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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 3

Act 3: the assassin in the bakery

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 9, 2014 13:52 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Act 3: the assassin in the bakery\\
side text: anything could happen in this world!! So why is sieg so shocked!?\\
tv: it is a follow-up news about the golem that went out of control\\
tv: the more of 100 tall metal golem is not crossing the Outamrif plains…\\
box: dear riru, it’s me, your borther\\
toro: well you know…\\ such things happen a lot\\
box: in the letter I sent you yesterday, I told you that I would begin to work\\
sfx: mora mora\\
box: I’m sorry\\
box: that was lie\\
on the paper: rejection\\
side text: yuunagi souya, the vice-boss of the assassin guild, is that despair reflected in those cold eyes? or could it be…\\
tv: furthermore the cause that made this golem go berserk is not artificial intelligence,\\ but it was because it ahs been possessed by an ancient evil spirit\\
sieg: the one who invited me was the president, and yet…\\
boss: in that case\\
boss: what about doing part time jobs for us?\\
boss: ah, sorry about that\\
boss: but Glass Hutter (the vice-president) said to me that “ you shouldn’t hire people just because you feel like it”\\ oh well, as an apology I will let you stay in one of the empty rooms of the company dorms. So what about going into the streets and search for a job?\\
sieg: eh?\\
toro: that’s a good idea\\
toro: it will be alright, I’m sure that you will find a splendid job\\
box: after half a day\\
sieg: in the end\\ there wasn't a single shop that hired me…\\
sieg: if things continue like this I will not even have the money to pay the ticket back to my home town…\\
sfx: sniff sniff\\
sieg: aaah\\ this is such a good smell…\\
sfx: guruuuh\\
sfx: guruuuh\\
Sfx: fura fura\\
Sig: if only I had the money…\\
On the sign: baguette\\
Sieg: … eh?\\
on the sign: we are search for new staff\\ why don’t you become a baker as well?\\
sieg: great, maybe I can work here\\
on the sign: it doesn’t matter your species or your age\\ cyborgs \\ undead\ are also accepted\tractable salary \\
sfx: garan\\garan\\
?: welcome!\\
sieg: ah!\\ hum… I\\
sieg: I saw the poster on the door and…\\
?: oh my\\
sou: an entire day passed since we last met!\\
sou: do you still remember me?\\
sieg: … sorry I have to go now\\
sou: there is no need to be so scared\\
sieg: why there are so many of him!?\\
sou: hahah\\
sou: it’s only a step technique\\
sou: that puts together\\
sou: after-images and illusions\\
sieg: eeeeeh!?\\
sieg: you murderer!\\
sou: I see, so you do remember me after all\\
sou: so…\\
sou: are you requesting a job from me?\\
sou: you cannot forgive that director who betrayed you after all, right?\\
sieg: you are wrong!\\
sieg: I’m just\\ looking for a job…\\
sfx: kata kata\\
sou: aah! I see!\\
sou: in other words you want to enter in the assassin guild!\\
sieg: like hell!\\
sou: it’s alright, I’m sure that it will become a good killer\\
sou: those wings on your back I mean\\
sou: you can easily kill humans if you use those wings well, right?\\
sieg: …!\\
sieg: I don’t want to do such a thing…\\ and that’s the reason why I want to get rid of these wings as soon as possible\\
sou: well you know, it is better to use the power you have\\
sou: maybe you think that power makes you into an invincible devil, but…\\
sou: you are quite powerless if compared to the people in this town\\
sou: I could easily kill you now\\
sieg: … it is impossible to do such a thing\\
sieg: if there is someone capable of killing me\\ then I want him to do it now\\
sou: you don’t have to become desperate\\
sieg: I just came here to have an interview for the job in the bakery, yet…\\
sou: I see, you prefer to become a baker! Sorry\\
sieg: who cares now, just let me go home…\\
sieg: eh?\\
sfx: kopopo\\
sou: look, it is quite easy, right?\\
sieg: ah… uwaaah!?\\
sieg: why…?\\
sou: you didn’t notice it yourself, but\\ it seems that those wings react to the “hostility” around you\\
sfx: hyun\\hyun\\
sou: if that steel frame falling over you and those explosions were really “incidents” then you would have been already dead\\
sou: therefore I just have to pierce you without any hostility\\
sou: look you are dead once again\\
sieg: h-hum…\\
sou: by the way…\\
sou: when you said “if there is someone capable of killing me, then I want him to do it now”…\\
sou: should I take that\\
sou: as a formal request?\\
sieg: I-I…\\
sou: ah… sorry the situation changed\\
sou: right now\\ I cannot easily kill you anymore\\
sou: why are you here?\\
toro: well you know, someone I know was going to be stabbed so…\\
toro: I entered here before I could even think about it\\
sieg: this voice… toroma-san!?\\
toro: I’m sorry that I followed you without permission, sieg-san\\
toro: I did that because I thought that you would be in troubles if you ended up in the slums\\
sou: yes\\ there are a lot…\\
sou: of dangerous people there\\
toro: it is true that in this city there are a lot of dangerous people\\
toro: and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t forget that there are works like mine\\
sou: ah\\
sou: you made a nonchalant advertisement, right?\\ in that case I have to do my best\\
sou: to show off the power of my guild\\
sieg: waaaaaah\\
toro: I have no reasons to cross swords with you, but…\\
sou: I just want to fight against a sword that is in mid air, ok?\\
sou: it is irresistible for me to go against a invisible man from time to time\\
toro: I see… I accept your challenge them\\
sieg: don’t accept so easily!\\
sou: ah that’s right, what about making you a discount on the bread because of disturbance we created yesterday?\\
tora: eeeh? Well, that would be to ask too much!\\
sou: another minute and the bread will be ready, come on, buy it\\
tora: in that case I accept…!\\
sou: ok, let’s continue until the bread is read then\\
sieg: eh…? What the hell is this situation?\\
sieg: strange…\\
sieg: these people… are all strange…\\
toro: well… thank you very much!\\
toro: to be honest the bread here is my favourite!\\
girl: thank you for your patronage!\\
sou: by the way, you really have incredible skills, toroma-san\\
sou: you are fit to become an assassin after all…\\
sou: hum…\\it seems that I have an urgent job\\
sfx: pih\\
toro: thanks for the bread\\
sfx: karan\\karan\\
sou: by the way sieg-kun\\
sou you shouldn’t say “if there is someone capable of killing me, then I want him to do it now” so easily\\
sieg: ah…\\
sou: I understand the shock from because of your benefactor’s betrayal, but to desire suicide is not a good thing\\
sieg: … yes\\
sieg: could it be that… he is a good person?\\
sou: but if you have such a death wish, be sure to send a request to our guild, ok?\\
sieg: never!\\
sieg: why don’t they arrest him, even if he is a\\ killer…?\\
toro: well you know\\
people: waaaaaah\\ gyaaaaah\\
sieg: eeeeeeeeeh!?\\
tora: oh my, that’s the berserk golem that appeared in the news\\
sieg: l-\\l-\\let’s run away!\\
toro: ah… it seems that everything is under control\\
sieg: eh…?\\
sou: we have such a good weather today, don’t you think?\\
sou: isn’t this a good day to die?\\
sfx: bah\\
sou: kougestsu style: destructive technique\\
sou: destruction formula\\
sou: one day we will meet on the other side and I will listen to the things you cursed during your life \\
sieg: what was that now, toroma-san…?\\
toro: even if you cannot call it an “assassination”… it was a job from his guild\\
toro: the employer is secret, but it is probably the mayor\\
sieg: eh…?\\
toro: the assassin guild was approved in this town with the pretext of getting rid of external enemies, as you have just saw\\
toro: obviously the assassination of an ordinary person in not approved\\ and at the present they cannot arrest him if they don’t have enough evidence\\
?: good!\\
girl: souya-san you are so cool!!\\
sieg: … eh? Then why does he have a normal bakery…?\\
toro: that’s his hobby\\
sieg: hobby!?\\
sfx: gaza\\
sieg: but the bread made by an assassin is…\\
box: while I was deeply moved by the taste of the bread, I realized\\
toro: how is it?\\
sieg: … it’s\\ so good\\
box: that I still didn’t know anything\\
box: that’s right, I still…\\
?: analysis completed\\
?: we detected a “legacy” reaction from the parts on the back of the observed target\\
?: next time we will register the target as an observation subject\\
box: didn’t know anything about this town…\\

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