot even scream\\
boss: when you are in that form, huh…\\
mir: nooo\\
boss: hahaha she has such a good voice\\
boss: remember this… your blood, flesh and voice are worth 5*10^9 yen!! Scream as much as possible in the auction hall!\\
mir: please… stop this…\\
mir: if you want to curse someone then curse your own voice!! And your own birth!!\\
mir: this is your fate!! It will not change!! You are a rare that will be hunted no matter where it goes!!\\
boss: … hey go to take a look around\\
?: ok\\
boss: hey was that police? No sign of them?\\
boss: be sure to search well\\
?: gah…?\\
?: what…? The bulletproof glass was so easily…!?\\
box: the black vampire fangs can teethe entirely in a single day\\
box: and even after they are removed they continue to grow\\
box: the black vampire can modify them by himself and fight by using them as knives or swords\\
box: because of this there are expensive transaction on black vampire fangs in the black market\\
axl: I see… so you are the saint mermaid\\ indeed… you really resemble your little sister\\
axl: his(fukumen’s) intuition is really something\\
mir: do… you know my little sister…?\\
axl: yeah\\
axl: hum? can you stand with those legs?\\
mir: … ah…\\
axl: the water must get dry…\\
mir: but…\\
mir: I will probably be unable… to move my legs…\\
mir: I am unable…\\
mir: to get those people’s words out of my head…\\
boss: that’s your destiny\\ a rare like you will be hunted no matter where she goes!!\\
axl: do you\\ know about the “vampire collection”?\\
mir: eh?\\
axl: it is the supreme collection, which in the past all the collectors of the world yearned for\\
axl: it consists in gathering the ashes in which a vampire transforms when he is into an apparent death state… it is something really difficult to obtain\\
axl: I belong to the black vampire clan\\
axl: and we were hunted for that reason\\
axl: in other words… I am also a rare\\
axl: and thanks to my power I have pursued you all the way here\\
axl: you two… have the same voice\\
axl: what moved my heart was… that voice that said “help my sister!!”\\
mir: eh!?\\
axl: your little sister… is safe\\
mir: did you…\\ save my sister…?\\
axl: I also wanted to hear your voice\\
axl: what will you say to me? “help me!!”, maybe? Or something like “thank you for nova”?\\
mir: I-\\
mir: want to…\\
mir: be together with her!!\\
mir: I want to be with nova… once again!!\\
axl: we should get away from here…\\ I will lend you my legs… but are you fine with a little detour?\\
?: where are they?\\
??: I’m really looking forward to this mermaid\\
axl: I knew that…\\
axl: the auction hall was here\\
?: !? what’s happening…!?\\
axl: these guys are…\\
axl: the collectors?\\
axl: this is a good occasion to ask\\
axl: is there any vampire collector among you?\\
axl: probably there are some among you. Among the vampires there are the “black vampires” who are even more rare…\\
axl: so I have a piece of information that will make you here very happy\\
axl: I am the king of black vampires\\
axl: come to hunt me if you desire this body\\
mir: king…!?\\
?: did he say black…!?\\
??: impossible!?\\
???: wait, that emblem is…\\
????: incredible!!\\ uooh!! The vampire collection is still on the market!!\\
?????: it’s true!!\\
??????: uoooh!!\\
axl: but as a compensation I want you to know\\
axl: that I will hunt back… those who hunted my clan without fail\\
axl: without fail\\
?: heheh…\\
??: uuuh…\\
??: the auction is suspended!! Let’s get out of here…\\
axl: mirror\\
axl: we will change it\\
axl: we will change the despair in our blood into hope,\\
axl: thanks to the power of rares itself\\
mir: the king of the black vampires…?\\
mir: that means… how many hundred years is he old…?\\ a rare hunting back other rares…? Is such a thing even possible…?\\ but this person… what strong a beautiful words he said…\\
mir: yes…\\
mir: let’s follow this person…\\
?: do you know why did we call you?\\
fuku: no?\\
?: you are really intolerable…\\
?: in this city illegal rare are… part of our customs… do you understand that, fukumen-kun?\\
fuku: yes… you are talking about “business” here, right?\\
?: don’t even try to say such thoughtless things\\
fuku: 200 years ago… the hunters organization “vampire hunter”\\ found the weak point of that mythical beasts\\
?: hey\\
fuku: from that moment the hunters became more and more organized, to a surprising speed, and the hunting itself developed into a “business”\\
?: what the hell are you implying?\\
?: anyway you have overdone things…\\
?: even we know that such a thing is illegal… and you should already know how “big” all of this is… right? fukumen-kun!\\
fuku: I wonder who overdid things here. Is it part of the police’s customs to not stop a situation in which…\\
fuku: several organizations hunt uncontrollable mythical beasts to the point of bringing them on the verge of extinction?\\
fuku: then those who have the power should protect them!\\ you should already know the achievements of my “subordinate”!!\\
fuku: the anti-rare crimes department…\\
fuku: let’s establish it\\
nova: thank you\\
nova: axl-sama!!\\
axl: it is not that bad to receive the gratitude from a double mermaid voice\\
axl: this place here…\\
axl: is safe, you can remain here if you like it\\
fuku: and… I don’t receive any thanks?\\
?: uwaah, such a beautiful voice, I’m falling for her\\
fuku: you have a beautiful face, don’t you want to be the one in charge of our public relations? (you need a new job after all)\\
mir: kyah, a weirdo is here…\\
axl: fukumen\\
fuku: oh… they said that I am a weirdo with their double voice, huh? It could become an habit\\
fuku: neenee, he didn’t lose his way back this time\\
?: uooh, I thought that I heard a cute voice around here, so that’s mirror~~~ (great, I want her sign)\\
mir: hum… the one in charge with the public relations? (what is that…?)\\
axl: it suits you after all\\
mir: axl-sama…\\
bird: hey sing for us, mirror~~~\\
fuku: hey… what about continuing to do this part-time job?\\
fuku: you also gained something from it, right?\\
fuku: every time there is a new incident hunters and collectors draw near…\\
fuku: you were quite flashy out there… even the ones at the top have finally recognized the problem\\
axl: … will they give me the power?\\
axl: I know about being powerless\\
axl: after loitering aimlessly for several hundred of years\\
fuku: I know\\
fuku: you are hopeless(onchi) when it comes to orientation after all <3\\
axl: in this very moment… they are drawing closer\\
axl: and also\\
axl: the thing I lost is getting closer together with them\\
fuku: … by the way you are still my underling\\
fuku: you have to follow my orders~~ do not move too much without my consent, ok <3\\
axl: you… have zero authority, right? nothing has changed in comparison to the past, right?\\
fuku: heh heh, sorry your majesty\\
fuku: … but thanks to you the “anti-rare crimes department” has been officially launched\\
axl: … heh\\
axl: that’s more than enough for now\\
fuku: let’s do our best together <3\\
axl: that made me feel sick\\
box: in the world there are still several mythical beasts and half humans quietly living…\\
box: someone… has to protect them who will become hunted in the moment they are discovered…\\
nova: I wonder if it is fine for us to remain here…\\
mir: I’m sure that it is fine…\\
mir: they said that we culd remain here…\\
box: day xx month xy, the rare crimes countermeasure department that until then was just an hope was finally approved\\
box: the world will change… this is what our investigators wish for… and both of them are stubborn fellows\\
inserted text: it officially begins…!!\\

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Feb 25, 2014
I guess you are dropping it now since redhawks picked it up :3

Still it was a great first chapter. I found it nice. Sad that the free raws out there are shitty and I don't take people's money to scanlate manga :P

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