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Stealth Symphony 2

act 2: about that man’s invisibility

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 9, 2014 13:50 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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act 2: about that man’s invisibility \\
box: the dragon race\\
box: a group of grotesque tyrants who ruled a certain region\\
box: 100 years ago a certain hero called maimrondo appeared\\
box: and caused a rebellion against the dragons\\
box: the dragons were exiled to the moon\\ and the people, now free, lived in happiness\\
box: the end\\
box: this is the fairy tale you can find in picture books\\
box: it is a fantasy story that you only find in picture books\\
box: that’s what I thought, but…\\
side text in red: the curtain on the legend opens in front of that boy’s eyes…!!\\
box: the fairy tale was real\\
toro: dragons can turn into humans thanks to magic\\
toro: therefore the majority of legacies are fit for human’s sizes\\
sieg: toroma-san is…\\
sieg: a dragon…?\\
sieg: keep that a secret to all the people who don’t belong to my company, please (and there are even few of them who know such a thing)\\
sieg: why… why did you do that for someone like me… and it wasn’t even in the content of our contract…\\
toro: no, this is just as the contract says\\
toro: right now you are a person in this town too\\ I just saved you by your own self, as you were going to commit suicide\\
sieg: but…\\
toro: this is the result of you worrying about the other people\\
toro: maybe it is a lie that the director was a kind person, but…\\
toro: your purity, that is a consequence of that lie\\ it’s an unmistakable truth\\
sieg: toroma-san…!\\
sfx: jiri…\\
jac: shit!\\no one told me about this! To think a dragon would appear!\\
jac: but… I cannot retreat now\\
jac: what about an electric shock, then!?\\
jac: … you monster\\
jac: guoooooh\\
sfx: boko boko boko\\
sfx: dosa\\
sieg: what …\\
sieg: you saved him right?\\
toro: that was in the contract\\
jac: you…\\
jac: saved me?\\ stop fucking with me…!\\
jac: I don’t care about the request anymore!\\
sfx: ba\\
jac: now this entire region will be full of poisonous gas and…\\
sfx: puran\\
jac: … what?\\
jac: … ah?\\ g-gah…?\\
?: this is it\\ the show has ended\\
jac: w-why… are you…?\\
?: you did a mess, you know\\ no matter what was your real intention, you clearly told them who was your commissioner\\
?: furthermore you dragged too many innocent people in this\\
?: for us of the “assassin guild”\\
?: the trust of the people of this town is the most important thing\\
ig: a-a killer…!!\\
toro: yes\\ he is yuunagi souya-san\\
sieg: eh?\\
toro: … he is the vice-boss of the assassin guild\\
sieg: e-eeeeh!?\\
sou: that poisonous gas will not work against both the “wings” and the “dragon”\\
jac: gah…\\
sou: and the commissioner asked for an accidental death in the first place, right?\\
sfx: su\\
sou: well that’s not important anymore\\
sou: you are expelled after all\\
sou: I avoided your vitals, but it is better that you go to see a doctor\\
jac: h-hey wait, don’t expel me, I beg you…\\
sou: it is better\\
sou: if you go to see a doctor\\
jac: ee..\\
sou: hey long time no see, toroma-san\\
toro: I should… thank you, right?\\
sfx: shun\\shun\\
sfx: shuuun\\
sou: no, it was a mistake from our part after all\\
sou: oh well, it was a really dangerous situation\\
sou: hey don’t be so scared\\ once the assassin who received the contract has been expelled, the contract becomes invalid and a new one must be created\\
sou: that’s one of our rules\\
sieg: toroma-san…?\\
toro: I think that we can believe him\\ he is an assassin, but he is quite a decent fellow\\
sieg: e-\\eeeeh…?\\
sou: oh well, you are overestimating me\\
sou: however, how it should be expected by yabusame toroma-san\\
sou: you were one of my most revered seniors, after all\\
sieg: …eh?\\
sieg: toroma-san?\\
toro: oh well, you are overestimating me\\
toro: at the end…\\ I was unable to kill anyone\\
sou: once upon a time…\\ the dragons fought among themselves\\
sou: a certain dragon clan united magic with science and gave birth to the “invisible dragon”\\
sou: it was a special dragon which heart didn’t produce any sound, and which body didn’t have any smell\\
sou: it was supposed to be the worst kind of assassin in dragons’ history\\
toro: oh well, that’s a quite embarrassing story\\
toro: because my first job was to assassinate “the humans who opposed dragons”…\\ I was the foolish dragon who “was hunted” by that small hero\\
sieg: maimrondo…\\
sieg: he really kicked my ass that time!\\ I don’t have any qualification to be called an assassin\\
sou: but you have really high level qualities\\ what about changing job?\\
toro: I’m grateful of your invitation, but I agree with my current company’s policy\\
toro: V&V(virtue and weiss)\\ to protect our client’s future\\ no matter if he is good or evil\\ it totally coincides with my interests\\
sou: that’s a pity\\
sou: then\\
sou: what about you, sieg-kun?\\
sieg: eh?\\
sou: would you enter in the assassin guild?\\
sieg: eeeh!?\\
near him: why me!?\\
sieg: I-I refuse!\\
sou: that’s a pity, but you should think about your future, you know?\\
sou: the “dragon legacy” on your back…\\
sou: in my opinion should be at least a c-rank\\
sieg: c-rank…?\\ eh… but with an e-rank you can buy an entire mansion…\\
sou: that’s right\\ there are a lot of people in this city who desire those legacies\\
sou: even us assassins\\
sou: are not a exception\\
sou: what\\
sou: the V&V seems to be really interested in legacies too\\
sieg: eh!?\\
sieg: eh!?\\
troll: what are you saying, he is still one of our clients after all\\
troll: you can call it a “after service”\\
toro: ah, president\\
sieg: president!?\\
boss: do you really want to compete with us on who will be the one to take this brat?\\
both: “keep things quiet when you cross each other” \\
sou: stealth symphony\\ that’s is the unwritten rule of this city’s organizations… or rather, it was\\
sfx: re---whoo- re whoo--\\
sou: oh my… we have to retire before some scary policeman shows up\\
sfx: step\\
sou: ah, that’s right\\
sou: do you hate the one who commissioned you assassination?\\
sieg: ah…\\
sou: if you are unable of get rid of that hate, come to our guild\\
sou: we will make you a discount as an apology because we were unable to kill you even if we wanted to, ok?\\
sou: ah by the way, there are a lot of thief around here, so be careful\\
toro: let’s go back to the company for now\\ being involved with the police is nothing but troubles\\
toro: by the way, why is everyone here?\\
boss: you are the one who called for reinforcements!\\
toro: aah! Now that you mention it!\\
sieg: what should I do… from now on?\\
toro: to not have your path set means that you can choose whenever you want\\
toro: no matter what path you will take…\\
toro: I will respect your decision\\
sieg: I’m saying this just because I am curious, but…\\
sieg: what would you do if I tell you that my dream is to kill you?\\
toro: I would obviously respect your decision as well!\\ I cannot hurt myself but, I can cheer for you!\\
box: I cannot understand if he is joking of not after all,\\ but\\
box: toroma-san’s words were a relief for me, just like they were before\\
boss: the legacies that control all of the other legacies’ powers are the a-rank\\
boss: therefore there should be some legacy capable of suppressing your “wings”\\
sieg: r-really!?\\
boss: yeah, but\\ the last A-rank legacy that appeared in an auction was sold for 457*10^8 eren*\\
note: 1 eren is more or less one yen, so 457*10^8 eren is 442 millions of dollars, that’s not a lot considering that with just a D-rank you can built a kingdom, it should cost at least 100 times more.\\
sieg: how many mansions can you buy with those money?\\
toro: there exist a merchant who built a kingdom with a d-rank, so\\ there should be chances to earn some money in this city\\
sieg: can I really earn all of those money?\\
toro: I cannot assure you that, but…\\
toro: at least I will be your ally\\
sfx: *stare*…\\
sieg: what… kind of face are you doing right now?\\
toro: I wonder\\
toro: I’m not sure about that myself\\
box: dear riru, are you doing fine? It seems that they arrested the principal, but… I have decided to remain in this city\\ I cannot come back until I have broken this curse after all, furthermore…\\
box: I want to see with my eyes\\
box: what kind of fairy tail I am able to create together with totoma-san\\
sieg: let’s me say it once again\\
sieg: welcome to shinbou-chou\\
toro: I am sure that this city will welcome you\\
box: so that I can find the objective of my life\\
box: P.S.\\
box: objective money:\ 457*10^8 eren\ current money hold:\ 0 eren\\
sieg: they took my wallet…\\
toro: sorry\\ your request was to “protect the people of the city from you”\\
toro: I couldn’t assure that they would not steal your money\\
ali: don’t feel so discouraged\\
near toro: they took my wallet as well\\
sieg: your wallet is also invisible, right…?\\
toro: I have totally underestimated the “pickpocket street”\\
sieg: this is a terrible city after all…\\
boss: it’s a real pity\\
boss: in that case\\
boss: what about doing part time jobs for us?\\
sieg: yes please\\
box: I will work for the time being\\
?: what’s wrong, vice-boss?\\
sou: well\\
sou: it seems that… they took my wallet\\
near him: that pickpocket master is too good\\

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