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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 216

Night 216: his name is Solomon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 1, 2014 11:51 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense

Night 216: his name is Solomon\\
Side text: this is alma torran’s story… the incandescent youth of the man who will create the world!\\
?: who’s there…? I can hear a voice… coming from outside…\\
?: are they… coming here for me…?\\
solo: waide!! Setta!! Go to reinforce the right wing!\\
solo_: fahran!! Alba!! Follow Waide and the others’ lead and break trough the central gate!\\
alba: understood!!!!\\
?: dammit… they are those fucking “daeph (impure people)” who go against the will of god!!!\\
eye: you are the ones who go against god’s will!!\\
black: these fanatics are not cool at all.\\
fah: they are nothing more that earnest idiots who are easy to manipulate, aru.\\
alba: young master!!! Ithnan and ugo went ahead!!\\
it: ramz(thunder and lightning)!! \\
?: guaaah!!\\
??: let’s go to steal the “divine staff”!!!!\\
sfx: batan\\
?: finally someone came… to meet me from the heavens…\\
?: but, my eyes are all blurry… I cannot see well…\\
it: the people in the other power rooms have died…\\ ugo: and this little girl is at her limit…\\
it: she is a magician that exists only to use the “divine staff” and make it operate.\\
it: the “divine staff” is powerful, but it receives too much magoi from il illah. So it consumes the life of its owner. She is a consumable good, just like those fucking geezers outside…\\
ugi: h-hey!?\\
ugo: h-hey are you alright!!?\\
solo: those you were wishing for didn’t come…\\
solo: come to me if you want to live!\\
?: who… are you…?\\
solo: Solomon.\\
box: 800 hundred years passed since il illah gave “magic” to all humanity…\\
box: the plan to create “alma torran” was put on a stop. The magicians forgot about their noble intention…\\
box: they began to tyrannize the other species with the support of the overwhelming power of magic.\\
box: the magicians build in the others species’ territory the so called “gnudo(tower of folly)”,\\
box: from there they activated a magic related to the realization of self-awareness, and stole the other species’ thoughts. And after they stole the intelligence from other species apart from humans, made them obey their orders.\\
beast: uuh\\uuh\\uuh\\
beast: uhuuuh\\
sfx: bitsu\\
sfx: gara gara\\
solo: so, we are the ones who dislike the magician’s orthodoxy, and escaped from the great church government…\\
solo: we are the “resistance”!\\
?: what is this place… it is so lively… who are these people…?\\
eye: food, I want food!! Bring me food!!\\
wai: I was so hungry that I was going to burn to a crisp those dogs from the orthodoxy and eat them. Fuhahaha!!\\
box: waide\\
box: setta\\
se: your hunger is not cool. If you did such a thing the beautiful balance of your muscles would not be maintained.\\
box: ithnan\\
it: ugo~~~~ why don’t you fight by yourself every single day~~? You always hide behind me or solomon~~~\\
box: ugo\\
ugo: well you know… I am specialist in exploiting situations… furthermore your lightning magic it’s really cool, you know!\\
it: don’t try to flatter me!\\
box: fahran\\
fah: everyone one of them is the same, aru. They are all sweaty and stinking men, aru. Fuah~~~~.\\
wai: what did you say, you fucking girl!?\\
fah: do you have problems, aru!? Do you want me to not make you rub my breasts anymore, aru!?\\
wai: e-eh!?\\
se: your lightning attacks were so cool today, brother.\\
it: you idiot, stop that.\\
ugo: ithnan, aren’t you reacting differently from when I praised you? Eh?\\
?: it seems that they are enjoying themselves…\\
?: but is this alright…? This is the first time I see some people be so feisty…\\ even if today is not the sharagan (festival of the advent)\\
alba: hey you, are you listening to me?\\
alba: ah sorry, it wasn’t my intention to frighten you.\\
alba: hum… what was your name?\\
shi: I am shiba.\\ who are you?\\
alba: I am alba. A servant of the young master, Solomon!\\
solo: maybe you meant “former servant”. I’m not a young master anymore.\\
alba: this person is Solomon. He is our leader, as I just said to you\\
near the bubble: sorry\\
shiba: I want to go back to the tower.\\
alba: eh, why?\\
shiba: I have to accomplish the holy task that illah gave me.\\
alba: but shiba, if they continue to make you use your magic against your will in that tower you will die, do you know that?\\
shiba: you fool, it wasn’t against my will.\\
shiba: I was risking my life to control the impure!\\
shiba: they told me that good and evil are both present in this world because of the impure kings and the aggressions by the hands of the daeph\\
solo: to control the impure, huh…\\
solo: but your splendid role basically consisted in discharge from that tower a magic that made everyone, except the humans, turn into idiots, little miss.\\
shiba: you are right.\\
shiba: they are the pus of this world.\\
shiba: in the past the other species tyrannized and greedily devoured us…\\
shiba: the sacred magicians, the messenger of our gracious father, il illah. That is written in the “holy scriptures” second chapter, from paragraph 4 to paragraph 8!!!!\\
fah: hahah, she snapped, aru.\\
near the bubble: even the tone of her voice changed, aru\\
it: stop saying those things. They just taught you that it is an honour to die for your mission, and to wait for that final call of fate.\\
wai: sorry to disappoint you, but out objective is to release all of those species from the magicians’ rule.\\
shiba: impure!!! Impure!!! Impure!!!\\
shiba: you will receive divine punishment. Father, bestow your divine punishment on these “daeph”!!!\\
shiba: so hot… I escape from there without thinking but, where am I…?\\
shiba: ah!!\\
shiba: I forgot my staff!\\ this is bad without it… the world outside the tower is…\\
beast: guruuuuh\\
beast: uruuuh…\\
beast: uruuuh…\\
shiba: look!!\\ outside of the tower it is full of these crazy monsters(other species)… the priests always said that to me…!!!\\
shiba: kyaaah!!!!\\
shiba: y-you are!\\
shiba: hurry up and kill it!!!\\
shiba: you have a staff with you, right!!? hurry up and kill that monster!!\\
solo: you have powerful and strong claws.\\
solo: don’t worry, in the future you will become a brave manticoa(cruel scales) warrior.\\ so just go back to your mother’s side for today!\\
shiba: what!!?\\
solo: look, she is already behind you.\\
shiba: eeek!!\\
manti: thank you for taking care of this romp\\
shiba: now that I think about it, I have the borg, so I shouldn’t have any problems…\\
solo: where you so afraid, little miss?\\
shiba: b-but… this is the first time that I see one of them so close!!\\
solo: ah, I see.\\
shiba: y-yeah…\\
shiba: I… didn’t notice it when I was casting my magic from the tower, but…\\
shiba: now that I have seen them, they are really… disgusting!!!\\
shiba: they are so hairy… and have such an uncivilized smell…!!\\ dammit… if I still had my staff I could make them into fools…!!\\
solo: really?\\
shiba: yes! Then those things would just amount to nothing!\\
sfx: su\\
solo: I see. You know, shiba…\\
shiba: what is it?\\
sfx: *grab*\\
solo: you are really a despicable woman.\\
solo: in my eyes, you are the warped and filthy monster here, but…\\
solo: what do you think about yourself?\\
shiba: what’s wrong with this guy…?\\
shiba: I thought that he came here to rescue me, but he doesn’t seems to be a decent man!\\
inserted text: in the next issue ,what will be their relation …!?\\

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