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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 1

First act: the invisible man

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 2, 2014 13:57 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Like I said last week, no reservation if you don't have high quality raws, prority will be given to well enstablished groops.

First act: the invisible man\\
side text: the light that shined on the young man in despair…\\
box: someone said that you cannot judge a person from his appearances\\
box: I didn’t believe in those words too much\\
box: I had a lot of bad experiences because of the appearances\\
box: furthermore\\ because of the “essence” I was on the verge of being killed*\\
TLN: basically he is making a play between “form” and “substance” one of the main topics in ancient Greek philosophy\\
Box: and what saved me from that was…\\
?: are you hurt?\\
box: a person without any “appearance”\\
text: the story that will brightly colour this world…\\
above: half a day ago\\
side text: the boy goes to town.\\
sig: hum~~…\\ there are elves, dwarfs… and also lizard men?\\
sig: dear lil\\ are you doing fine?\\
sig: when you will receive this letter your brother will probably be in a town called “shinbou-chou*”
TLN: “god protected town” or even “god-proof town” with “proof” as in “waterproof”, not sure, let’s see how the story unfolds \\
Sig: this is a metropolis where a lot of species gathered after\\
Sig: an hero called maimrondo drove away the despotic dragons from this place in fairy tales \\
sig: it seems that things are going fine here\\
sig: this is the first time I go to a city\\
sig: P.S.\\
sig: big cities are more that you can ever imagine\\
one the book: Q: what will you do if you meet those species? A: I will do my best!\\
sfx: para\\
sig: forgive me if I’m unable to come back home\\
sig: I wonder if I can really find them\\
sig: the people who are able to break my “curse”\\
sfx: su…\\
sig: eh…\\
sig: a-aaaah…\\
sig: w-wait…\\
sfx: zun\\
sig: it saved my life\\
sig: uwaaaah\\
sig: but before thinking that…\\ I was scared\\
sig: is it really possible\\
sog: to do something against this curse?\\
doc: if things continue like this your son will not have a lot of time left\\
papa: that cannot be…!\\
doc: we don’t have any other choice than install some cyborg parts in him in order to keep him alive…\\
papa: but we don’t have enough money\\
doc: … our hospital should be able…\\
doc: to prepare some second hand parts\\
papa: a-a second hand life-support system…?\\
doc: I cannot be sure that there will not be any problems but…\\
sfx: *grap*\\
doc: don’t worry I will take full responsibility\\
doc: sig-kun\\
sig: as a result\\
sig: I was able to survive\\
sig: however…\\
?: this guy just grew some pair of steel wings!\\
??: he is a devil!\\
?: hey mechanic bastard, say something!\\
sig: this life-support system was built by a deceased magicians who made it for his personal use…\\
sig: and it has a wicked curse\\
?: eh…?\\
sfx: hyaaaah\\
sig: it’s a really bad curse that returns back the “attacks” against its user with strength several times more powerful\\
sig: ah…\\
poli: kucha kucha\\ so it wasn’t you but that thing, right?\\
poli: it was the evil spirit of a magician who haunts that device on you back, huh\\ kacha kacha\\
cow: guruuuuh\\
sig: well… I don’t think that you will believe me, but…\\
poli: well, it is not like we don’t believe you, you know? Something like that it is not that strange in this town\\
sig: well\\ in any case it is my fault…\\
poli: what?\\
sfx: koku\\
poli: by the way\\ you have some business in the place indicated on this map, right?\\
sig: yes\\
poli: that place is not safe at all\\
poli: they could pickpocket or robber you there, you know? (it’s called the pickpocket street)\\
sig: what!?\\
poli: the police cannot be someone’s body guard\\
poli: this is their job\\
cow: koku\\
sig: t-their…?\\
sign: V&V comprehensive defence security\\
sign: waiting room\\
?: we will protect\\
?: your future!\\
sfx: heartbeats\\
poli: V&V securities also offers bodyguards\\
sig: but I wonder…\\
sfx: look\\
sig: what kind of frightening bodyguards there will be…\\
?: uhiiiiih\\
??: muh…\\
?: sorry to keep you waiting!\\
sig: eeek!?\\
sig: eh…\\
?: I will take care of you for today\\
ali: my name is nijigami alice\\
ali: the police introduced you and told you about your problem… could you tell us your circumstances in details?\\
sig: ah. Yes\\ hum…!\\
sig: I… came to this city\\
sig: to break a “curse”\\
ali: a… curse?\\
sig: yes…\\ I heard that in this city there should be…\\
sig: an exorcist who can break my “curse”\\
sig: because of this curse\\
sig: I became alone\\
bubbles: it is that kid right?\\ his second-hand device is a cursed calamity\\ it badly hurt the other kids…\\ he cannot even stay with his family and now her is in a relief hospital…\\
sig: but only the director threated me like someone who was part of my family\\
sig: jinbou-chou…?\\
dir: you should be happy!\\ there is someone in that city who can break your curse!\\
sfx: dosa\\
dir: take this and go, there is an entire set of items useful for trips and the money for the exorcism in this bag\\
sig: …!\\
sig: I cannot accept all of this money!\\
dir: take also this charm that will help you to realize your objective\\
dir: I already told you, right?\\ I will take full responsibility\\
ali: I see\\ that’s why you came to this city…\\
ali: then you fell prey of misfortune once again and were involved in an incident\\ and for that reason you want to request a bodyguard from this firm, right?\\
sig: well no… it is not for me\\
sig: I want to protect the people of this town by my presence here\\
ali: the people of this town?\\
sig: I never end up hurt so…\\
?: I see, I accept your request then\\
ali: what’s wrong?\\
sig: nothing, it seems that I just heard someone else’s voice, but…\\
sfx: kiro\\
ali: yabusame\\... you still didn’t introduce yourself to him, right!?\\
yabu: no, sorry about that!\\
sig: eh?\\
yabu: you were really frightened\\
yabu: because I suddenly began to speak…\\
sig: eh?\\
ali: geez\\ introduce yourself as soon as possible, please!\\
sfx: pochi\\ gashan\\
yabu: s-sorry\\
sig: eh?\\
yabu: sorry for my late introduction\\
yabu: I am\\ yabusame toroma, an invisible man\\
sig: eeeeh!?\\
yabu: miss alice will give us support from the office\\ I am the one in charge of guarding you\\
text: ah, do you want something to eat\\
sig: e-eeeeeeh!?\\
sig: hum… sorry that I was so surprised\\
yabu: no, don’t say such thing! I am the one who is sorry because I have frightened you\\
yabu: this is your first time in this city so a lot of things frightened you, right?\\
sig: I never thought that such a big city would exist…\\
yabu: this town\\
yabu: was built on the ruins where the dragons lived\\
sig: ruins…!?\\
yabu: this city was born by the many people who gathered from all over the world in search for the “legacy” they left\\
sig: legacy?\\
yabu: yes, there are several magic articles that the dragons left behind\\
yabu: things like rings, bracelets or medicines\\ there are several of them of different shapes\\
yabu: even normal humans can create miracles if they use such items\\
sig: miracles…?\\
yabu: yes, these items are given a rank according to the kind of miracle they can cause\\
yabu: a “E class” legacy is worth an entire mansion\\
sig: an entire mansion!?\\
yabu: for example the “D class” “water bottle that infinitely sparks water”\\
yabu: was used by a merchant to create a country in the desert in the west\\
sig: a country!?\\
yabu: even now they are continuing to excavate in order to obtain those goods\\
sig: and people… are coming here for that, huh\\
sig: ah…?\\ but how can people use rings and water bottles created for dragons?\\
yabu: there are no problems in that\\
yabu: dragons can transform into humans thanks to magic\\
sig: dragons can… turn into humans?\\
yabu: the gigantic bodies of dragons are not suitable for minute manufacturing, so in the ruins’ passageways you can find object of different sizes, suitable for creatures from human to dragon sizes\\
yabu: in the city gathers merchants, adventures and even body hunters\\ for better or worse, jinbou-machi was built on the “legacies”\\
sig: I see… ah\\ the exorcist should live at the last floor of this building\\
yabu: you are looking forward to meet him\\ however are you really happy about this?\\
sig: about what?\\
yabu: the objective of my protection is not you, but the people around you\\
sig: you know\\
sig: there is no meaning in protecting me, right?\\
sig: … I will not be hurt, no matter what happens because of the curse\\
sig: but… I am really afraid of the fact that someone will be hurt because of the curse\\
sig: I… am weak\\
sig: there is nothing useful for people in someone who only hurts others \\
sig: however\\ the director saved me\\
yabu: the director… he must be the guy from the relief hospital you were talking about when we were at the company\\
sig: yes. I want to become like him once this curse is broken\\ I want to help someone else, just like someone helped me…\\
yabu: that’s splendid\\ it is a good thing that you have an objective in you life, no matter what kind of objective it is\\ it is an honour for me to be able to help you\\
sig: t-thank you very much\\
sig: is this job the dream you wished for, toroma-san?\\
yabu: no\\
yabu: I just began to do a job someone suggested me\\
sig: then what kind of dream you have, toroma-san?\\
yabu: no, I don’t have any dream\\
sig: eh?\\
yabu: I don’t have things you could call “dreams” or “beliefs”\\
sig: but you just said that…\\
yabu: yes, I said that it is splendid to live while having an objective\\
yabu: because I don’t have any!\\
sig: I wasn’t able to understand if he was serious or not\\ not only he didn’t have any appearance, but I could understand his essence either\\
sig: I never thought that not being able to see expression on someone’s face would make me so anxious\\
yabu: pi\\ yes, hello, yabusame here…\\
sig: even the phone is invisible\\
yabu: ah, it is you, alice-san\\
yabu: yes… yes…\\
yabu: understood\\
sfx: pi\\
yabu: things\\ will get bad soon\\
sig: eh?\\
yabu: it is about your incident of this afternoon…\\ a person was sighted by a security camera near there\\ kawaharada jacking\\
yabu: he is professional killer of the assassin guild who uses telekinetic powers\\
sig: … what?\\
sig: assassin guild…?\\
yabu: it is something like a company of professional killers\\
sig: why is a professional killer… after me!?\\
sfx: gui\\
yabu: for the time begin let’s just go…\\
sfx: beko\\
yabu: the smell of gas!\\
jac: haha!\\
jac: be careful with fire\\
jac: hahahahaha\\
jac: ha…\\
jac: what?\\
jac: what the…\\
jac: it can even counter attack explosions?\\
sfx: bah\\kuh\\
jac: this is bad… I’m being pushed here…!\\
jac: uooh!?\\
sfx: bashun\\
jac: what was that wind now…\\!\\
jac: tch…\\I have to change approach…\\
jac: let’s observe the situation from here for the time being\\
yabu: he must be thinking that we escaped outside of the building\\
near yabu: are you alright?\\
sig: to think… that a killer would come after me…\\
yabu: don’t worry, I have called reinforcements\\
sig: sorry…\\
sig: you ended up in a bad situation because of me…\\
yabu: that’s my job\\
sig: were you the one… who created that wind?\\
yabu: well yeah\\
sig: how did you…\\
yabu: that happens when I breath normally\\
sig: uoh… it hurts\\
yabu: are you hurt?\\
sig: ah… no\\
yabu: if we went through the rooftop’s floor…\\ it means that we are at the last floor of the building…\\
sfx: para\\ para\\
sig: ah…\\were is the exorcist…!?\\
sfx: kui\\
yabu: I don’t see any people living here…\\
jac: there isn’t any exorcist here\\
yabu: oh my\\ you are kawaharada jacking\\
jac: I never thought that you would have an invisible bodyguard… are you a magician?\\
sig: why do you know our location…?\\
jac: … does it bother you?\\
jac: try to open the charm the director gave you\\
sig: why do you know about the charm the director gave me…?\\
sig: hey… toroma-san?\\
sfx: gong on\\
sfx: poro\\
sfx: kashun\\
sfx: pih\\pih\\
sig: … eh?\\
sig: what is that device\\
sfx: hyoi\\
jac: a transmitter\\
sig: a transmitter…?\\
jac: I knew you location\\
jac: since the beginning\\
sfx: pyun\\pyun\\
sig: … eh?\\
sig: I never… let go this charm for a second…\\
jac: that’s why I said “since the beginning”\\do you know \\
jac: who commissioned your assassination?\\
jac: maybe it was\\
jac: the director you love so much?\\
sig: that’s… a lie\\
jac: that’s not a lie!\\
jac: since the beginning the objective was to send you on a journey and make you die in an accident!\\
sig: it cannot be…\\
sig: if he said that I was an hindrance for him then I would immediately…\\
jac: you would leave the town, right?\\ that would have been a problem for the director, you know?\\
jac: because you would have brought with you that thing you have on your back \\
sig: eh…?\\
jac: you idiot, you still don’t understand, huh?\\
jac: did you really think that monster on you back was a “magician’s curse”?\\
jac: that’s not life-support system\\
jac: that’s a “dragon’s legacy”!\\
jac: yeah that director is even more wicked than me\\ he used you as a guinea pig to try the power of that legacy\\
sig: dragon’s… legacy?\\
sig: you are wrong… I was sick… and the director saved me…\\
jac: you are a real idiot\\
jac: it is obvious that the director devised that illness himself, do you understand?\\
sig: it’s a lie\\ a lie\\ lie\\lie\\ a lie!!!\\
yabu: don’t listen to him! Let’s run away for now!\\
yabu: !\\
yabu: sig-san!?\\
sig: a lie\\ a lie\\ a lie…\\
sig: they are all lies…\\
sig: aah…\\
sig: aaaaaaaaaaah\\
jac: I gave you a little of “spoilers” but it seems that it was effective!\\ my objective was to drive you to committing suicide, but this is a real surprise!\\
jac: the entire world\\ is now an enemy of that brat!\\
jac: I just have to wait for the police or the army to kill him!\\
yabu: this is not… automatic counter-attack, but pure “attack”…\\
yabu: this power is “dragon’s legacy” without any doubt…\\
jac: you will became the culprit… who made the brat go berserk\\
jac: you should have abandoned him and run away! Hahahahaha\\
sfx: garri\\
jac: hahahah… eh?\\
yabu: there is no need to abandon him nor…\\
yabu: of to run away either\\
yabu: my young commissioner is on the verge of destroying everything after losing hope in this world\\
yabu: but it is not just that\\
jac: … what?\\
sig: … toroma… san?\\
yabu: it is normal for people to despair\\
yabu: once everyone abandoned you like this\\
yabu: we didn’t have an contract since the beginning\\
jac: what!? He is just having a simple walk in all this mess!?\\
sfx: step\\step\\
sig: don’t… come…\\
yabu: no, I’m coming\\
sig: why…?\\
sig: aaah…\\
yabu: even if your dream would be to destroy the world…\\
yabu: it would be a really valuable dream for me\\
jac: what the hell is he talking about…\\
sfx: gun\\
sfx: meki\\meki\\meki\\
sfx: meki\\meki\\ sfx: meki\\meki\\
jac: just…\\
jac: die already!\\
yabu: not only I am invisible, but my “essence” is empty\\
yabu: that’s why I am accumulating something\\ just like people accumulate treasures and works of art\\
yabu: because for someone like me without any dreams nor beliefs, it is a modest happiness\\ to make the future that someone is creating in front of my eyes into my “essence”\\
sig: happiness…? Something like my future?\\
yabu: sure\\ even if the world is probably your enemy\\
yabu: at least I will be your ally\\
sig: it’s alright\\ there no reason to me to live… if someone is hurt in the process\\
sig: I’m sorry… toroma-san\\
sig: if you will ever meet m family… please tell them\\
sig: that I am…\\ sorry…\\
yabu: sig-san!\\
sfx: bah\\
jac: hah…\\
jac: hahahaha! What a fool!\\
jac: he went down like an idiot!\\
jac: ah…?\\
jac: w-…\\what the hell is that…?\\
sig: … what?\\ … am I… still alive?\\
yabu: are you hurt?\\
sig: toroma… san?\\
yabu: I was in an hurry and I grabbed you while you were falling, so I was worried if you were hurt…\\
text: someone said that you cannot judge a person from the appearances\\
text: I didn’t believe those words too much\\
yabu: I sorry I told you a lie\\
sig: what I met in this mysterious city was…\\
yabu: I am not an invisible man…\\
yabu: but an invisible… “dragon”\\
sig: a fairy tale… without any appearance\\
inserted text: the legend showed to the young boy its real form, and draws him into the story.\\

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