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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 560

Battle 560: the disciples’ mission


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 560

Battle 560: the disciples’ mission\\
inserted text: I will go all out.\\
side text: the disciples disembarked on the enemy’s base, on the other side of the coast in respect to their masters. Their mission is to make powerless the missiles of the base, but!?\\
take: we are all really nervous, right~~?\\
sol: … how can you be so calm even if you are also so young?\\
kana: even if we have never been in a war, we obtained experience several times in our own battlefields…\\
sol: that sound so reliable.\\
miu: such a beautiful butterfly!\\
sol: well you know, seeing that girl so relaxed, makes me feel that there is something weird here.\\
thor: she is extraordinary, after all!!\\
niji: you are my shield.\\
ki: ah another bug!\\ I hate bugs!\\
uki: uooh! \\ leave it to me kisara!!\\ uoooh\\
ki: anyway it is so hot out here~~~\\
ki: eh?\\
ki: hey old man.\\
oka: shiii.\\
oka: is everyone ready?\\
sol: eh!?\\
ken: … this feeling, I felt it before too…\\
ken: there’s no doubt about it!!\\
sol: what’s wrong? why is everyone so suddenly…\\ we don’t see any enemy out there!?\\
ken: this is killing intent.\\
sol: what!?\\
oka: above.\\
sol: uwaaaah!!\\
miu: ryah!!\\
sol: guah!\\
ki: yaah!\\
sol: don’t waver!!\\
sol: fire!!\\
sol: huh!!?\\
?: shush!!\\
sol: uoooh impossible, the rifles don’t work!!\\
sol: they are wearing an armour of some new material!!\\
ken: I will not let you do it!!!\\
ken: souten shu!!(double palm)\\
?: impossible…\\
thor: perfect, extreme powerful strikes work!!\\
thor: hyappon sudebbou (one hundred unarmed cannons)\\
thor: perfect, I have sunk him!!\\
sol: t-these youngsters…\\
sol: who the hell are they…!!?\\
oka: the master’s…\\
oka: disciples.\\
oka: leave this to us, you go forward!\\
niji: … but okamocchan…\\
oka: we don’t have a lot of time left, furthermore the more we go wild here, the more it will become a diversion!!\\
niji: isn’t that a too risky bet? Do you really want to leave everything to us!? Do you really think that some brats can stop that missile base and the entire war?\\
oka: the ryouzanpaku masters and also the other believed that: “you can do it!!”\\
oka: that’s why I will believe you.\\
oka: you guide them!\\
sol: ok\\
oka: more are coming, go!!\\
niji: follow me, my underlings, move under my orders!!\\
ken: okamoto-san!!\\
oka: be sure to protect her~~~\\
sol: this way!!\\
niji: our objective is the enemy’s headquarter!!\\
thor: dosukoi~~~, we run a lot.\\
kana: hey niijima, is the base still far from here?
niji: well, we landed on the other side of the island on purpose after all…\\
sol: no but, we are really close.\\
ken: I see.\\
take: you can see them, right~~~?\\
ken: they are…\\
ken: our opponents!!\\
side text: kenichi and the others are in a really disadvantageous situation just like their masters. What kind of plan will they devise with such a difference in forces…!?\\

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