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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 218

Night 218: the great sinners

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 15, 2014 13:04 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense

Night 218: the great sinners\\
inserted text: sheba opened her heart to a child of another species, but…\\
she: I made a friend!\\
she: it’s called momo!\\
TLN: not sure if it is a male or a female… momo is a female name…\\
Solo: ah, I see.\\ they became intimate\\
Near she: do you want to play over there? Ok!\\
Solo: by the way, according to what the manticora’s leader told me…\\
Solo: the continent broke off only recently. It was to keep up here, just as I thought.\\
It: “tell”… so you have learnt the manticora’s language already?\\
Solo: more or less…\\
Wa: his breeding is totally different from yours after all!\\
It: shut up.\\
Arba: so that’s means…\\
Arba: that we should entrust “that thing” to the manticora tribe, without waiting for the other leaders to show up\\ and leave this place sooner than expected. Right, little lord?\\
solo: exactly.\\
she: momo, momo! That person is your mother, right? where is your father?\\
momo: you know, my father…\\
momo: died.\\
momo: the tower that you and the others destroyed\\
momo: from time to time we could hear a sound coming from that tower…\\
momo: and everyone went crazy. They couldn’t even understand who were their friends or their family. Just a little while ago, my father and his friends began to eat each other in that moment of chaos and he died.\\
momo: my father was so kind, he would never do such a thing, so why did it happen…?\\
she: momo…\\
she: …\\ in other words… it’s my fault…\\
she: … no, I am wrong.\\
she: in the “tower” there were a lot of other magicians.\\
she: that’s right! it’s not just my fault!\\
she: there were a lot of magicians other than me in that tower!!\\
she: a lot of magicians…\\
she: did terrible things to momo and his family…\\
she: momo…\\
she: the truth is that I understand, because I saw that for a long time. The magic I was casting was breaking the minds of these people…\\
she: … I’m sorry…\\
she: you father is dead, and the one guilty for that is…\\
she: you know, momo!\\
she: the truth is…\\
she: the truth is…\\
she: no,\\
she: it was nothing.\\
she: I wasn’t able to tell him…\\
solo: tell him what?\\
she: that it was my magic’s fault that momo’s father died…\\
she: I was really scared that he would hate me, if I told him such a thing.\\
solo: I see.\\
she: yes, that’s right.\\
she: but…\\
she: even if I didn’t tell it to momo…\\
she: I ended up hating myself a lot…\\
solo: I see.\\
she: yes, that’s right.\\
she: momo… I can just imagine how it was sad for him…\\
solo: … I see.\\
solo : but now that I…\\ see you, thinking about something that never entered your mind until yesterday, thinking about the feelings of the ones you considered wolfs\\ and see that face, the face of someone who is desperately trying to image how it would feel. Well now I…\\
solo: came to like you now\\
she: I see.\\
solo: yes, that’s right.\\
solo: don’t worry. from now on you will probably have the opportunity to apologize to them.\\
she :eh?\\
she: what do you mean…?\\
?: you fools who put on an air of liberators of justice, will not kill these beasts, right?\\
?: we of the air fleet are also able to use the mind destruction magic from the “gnuud”, and control the other species!! Hahahah!!\\
she: why?\\
she: just a moment ago… they were all smiling.\\
she: they were living normally, playing normally… they were all so kind, and yet…\\
she: why are they doing such a cruel thing to them…?\\
sfx: guuh!!!\\
momo: gurrrrrrrrr!!\\
she: momo…\\
solo: behold.\\
solo: this is what you were doing, right?\\
she: you… you knew that such a thing would happen… so why…!?\\
solo: why are you making that face? Are you blaming us or something?\\
solo: this is the same thing you were doing until now, this is the scene you have saw so many times from that tall tower, right?\\
she: you are wrong!\\
she: this is not was I was doing!!\\
solo: you did the exact same thing, right?\\
solo: for one…\\ two years…\\ while feeling good inside of that room…\\
solo: while sneering at them…\\
solo: it became your pride\\ they came to disgust you,\\ and you continued to recklessly break their minds, right!?\\
?: you dammed beasts!\\ you should entrust your body to the will of god!!\\
she: yes… he is right! look at their faces!\\
she: they have those white eyes and drool all over the place…\\ it is natural for us to control those beasts!\\
she: this is the reward to have devoured so greedily the humans in the past!!\\
she: die from the fangs of your own friends!!\\
she: stop!!!!\\
she: stop!!!!\\
she: you are the real villains here!!!\\
solo: what?\\
she: you were the ones who saved…\\
she: the worst person in the world\\
she: the one who did things that no one could never forgive…\\
she: the great sinner who should die…\\
she: me!!!!\\
she: why didn’t you kill me!!?\\
she: I should have died in that room!!\\
she: and yet why…\\ why did you save me!!??\\
ugo: because…\\
ugo: we did not have the right to just die in that room.\\
ugo: to die just like that would have been half-hearted.\\
ugo: we still have,\\
ugo: things left to do. As long as we live…\\
she: It cannot be…\\
solo: yes,\\ we are all…\\ people who lent their power to those “towers” and survived, we are all…\\
solo: great sinners!\\
?: so you are here… the blasphemous who don’t fear god…\\ the ones who fell from the divine grace…\\
?: the “divine staves” ‘s avatars!!!\\
inserted text: an extreme magic battle will begin in the next issue!!\\

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