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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Stealth Symphony 5

Act 5: eye-robot

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 20, 2014 09:40 | Go to Stealth Symphony

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Reserved for substitute

Act 5: eye-robot\\
inserted text: who is the mysterious girl tailing sieg!?\\
cat: I will get rid of that boy… I can tear off that legacy from his spine, right?\\
?: no, you cannot do that\\ it would be a devilish homicide\\
cat: ah, no…\\
?: you wanted to tear off the spine of a young boy toward which you don’t have any grudge on your first meeting, right?\\
cat: I was saying that only on the spur of the moment…\\
?: that’s not something you can say so easily, even if it is a joke\\
cat: … yes, I’m sorry\\
cat: I made him angry…\\
cat: I hope it will not influence my grades, but…\\
side text: “boy meets girl”… the story begins in this mysterious city.\\
box: objective 457*10^8 eren\ current money 0 eren\ unemployed\\
ali: are you alright, sieg-san?\\
sieg: I wasn’t able to find a job today either…\\
toro: you shouldn’t be in such an hurry\\
sign: cafeteria\\
sieg: but I feel bad to impose myself in the company’s dorms for all this time\\ furthermore I will finish the bread we got the other day soon…\\
toro: you only ate that until now, huh\\
sieg: not only they say that I am too young… but there are a lot of shops that don’t accept cyborgs\\
ali: there are a lot of people who don’t think well of cyborgs in this town\\
toro: they are not troubled by artificial arms or legs, but…\\
toro: there are a lot of people who think that external parts could we “weapons”\\
ali: don’t say such thing to him\\
sieg: ah, well…\\
sfx: look\\
sieg: this thing really seems to be a weapon after all\\
toro: I don’t know how you will interpret it but…\\ there is a place where I can recommend you in order to get a job\\
sieg; eh?\\
toro: even cyborgs there…\\ no\\
toro: they hire people\\
toro: because they are cyborgs\\
ali: …eh?\\
ali: … could it be that you want him to go in that place?\\
sieg: w-what is this place…?\\
cat: ah\\
sfx: pih pih…\\
cat: he is here\\
cat: he went out of the V&V building!\\
?: how does he look like?\\
cat: he seems like a normal person\\
cat: he doesn’t look like someone who has enough money to buy a legacy, but…\\
cat: I think that I should not have any problem inviting him\\
?: leave it to me!\\ I will observe him closely and find all of his weakness!\\
?: … are you sure that you will not be late for the “job” in this afternoon?\\
cat: I told you that I will be alright\\
sfx: jiii\\
sieg: hum…\\ is this the right way?\\
sfx: pih pih pih\\
cat: well then, where is he going?\\
cat: you cannot escape from my “eyes”\\
sfx: kasha\\
cat: no matter where you go!\\
sfx: kasha\\
cat: because I have registered the trace that your dragon legacy emits\\
cat: I will not lose you, not even if you are into a crowd of people…\\
cat: anyway, where is he going…\\
cat: while carrying that legacy so nonchalantly?\\ … eh?\\
sieg: hum, excuse me\\
cat: eh?\\
sieg: where is this place’s… reception desk?\\
cat: !?\\
sieg: what is this?\\
sfx: gah\\
cat: waaah! You are so close!\\
sieg: !?\\
cat: aaah!?\\
cat: I’m sorry, hey…!\\
text: “cyborgs”\\
box: they are the people who replaced parts of their bodies with machines for various reasons\\
box: this school is a former technical school where people learnt the basis of mechanization\\
box: because the majority of the people who graduated decided to become mercenaries…\\ before long, the school became an hiring office for cyborgs \\
box: therefore this place is also know as\\ the “cyborg soldiers school”\\
box: the school were the cyborg mercenaries gather\\
hank: hahah! she was a real calamity on you brother\\
box: clerk\ hank\\
cat: hum… I-I’m sorry…\\
hank: sorry, brother… this girl lost her sight for a really serious wound\\
hank: and those thing flying in the air are her eyes\\
sieg: eyes…?\\
hank: that’s right, they ‘re connected to her brain tissue with a wireless connection\\
sfx: peta\\peta\\
sfx: chon\\chon\\
sfx: kyuuu\\
cat: you surprised me when you grabbed them so suddenly…\\
sieg: don’t worry\\
souya: It seems those wings reacts because of the hostility around you\\
sieg: I know that you did not have any evil intentions\\
sieg: I should be the one to apologize here\\
cat: eh? Why?\\
sieg: it is your eye, and yet I grabbed it so roughly…\\
lai: … narukami laika*\\
TLN: isn’t that the name of a dog and not of a cat?\\
Sieg: eh?\\
Lai: that’s my name\\
Lai: you can call me just laika\\
Sieg: ah… I am sieg\\ nice to meet you\\
Hank: ok, ok\\
Hank: you bittersweet boy and girl meeting ends here\\
hank: that thing on your back is not just a mechanic part\\
hank: it’s a dragon legacy, right?\\
hank: to be frank, we wanted to invite you\\
sieg: i-invite…?\\
hank: you… were quite flashy with that legacy of yours that other day, right?\\
sieg: eh…\\
hank: the people at our legacy excavation seminar were really excited\\
sieg: r-really!?\\
hank: we never thought that you would come here by yourself…\\
sieg: … I’m sorry\\
hank: why don’t you work here if you are looking for a job?\\
sieg: eh?\\ really!?\\
hank: it is not bad to have allies here\\
hank: there are a lot of bad people in this town who would tear off those wings from your spine, you know?\\
sieg: do such bad people really exist…!?\\
hank: anyway, I don’t know if there is a job that a amateur could do around here…\\
sieg: what kind of job do you do, laika-chan?\\
lai: me?\\
lai: maybe I don’t look like one, but I am a pro, you know?\\
sfx: gon gon\\
lai: we will target this trailer this afternoon\\
sieg: target?\\
lai: yup, we will steal its cargo\\
sieg: what… steal?\\
lai: yup, in other words it’s a robbery!\\
sieg: robbery!?\\
lai: it seems that this trailer is a moving fortress of a group of people who commerce in human bodies\\
sieg: what!?\\
hank: they are outside of the administrative district, so the police cannot put their hands on them. The rumours say that they have children kidnapped from other cities among their articles too\\
lai: and my job today is to help them\\
sieg: impossible… do you have such a dangerous job?\\
lai: I told you, I am a pro\\
hank: you will just support the others from the rear\\
hank: the one who is in charge if the frontlines is Colt\\
lai: it’s a dangerous job even if I just do the support, right?\\
hank: anyway, why don’t you come too if you want a job, sieg-kun?\\
sieg: eh?\\
lai: we can use you as a protection again bullets\\
lai: just kidding\\
hank: you really sucks at jokes\\
sieg: I will do it\\
sieg: this job consists in helping these people, right?\\
lai: y-yeah, but\\
sfx: glom…\\
sieg: you know…\\
sieg: I think that I can become a good protection against bullets\\
sfx: hiburi\\
fish: well\\
fish: you had a good timing\\
fish: I never thought that I could hire three “high rankers”\\
?: well, the ranking is just a formality in the end\\
fish: no, I have great expectations for you\\
fish: you are pros after all\\
toro: leave it to us\\
toro: our company\\
toro: will protect your goods\\
box: ranked 5th\ nijigami alice\\
box: ranked 7th\\ yabusame toroma\\
box: ranked 3rd\\ master\\
side text: sieg’s expected enemy is… “toroma”!! What will happed to his unyielding “determination” and “beliefs”!?\\

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