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Stealth Symphony 4

Act 4: monsters link

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 13, 2014 16:57 | Go to Stealth Symphony

-> RTS Page for Stealth Symphony 4

Reserved for substitute

Act 4: monsters link\\
box: hi lil, are you doing fine?\\
box: I’m still broke, but I was able to avoid sleeping outside in a way or another\\
box: three days have passed since I came to this town, but…\\
toro: ah, is that a letter?\\
sieg: yes, it is to my family in my hometown\\
box: I still cannot believe it\\
box: this person in front of me is\\
box: an invisible dragon\\
inserted text: special reportage…!! Toroma’s secrets!!\\
under the chaoter’s title: schematics! The glass dragon’s secrets!\\
1. look: he is invisible!\\
2. smell: his sweat is odourless\\
3. heart: it does not produce any sound!\\
4. trans: he can transform into a human! His scales become his clothes, so he is free to wear any garments!\ but they are invisible!\\
5. mask
under his human form: for some reason even his personal effects become invisible\\
others: let’s check his remaining secrets with our own eyes!\\
last box: the things he borrows from other people and the equipment from the company do not become invisible! Also the spurts of blood on him do not become invisible!\\
?: good morning everyone!\\
?: the future of our clients is the future of our company\\
?: let’s complete our tasks with enthusiasm for today as well\\
frame1: team 12 head for the spot I have indicated you\\ a suspicion person has been sighted in the third block of the residential area…\\
frame2: what!? There are troubles on site!?\\ I have to hurry\\
frame3: a notice letter came to the town’s art gallery from the “singing jewel*”…\\ Balzac made a bid for the new airport’s security too, you know\\ did you say the heaven’s eight? Are you crazy?\\
TLN: this in in brackets in the original Japanese text, so it could be the name of a thief or something\\
Toro: why don’t you call your family?\\
sieg: my home is not connected to the telephone lines\\ and it is also out of range from the cellular network… eh?\\
sieg: what is this?\\
TLN: the resolution in not enough to accurately translate the descriptions but the font of names and the races is clear enough\\
on the poster:
{ V&V comprehensive security and defence\\
business ranking}
1st place\ name: metalia\ race: iron golem\\
2nd place: nakamura-san\ race: human\\
3rd place: master\ race: unknown\\
4th place: doctor bugdoll\\race: ogre\\
5th place: nijigami alice\\ race: vampire(not sure about this)
6th place: maruyoshi Sophia(not sure about his surname, the spell of the name is suphia, but I’m changing it to Sophia because it is a real name)\\
7th place: yabusame toroma\\
8th place: higure shade(not sure about the surname)\\
9th place: pairo\\
10th place: Claris\\
toro: ah!! Do you mean that!\\ that’s a rough estimate of our popularity according to the clients’ feedbacks\\
sieg: it looks like a manga’s popularity poll\\
toro: naturally the members of a company should all have the same level of expertize and preparation\\ so what do you think about this kind of raking?\\
sieg: you seem to be unexpectedly happy, right?\\
toro: in the past only 5 positions were displayed but…\\ I wonder why they have decided to show the first 10 positions lately \\
?: you shouldn’t say “I wonder why” mister yabusame\\
?: we did it because you were sulking after falling under the 5th position\\
toro: w-what are you talking about…\\
sieg: eh?\\
sieg: what?\\eh?\\
toro: ah that’s right, sorry for the late introduction\\
toro: she is called emeth-san…\\ she is this company security system\\
sieg: security… system?\\
toro: yes, you could say…\\ that she is this building itself\\
toro: she is a golem fused with the building which tasks consist in controlling several functions such as air conditioning at the same time\\
sieg: ah… I see, nice to meet you\\
sfx: bow\\
toro: oh my, you seem to be less surprised than I have anticipated\\
sieg: ah well…\\ I was continuously surprised since I came to this town…\\
sieg: so I guess that I don’t have any other choice than to accept the different strange things that I encounter…\\
eme: there are more things in heaven and earth than you can even dream of\\
toro: by the way, this is the first time you are in our company, right?\\
sieg: yes… to be honest it is the first time I see with my own eyes elves and dwarfs\\ I never thought that there would be so many of them in a company…\\
toro: yes, this city is special, you know\\ there are more races here than you can find even in the royal capital\\
eme: 100 years passed since the dragons were exiled on the moon\\
eme: and many species came to this empty land\\ here you can find the “elves’ magic and biotechnology”, the ”dwarfs’ architecture and mechanical technology”, the “goblins’ steam engineering”, the “lizardmen’s earth sciences”, and also the “sirens and harpies’ art and music”\\ all of these different elements were mixed, and then this town developed on such elements\\
boss: well, there were a lot of troubles as well\\
toro: !\\ president!\\
boss: so many species eat different things, and even the shapes of their toilets are different\\
boss: it often happens that you have to cook various kinds of foods in a company and the houses must be built for a particular species in mind\\
boss: this city is the real melting pot of many different species, after all\\
boss: but V&V will accept any job equally, no matter from which species it comes from!\\
toro: that’s a magnificent thing\\
toro: I was deeply impressed by that policy and that is why I am here. And I think that the same thing is true for a lot of people in this company.\\
boss: it isn’t only a matter of species\\ as long as the client has the money, we will work for him, no matter if he is a saint or a devil\\
boss: and that’s the reason why we need several “different talents” in this company\\
sieg: it really sounds splendid…\\
boss: that’s right… by responding to the needs of several different clients…\\
boss: my V&V is now at the top of all security agencies!\\
eme: what are you talking about? We are at the third place in the world\\
boss: W-we are at the top of the security agencies in jinbou-chou\\
eme: the first security agency in the world, Balzac, is incredible\\ not only their training for new personnel is really complete, but differently from our company their president is a man of character\\
boss: why don’t you go to work for Balzac, if you like it so much, you bitch?\\
em: I cannot move from this building\\ make them takeover this company, please\\
boss: remember that I can disassembly you from this building\\
em: oh my, that’s power harassment, huh… don’t forget that I also control the network servers\\ do you want me to exhibit to the employee the porn images you have on the personal computer in your office?\\
boss: y-you bitch, how dare you to threaten me…!\\
toro: president… what in the world were you doing with one of the company’s computers…\\
sieg: are you sure that this person is the president? (will this company will be alright?)\\
boss: ah that’s right!\\ I have some business with you, boy!\\
sieg: eh? Me?\\
boss: you don’t know a lot about the “dragon’s legacy” you have on you back, right boy?\\
boss: I thought of showing it to the different people of this company\\
sieg: eh!? T-thank you very much!\\
em: there is no need to thank him\\ because he will use that gratitude to use you as a pawn\\
sieg: seriously…!?\\
sieg: eh? Why isn’t he denying it!?\\
boss: look! For example, this ring\\ I wonder what kind of legacy it is…\\
toro: ah, that’s a E-rank summoning tool\\it is an article capable of summoning 100 demonic beasts from another dimension at once\\
sfx: kachi!\\
sfx: pari\\pari\\
sfx: gyan\\
sieg: demonic beasts!?\\
sfx: gyan\\
sieg: eeeek!?\\
boss: hey, there is no need to be so surprised\\
sfx: step\\
boss: it’s incredible, right?\\ the power of the legacy consists in manipulating these guys freely\\
sfx: pachi\\pachi\\
toro: ah, no\\
toro: it can only summon them. It would not be just an E-rank if it would also be able to control them\\
toro: it is a tool created because the dragons really enjoy hunting\\
sfx: bakun\\
sieg: uwaaaaaah\\
em: this is an emergency broadcast\\
em: this is the president’s fault\\
?: this cannot be real!\\
??: the president did it again!\\
em: right now 100 demonic beasts were set free in this building\\ all the personnel should keep in mind to act with composure, thanks\\
sieg: this is a pinch…\\
toro: not really, it is an everyday occurrence in this company\\
toro: furthermore there is not a single member of this company who is not able to handle…\\
toro: such low level kind of\\
toro: demonic beasts\\
box: after I saw them stop those demonic beasts one after another\\
box: I understood why my application to this company was rejected\\
box: at the same time a was a little excited\\ because I thought that I was standing in a really amazing place\\
toro: finally we were able to capture the 100th beast\\
eme: let’s send them back to the other dimension\\
?: by the way where is the main culprit, the president?\\
?: let’s tie him up and hand him over to the vice-president\\
sieg: aaah! N-now I remember…!\\ the president is in a bad situation!\\
sieg: just a moment ago a demonic beast ate him up whole and…\\
boss: i-idiot! Shut up!\\
sieg: … eh?\\
beast: gebuh\\
sfx: chirari\\
boss: shit… they found me, no other choice then\\
boss: let’s run away, pochi*!!\\
TLN: that’s the name of the beast I guess\\
sfx: kyain\\
?: aah! He is running away!\\
?: take your weapons!\\
??: let’s hunt the president!\\
sieg: … this company is more dangerous than I thought…\\
sieg: maybe I should be happy that my application was rejected…\\
sieg: by the way…\\ I will run out of the stamps I brought with me soon…\\
text at the bottom: in the next issued what will be the real identity of the mysterious organization that is aiming at sieg!? And will toroma be able to…!!\\
sieg: I have to… find a job…\\
sieg: haaah\\
sfx: pi pi\\
cat: I found you\\
cat: ahahah!\\incredible, it is true that those wings on his back are a legacy!\\
cell: right?\\
cat: for the time being I will get rid of that boy\\
cat: I can tear off that legacy from his spine, right?\\
side text: one thing after another, and the next is… a cat ear girl?\\

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